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  • Our Sugar Intake Must be Reduced

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    Our Sugar Intake Must be Reduced! Everyone that has grown up in this culture has memories of eating sweets as a child. They seem so harmless and yet they are dangerous. They can cause many health problems when taken in excess. It really is time that parents start to limit their child's sugar intake. The consequences are unbearable. There are many problems that result from the intake of too many sugar products. First, they can cause malnutrition. Secondly, too much sugar can cause

  • Federal Budget Must be Reduced

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    Federal Budget Must be Reduced The annual multibillion-dollar federal budget threatens the future of the United States and must be reduced.To cut the size of the deficit, federal revenues must be increased, and federal outlays must be reduced, or a combination of the two may be used.Under the 1990 budget agreement, Congress cut defense spending and benefits to veterans, farmers, and Medicare and Medicaid patients. In addition, the agreement increased taxes for the wealthiest Americans

  • Animal Testing Should be Reduced

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    The common belief is that animal testing has accelerated science and medicine a great deal, but the truth is simple: animal experimentation has not cured a single disease. People have been misled into believing that animal experimentation is responsible for many “miracle cures” and “medical breakthroughs” for decades. The reason is very straightforward: animals differ from humans greatly—too much to be able to have accurate results from experiments. The only progress with infectious disease made

  • Ecstasy: Neurotoxicity and How It Can Be Reduced

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    Ecstasy: Neurotoxicity and How It Can Be Reduced Ecstasy (MDMA) has become a drug of choice among 18-25 year olds (2), and its effects on behavior and neurotoxicity merit the attention of this class. Ecstasy use has become fairly widespread on college campuses and in rave and nightclub settings. This paper will look at the mechanism through which MDMA acts, its neurotoxicity, and how users can reduce risk involved with ecstasy use. Ecstasy alters behavior by increasing serotonin levels in

  • Moderate Drinking and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

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    Alcohol use has been widely studied and documented, as I have found in my research. One article in particular, "Moderate Drinking and Reduced Risk of Heart Disease" by Arthur L. Klatsky, appears to be a good source that I will be able to use in my final research paper. This article will be a good source for two main reasons: first, Klatsky's article adds to my knowledge of my research topic, and second, Klatsky provides good evidence for his claim. Thus, Klatsky's article will help me write my final

  • Reduced Poaching Incidents due to Increased Poaching Laws

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    Reduced Poaching Incidents due to Increased Poaching Laws While driving down and old dump road, Curly, as we will call him, spotted some deer just off the road. Slowing down he realized that the few deer that he had seen were all exceptionally fine bucks. Driving off he ponders whether he should go back and take these exceptional deer. Screech!!!! He flipped a 180 and headed back. Arriving back he picks out the nicest one of the bunch and reaches for his gun. Resting the gun in the door, he

  • Acquired Diabetes Insipidus

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    NDI is the consequence of several conditions (Table 2) that are characterized by an increased water output and reduced urine osmolality, despite elevated levels of AVP. In many of these conditions, the kidney is unable to handle water due to an impaired responsiveness to vasopressin. As discussed below, a number of rat models with NDI have been evaluated, and common for all is a reduced expression of AQP2 in the principal cells of the collecting ducts. However, as is discussed, the degree of AQP2

  • The Band-Aid Approach- Not the Best Solution

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    are realizing that they could get more attention is not only astounding but also surreal. Project STAR: One of the 1st Large-Scale Studies on the Effects of Reduced Class Size Between the years of 1985 and 1989, seventy nine elementary schools in Tennessee participated in the only large-scale, controlled study of the effects of reduced class size, Project STAR (Finn, 1998). Children that entered kindergarten were randomly assigned to either a class of thirteen to seventeen pupils, twenty two

  • Big Brother Is Watching You

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    remove or rewrite incongruent bits of history from the Times and other periodicals. On occasion I would rewrite entire articles to favor of the Party and it’s predictions. There was one week when it was announced that the chocolate ration would be reduced to 20%. The next week there was an announcement that the ration would be raised to 20%! And no one noticed the lie that was told! Everyone believed that only a week from when their rations had b...

  • Chloroplast Lab

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    absence of light, using a spectrophotometer to determine the amount of DPIP reduced at specific time intervals under each condition. 4) I predict the amount of DPIP reduced will vary for each condition and increase over the time intervals. I hypothesize under the light condition the amount of DPIP will drastically be reduced within each five minute time interval. However, under the dark condition the DPIP will not be reduced due to the fact that light is required for photosynthesis. 5) The rates