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  • Richmond Barthé

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    Richmond Barthé was born in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on January 28, 1901. Richmond was born in a hard time for African Americans. He demonstrated incredible guarantee as a craftsman at a youthful age, however as a Colored American in the South, he was banished from selecting in any of the craft schools in New Orleans, Louisiana, close to his home. At eighteen his area minister in New Orleans and an author for the New Orleans Times Picayune distinguished his capability. Richmond was eventually

  • Transportation in Richmond

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    has greatly influenced the lifestyle in Richmond, Virginia. Because of reliable transports such as the trains, planes, buses, and cars, modern-day Richmond has flourished into a large diverse city with an approximate population of 202,002 people (Google Public Data). In addition to these figures, the United States census on Richmond in 2010 suggests a 3.2% growth rate in population within the last decade (US Census Bureau). With such an increase, Richmond was able to maintain its wealth and prosperity

  • Richmond vs. Virginia

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    Richmond vs. New Orleans Recently I was thinking about how I live two different lives. My one life is the main one, where I live in New Orleans, LOISUANNA, and go to a Community College. I have my circle of friends and my girlfriend, but I always feel like something is missing. My other life resides in Richmond, VA. I have no idea how my mom found the place, but she did. I have been going to Richmond since I was very young. I grew up with most of the kids in town and consider those guys my family

  • The Purpose of the Richmond Castle

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    The Purpose of the Richmond Castle In this essay I will be investigating the important question, ‘Richmond Castle was built more for defence than comfort,’ and will find out whether this statement is true or, in fact, false. Richmond Castle was built by Alan Rufus, count of Brittany in 1070. He needed the castle to be: - A massive, physical symbol of his power. - The base for his garrison of knights. - The centre of his financial control. It is said

  • The History of Richmond Hill, Georgia

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    Throughout the history of Richmond Hill, the city has experienced everything from failure to success and tragedies to victories. Today, Richmond Hill is a peaceful suburb located in southern Bryan County. Positioned within a 30-minute radius of Savannah, Richmond Hill offers a wonderful convenience to the nearby metropolitan city. This coastal town is home to more than 10,000 people. Richmond Hill’s community has an excellent reputation with great schools and education opportunities and a low crime

  • Crime and Poverty in Richmond, Virginia

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    limits further feeds the belly of poverty. Unemployment rates for Richmond in August 2013 were 8.2% (United States Department of Labor, 2013). These rates represent only those that are documented as unemployed and does not consider the “under employed” as they may be working but not getting paid for a full work week. These unemployment rates would likely be higher if they were accurate and all inclusive of the unemployed in Richmond. The unemployment rate for the entire state of Virginia was reported

  • The Importance Of The Civil War: The Siege Of Richmond

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    The “siege” of Petersburg took place approximately twenty-three miles outside of Richmond in Petersburg, VA. Although there were many battles fought in the Civil War, Petersburg was by far one of the most significant. It was here that Lee was forced to flee to Appomattox, where he would surrender to Grant and bring an end to the Civil War. However, this victory did not come easily for the Union army. This battle involved over 100,000 soldiers and produced up to 60,000 casualties. Petersburg is

  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Experience: My Experience At Richmond General Hospital

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    On October 12th 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Richmond General Hospital as part of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Langara College. My clinical educator and group of eight peers were introduced to the many different disciplines associated with health care. The goal of this experience was to orientate nursing students to their future line of work. During this tour, we were introduced to various diagnostic-imaging techniques like X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans

  • Black Lives Matter Case Study

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    The change in policies orient the Richmond Police force into a manner in which they are able to interact with individuals without being overtly and overly aggressive. Richmond officers are oriented to defuse high-tension situations and be reminded that the person they are dealing with are indeed human, a person like anyone else. One of the reasons why Richmond Police officers deal with situations with the least amount of force, is because of the new training regime that was that instated in 2008

  • Environmental Assessment

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    Where North Macomb Medical Associates is located, it is not very diverse. There is currently only one medical office located within the vicinity of Richmond so many of the residents seek treatment from them. Richmond is a small community that resembles a city in the middle of the country. When looking at marketing, it is important to make sure that it is appropriate for the demographics of the area. It is also important to research the area prior to opening up a medical office. If the demographics