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  • Benefits Of Becoming A Police Officer

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    become a police officer and eventually became a detective of some sort. But before becoming a detective one must be a patrol officer for the first few years of their career, and in this paper, it can hopefully give you some valuable information on how to start off being a patrol officer for the Gilbert Police Department. The minimum education requirements to become a police officer in America is a general education diploma or High school diploma. But with increased competition in becoming a police officer

  • Becoming A Police Officer

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    Police departments around the united states always focuses on making the community a safer place, helping the community and make the city or county that police officers work in look good and always looking professional while police officers do their job. It takes a lot of courage to be a police officer, you have to be physically prepared, but, the police officer has to be always mentally prepared, every decision that a police officer makes has to be the right one, if a police officer makes a wrong

  • The Development and Responsibilites of Police Officers

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    origins of police work have actually begun. During the medieval times, fudal lords would hire strong men who would ensure that everyone paid their taxes. These hired brutes attempted to maintain some sort of order throughout the kingdom among the people. Unfortunately, in most cases, these men only followed their employer’s wishes and did not handle situations in honest or civilized ways (p.142). When America was first colonized the people living here followed a British form of police organization

  • Effective And Responsible Police Officers

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    The average United States police officer is presented with great power that could greatly impact very citizens that they serve. The officer is at liberty to use their authority to detain citizens, search their belongings, use physical force against them or deprive them of their normal liberties (Moll, 2006). Based on that fact, it is expected of the individual to conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of such power. So the question that has plagued citizens and governing officials alike is;

  • Examples Of Being A Police Officer

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    interested. It was not until the age of 10 that I said to myself that I wanted to be a police officer or something in that field. During my years in junior high one of the officers who worked there told me about a program called police explorers, once he explained the program to me I knew that that was what I wanted to do: police work. A week after I turned fourteen I decided to join the Costa Mesa Police explorer program, in order to get I accepted to the program I had to attend four consecutive

  • Role Of Police Officers

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    If you ask most people the role of a police officer, they would probably tell you that it is to serve and protect their families and communities. However, when that question is posed to most members of the African American community the answer is dramatically different. As opposed to protecting and serving, many members of the African American community feel that police are a powerful occupying force and threat to the lives of their families and community members. In order to understand the feelings

  • Women Police Officers

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    Women Today Are Under-represented In The Police Force Alice Stebbins Wells was the first female police officer hired by the Los Angeles police department in 1910 (Walker & Katz, 2005). In the early years of women police officers women were hired as social workers for juveniles, as matrons, dispatchers, and to help guard female inmates. Law enforcement as a career has been increasingly more popular for women in recent years; however, the numbers have not increased greatly. In 2001, women accounted

  • Evolution of the Police Officer

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    Police officers serve and protect the people in their community. The earliest police force was established around the 1750’s. Although the first police force in the modern sense came to be over 250 years ago, the purpose they had is the same as today. As with the rest of the world advancing and progressing, the police force has advanced in many ways which have made them a more efficient and capable unit, in order to more fully accomplish their purpose of serving their community. In the next few paragraphs

  • Characteristics Of A Police Officer

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    opportunity to change that? What if you could pick and organize your own police force in the manner you think it should be? If that was the case police forces would get worse or better. He is how I would recruit if I was the chief of my own department. The character of a police officer plays a huge role in their job. I like how the book has the “traits that make a “good” officer. I agree with this and would also want my officers to live by those traits. The twelve traits are: enthusiasm, good communication

  • Analysis Of Police Officers: The Supermen Of The Streets

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    Police Officers: The Supermen of the Streets No societal foundation links citizens so in depth to the government such as police. This limb of government defends against total chaos and maintains something such as the order of laws and due process in the democracy that is the United States is. When political anarchy, social injustices, and crime end up leading to civil depravities that go against the foundation of democracy, society depends on the police to come in and keep the peace, while attempting