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  • Examples Of Career Goals For Police Officer

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    Serve and protect as a police officer in the city of Santa Ana has been my career dream goal since I was growing up being influenced by police officers throughout my education. Seeing so many casualties by violence in my community is one of the reasons why I am pursuing this profession, so that I can be able to accommodate the best way I can to reduce the violence. Other reasons why I am desiring to become police officer is to save someone 's life, help people make better choices, challenging tasks

  • From Warrant Officer to Police Officer

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    made based on my responses to the survey. As a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard I am expected to be a technical expert in my field, radar systems. I am also expected to be an expert in my career field as a police officer. I am expected to know the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and how to judiciously enforce them. I strive to learn and retain everything I can in order to be the most proficient soldier and police officer. Based on the survey, I possess many traits that reinforce

  • The Importance Of Police Officers

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    tremendously. With the emergence of new laws and social movements, being a police officer is no easy task. The question whether to limit police discretion has become quiet the controversy. Research on law enforcement decision making has consistently explored the use of discretion by its officers (Tillyer). We must acknowledge that taking away too much discretion may not be the key to law enforcement reform. Police officers need to be responsible for their actions and create a policing method that

  • Police Officer Essay

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    Police officers have a stressful job that requires quick decisions making with good judgment. Duties of a police officer involve writing reports and maintaining order in criminal situations, it’s all judged with critical thinking. Due to all the different duties that are required from a police officer they are required to have certain traits such as a good physical agility, ability to cope with difficult situations, well writing skills, as communication skills, and have the ability to have exert

  • The Causes of Stress Among Police Officers

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    This aptly applies to police officers who face unexpected and potentially dangerous situations every day. Police officers are confronted with destructive and negative behavior on a regular basis. Law enforcement is one of the most stressful and demanding professions in the United States. Characteristics of police work are stressful because a situation can change at any time. An FBI report shows that approximately twelve out of every one hundred or 60,000 police officers are assaulted each year

  • Becoming A Police Officer

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    Police Officers – Sheepdogs of the Public A deafening crash roared through the streets of New York City. One giant jet-black cloud of smoke streaked through the sky as America entered into a new age - an age of terror. The first Twin Tower of the World Trade Center had been stuck and burned like a giant cigar in the horizon of the city. Hundreds of police officers went as first responders, ready to help and protect more people from ultimate death. These officers went into this scene of terror with

  • The Use Of Force Continuum For Police Officers

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    enforcement officers are in constant dangerous situations while out doing their responsibilities. When in these threatening situations, police officers typically have little to no time to determine the right precaution. These precautions may lead to the death of a suspect or even the officer themselves. The media has recently shed light on police brutality with use of force. Use of force could be defined as the amount of effort an officer must use in order to make an unwilling subject compel. Police officers

  • Police Officer Discretion

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    Discretion of a police officer is the subject I would like to tackle. In this paper I will discuss the issues I have with the discretion, the problems with these discretions I have, and how some officers may use discretion to their advantage. By the conclusion of the paper the reader will be educated on the subject of discretion and the issues facing it. Discretion is defined by Pollock (2010) as, “having the authority to choose between two or more courses of behavior. Law enforcement professionals

  • Qualiality Of A Police Officer

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    Police officers are viewed by the masses of Americans that they are sworn to protect as the men and women in blue. They have sworn to protect the innocent and keep them from harm’s way and in turn do much more than that for their community. It takes an extraordinaire person to be a police officer. They are someone who is willing to dedicate their lives, health and safety in order to protect those who depend on them. In this paper I will attempt to address and research an interest that has been voiced

  • Police Career Officer

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    Criminal justice defines the principle of all the basic information needed to be known by the person learning to be a police officer. Many people just chose to go to the police academy without much knowledge of the different types of policing under the Criminal justice books covers.the academy is just to get the basic training needed to become an officer not any of the knowledge all of that train can get you ready for the world of policing but not the actual law enforcement knowledge learned in a