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  • The Use of Police Technology

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    criminals. It will also show some of the technology that has come out to track the criminals that have been caught in the past. As the criminals come out with new ways to commit crimes law enforcement must keep up with their tactics. Computers in Police Vehicles The days of the officer pulling a vehicle or responding to a call without much information is gone. In today’s law enforcement advance technology has made it where officers can have an on board computer in the patrol unit. Most all of the

  • Police Use of Force

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    The police forces in every community are deemed law enforcement officers and have to take necessary precautions in executing their job. Individuals that police officers encounter may at any time threaten the security of the officer or others. Police officers have to follow procedures that are necessary to maintain control of situations that can cause harm to others or property. The three topics that will be discussed in police use of force are; the explanation and background of use of force, limitations

  • police use of force

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    On February 10, 2013, at approximately 1100 hours the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office received several reports of a suspicious male subject, later identified as 21-year-old Anthony Bartley attempting to break into homes and vehicles in the North Hampton subdivision. Witnesses also reported Anthony was jumping on top of vehicles in the area and was acting extremely peculiar as if he was intoxicated or possibly under the influence of drugs. 40-year-old Deputy Wilfred Quick of the Nassau County Sheriff’s

  • The Use of Police Canines

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    Police Canine Association “The United States Police Canine Association became the largest and oldest active organization of its kind- “Ever striving for the betterment of all police K-9” – in August, 1971 when two existing associations, the Police K-9 Association and the United States K-9 Association, merged” (O’Heare). These two organizations now know that strength is in unity. From these groups merged different types of canine from basic patrol dog to the scent specialty dog and final to the great

  • Police Officers: Police Use Of Force And Discretion

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    Police use of Force and Discretion The use of force by law enforcement officers is necessary and permitted under specific circumstances, for example self-defense or in defense of another individual or group. Police Officers should only use the necessary amount of force needed. An officer’s goal is to regain control as soon as possible while protecting the community. In the United States, this is governed by Tennessee v. Garner, (U.S. Supreme Court 1985) which said that "deadly force...may not be

  • Police Authority, Police Power and Police Use of Force

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    Abstract This paper will describe police power and police authority. I will also talk about police discretion as for as whom gets locked up and who is allowed to go free. This paper will discuss the different use of police force. In this paper I will also talk about police attitude, police misconduct, and physical abuse among police officers. Most people confuse police authority with police power. What are police authority and or police power? Souryal, (2007), stated, “That Authority is the

  • Police Use of Force

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    In certain situations, the police may have to act quickly on their instincts. Sometimes, a situation is unpredictable and a decision needs to be made in a split second. The quick decision may to be to take a person down physically with the officer’s own hands, or to use deadly force, unfortunately. Anything can happen and the officer needs to be ready for every scenario. The different levels of force can be anywhere from just a police officer being present, to having to kill someone to prevent him

  • The Police Force: The Use Of Force

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    by the police in the performance of their duties” (Rappert). While many believe that the use of force by police is not needed and only causes more problems, there are also people who support officers and their use of force in order to protect. Police should be able to use force without opposition to detain people trying to harm others, save their own lives, and stop escalating situations. A police officer’s job is to protect civilians by keeping criminals off the streets. Without the use of force

  • Police Use Of Force Essay

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    When we think of the use of force by police officers we usually think of officers using their weapons, wrestling someone to the ground, or even beating someone up. Then we start to ask what is the proper use of force is. Police officers undergo a lot of training so they know what they can and cannot do when making an arrest. During this training they learn when it is acceptable to use force and how much force they can use before it becomes illegal. In most cases the police officers are legally

  • Use of Technology in Police Departments

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