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  • Restraint

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    Restraint Restraint is a major idea in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Restraint constantly influences the decisions people make. Kurtz’s lack of restraint kills him, while Marlow’s restraint saves and prevents him from becoming like Kurtz. Kurtz is a man who “[kicks] himself loose of the earth” (Conrad, 61). He does not have allegiance to anyone except to himself. Kurtz’s absence of restraint exists because he holds a lusty power in an un-civilized country. Restraint is affected by three factors;

  • Discipline and Restraint

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    Discipline and Restraint Without discipline and restraint where would this world be? Where would we be? We all have someone or something we learn from or look up to. We can be told who to like or who to admire, but does it really work like that? No, it doesn’t. We all are given the power to choose from birth. But growing up everyone has two, or in some cases one, person they learn from, their parents. Their parents teach them discipline but restraint, well that’s something they teach themself

  • Restraint and Activism

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    Restraint and Activism Judicial activism is loosely defined as decisions or judgements handed down by judges that take a broad interpretation of the constitution. It is a decision that is more of a reflection of how the judge thinks the law should be interpreted rather than how the law has or was intended to be interpreted. There are many examples of judicial activism; examples include the opinions of Sandra Day O'Connor in the Lynch v. Donnelly and the Wallace v. Jaffree trials. Sandra Day

  • Societys Restraint To Social Reform

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    Society's Restraint to Social Reform Of the many chatted words in the social reform vocabulary of Canadians today, the term workfare seems to stimulate much debate and emotion. Along with the notions of self-sufficiency, employability enhancement, and work disincentives, it is the concept of workfare that causes the most tension between it's government and business supporters and it's anti-poverty and social justice critics. In actuality, workfare is a contraction of the concept of "working for

  • Essay On Restraints

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    A restraint is any physical or chemical measure in the healthcare setting to keep a patient from being free to move (Craven, Hirnle & Jensen, 2013). Nurses are presented with dilemmas in deciding whether to use restraints to protect the patient from falls, harming themselves or others, suppress agitation and to facilitate treatment. Improper usage and misconceptions of restraining can have negative consequences including physical and psychological issues. Physical and psychological disadvantages

  • Excessive of Self-restraint in Saint Augustine’s Confessions

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    Excessive of Self-restraint in Saint Augustine’s Confessions When it comes to renunciation, "no pain, no gain" is what I've slowly, reluctantly, inexorably come to believe. And when Pete opted for scholarly monkhood, I think he was just trying to outsmart his pain. . . . He'd calculated that by considering the physical world "illusory" and burying his nose in metaphysical texts he could go on doing something comfortable--while his ignorance and sufferings and hometown and troublesome family

  • Internet Users Should Practice Self Restraint

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    Internet Users Should Practice Self Restraint The generation of the 90s, the information generation, or better yet the generation-X, has been plunged into a world of computers. To survive, each individual must have knowledge of and feel comfortable with the computer; a scary word and a frightful system to those not acquainted with it. The Internet is the essential application that needs to be grasped. It is the information network of the future. However, the variety of people using it is as

  • Essay On Patient Restraints

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    Restraints are defined as, “a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits” (Google 1). How would someone feel if he or she were restrained from natural movement or thinking? In the medical field, restraints are meant to be used to prevent harm of the patient and others with a doctor's order, yet this is not always the case. Restraints in today's time hold a negative connotation although are necessary for patient safety. In an article written by Samantha

  • Restraint in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    "Restraint! I would have just as soon expected restraint from a hyena prowling amongst the corpses of a battle," comments Marlow as he questions why the hungry cannibals aboard his steamer hadn't gone for the white crew members (Conrad 43). "The glimpse of the steamboat . . . filled those savages with unrestrained grief," Marlow explains after recalling the cries of the natives seeing the steamer amidst a brief fog lift (Conrad 44). "Poor fool! He had no restraint, no restraint . . .a tree swayed

  • No Restraint Needed in Our Response to Terrorism

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    No Restraint Needed in Our Response to Terrorism Many liberals have called for restraint in responding to the September 11 attack on the United States. These groups proclaim that we must not ask "who" committed these horrible crimes but instead ask "why" the killers were so angry at the United States. In other words, what has America done to lead these people to the conclusion that murderous terrorism is the only appropriate action.  The liberals contend that the terrorists feel that such monumental