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  • Connection Problem to The Bilkent University Virtual Private Network

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    Introduction There are 15.618 students in Bilkent University [1], including undergraduate students, Master students and PhD students. Currently 4025 students are living in the Bilkent dormitories [2] so 11.261 students live out of Bilkent University. When I conduct an online survey with these Bilkenters, according to survey results, %78.38 of Bilkenters use Bilkent Virtual Private Network from out of Bilkent [3]. This means that 8200 Bilkenters use Virtual Private Network of Bilkent. Also, according to survey

  • Mike Harris And The Ontario Conservative Party: Ceos Of The Year?

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    Private universities, private jails, private health-care and private water testing. What do all of these things have in common? They are all services the Tory government in Ontario has been trying to privatize with some disastrous results and possibly more to come. The Ontario government, lead by Progressive Conservative leader Mike Harris, has been slowly trying to do away with services that are currently administered by the province. The ideology in question, privatization, has been a hallmark

  • Education, Finance and Health: Public Institution Versus Private Institution in Malaysia

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    There are many public and private institutions established in our country. Both institutions play a vital role for the well-being of the public community. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast some of the features of public and private institution. These features include financial sources, facilities, and employment. There are similarities between the two institutions. Both institutions are organisations that aim to give their best services for the interest of the community. Besides

  • The Continuing Importance of Affirmative Action

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    policy death knell. Yet this conclusion seems to me hasty. If affirmative action hurts white males only a little, yet helps minorities and women significantly, then we might well decide to keep affirmative action around, despite its unfairness. Private universities commonly employ policies of preference which are sometimes euphemistically termed "development policies." Development means that there is a concerted effort on the part of admissions officers to admit students who come fro... ... middle of

  • Overview of South African Public Management

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    Public Management: An Introduction, London: Routledge. Lynn, L. 2000. Public Management: Old and New, London: Routledge. McGuire, M. & Agranoff, R. 2004. Collaborative Public Management: New Strategies for Local Governments. Georgetown: Georgetown University Press. Rainey, H. 2009. Understanding and Managing Public Organizations, New York: Jossey-Bass. Tompkins, J. 2004. Organization Theory and Public Management, Connecticut: Cengage Learning. Welch, C.E. 2009, "Human rights: in African prisons"

  • Persuasive Speech: Everyone Should Enroll in a Certification Program

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    end of this speech, perhaps you will be ready to leave this classroom, permanently! Body I.     For those who are superb with computers, yet find themselves bored with the interminable pen-and-paper lectures often despised in state and private universities, maybe a Computer Certification program would be a better alternative to higher education. A.     Several advantages lie in ob...

  • The Benefits Of Private Prisons

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    Private prisons in the United States, came about in the early 1980s when the war on drugs resulted in a mass wave of inmates, which led to the lack of the prison system’s ability to hold a vast number of inmates. When the cost became too much for the government to handle, private sectors sought this as an opportunity to expand their businesses through the prison industry. Since the opening of private prisons, the number of prisons and inmates it can hold has grown over the last two decades. With

  • Student Culture in America

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    The university culture varies depending on the establishment. Though there are many similarities, each university is different in its own unique way, which is part of the pull factor. To begin, there are obvious differences between public and private institutions and the people who attend them. Although they accomplish the same goals, they have a different path of getting you there. Most wouldn’t argue that the cost to attend a private institution is substantially greater than that of one that is

  • How Universities are Increasing their Student Enrollment

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    more students in 2013 have enrolled into UK universities and colleges than ever before. With tough economic measures needing to be taken, universities are now finding ways of expanding their profit margins for the short and long term. The most common method is by building new departments and other facilities to attract as many enrolees as possible. Though Buckingham is a private university it goes through the same economic challenges as other universities, more so because they don’t have the safety

  • Definition Essay- The Evolved Meaning of Private

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    Definition Essay- The Evolved Meaning of Private The word private has changed very much over the past 600 years.  When the word first originated it had a few concise meanings.  Today, the word private has plenty of definitions, some of which many people do not know.  For instance, it is interesting to learn that private means "apart from the state" or "a person not receiving treatment under the National Health Service or any similar state scheme" (Landau). Spending time looking through dictionaries