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    being a police officer. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a police officer when I grow up. My neighbors and I always use to play cops and robbers growing up, and I would always want to be the cop. I would also and still always watch the show “Cops”. I like the show because it is very interesting and I could see myself pursuing that career. That is where it all started. Being a police officer means that you are willing to sacrifice your life for the well-being of others. Police officers

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    their careers or jobs. The career field that caught my attention was the police officer. He explained the everyday expectation of a police officers, the mental and physical challenges an officer goes through while on duty. The police officer continued to give examples and show us common mistakes citizens have about police officer. He explained the task of a police officer varies from day to day. The career of a police officer brings a different challenge every day and you have to be mentally and physically

  • Police Officer

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    Police Officer Its two o’ clock in the morning. You wake up to the sound of a drug-addict vandalizing a mobile home. When this happens, who do you call? Not your mother, but the cops. The typical cop faces this situation on a regular basis. A policemen’s life is far from Hollywood; it is quite difficult to work where most people don’t acknowledge your life or job. Most people think of policemen as a nuisance, but cops are much more than that; they save lives. Policemen keep the peace, enforce laws

  • Police Officer And The Police Department

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    been in increase in deaths that have come from police officers using deadly force. The use of force is inevitable as a police officer, many times their own lives or the life’s civilians are at risk when it comes to determine what type of force a officer should use. There are many incidents where police officer have to react in a matter of seconds and has to choose between his own life or that of the individual causing the disturbance. When a Police Officer uses deadly force has caused outraged with the

  • The Role Of Police Officers

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    the job being a police officer is tedious and dangerous work. Officers have to be on edge all the time because being careless can mean someone losing their life. In the work of policing there is no such thing as a routine patrol; one day they could get called up for civil service and the other day it could be chasing a criminal whose selling drugs to young teenagers. The job of police officers is not easy because a small error can weigh not only on one individual but the whole police department. In

  • Women Police Officers

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    Women Today Are Under-represented In The Police Force Alice Stebbins Wells was the first female police officer hired by the Los Angeles police department in 1910 (Walker & Katz, 2005). In the early years of women police officers women were hired as social workers for juveniles, as matrons, dispatchers, and to help guard female inmates. Law enforcement as a career has been increasingly more popular for women in recent years; however, the numbers have not increased greatly. In 2001, women accounted

  • Evolution of the Police Officer

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    Police officers serve and protect the people in their community. The earliest police force was established around the 1750’s. Although the first police force in the modern sense came to be over 250 years ago, the purpose they had is the same as today. As with the rest of the world advancing and progressing, the police force has advanced in many ways which have made them a more efficient and capable unit, in order to more fully accomplish their purpose of serving their community. In the next few paragraphs

  • Characteristics Of A Police Officer

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    opportunity to change that? What if you could pick and organize your own police force in the manner you think it should be? If that was the case police forces would get worse or better. He is how I would recruit if I was the chief of my own department. The character of a police officer plays a huge role in their job. I like how the book has the “traits that make a “good” officer. I agree with this and would also want my officers to live by those traits. The twelve traits are: enthusiasm, good communication

  • Stereotypes Of Police Officers

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    Rough Draft What do people see in a police officer? When a police officer walks into a public area he or she is judged immediately due to recent news and stereotypes. The stereotypical officer with his or her gun strapped to their pants and sunglasses on their head stand out to the average eye. Society deems these individuals as too powerful and potentially harmful to the public for many reasons. Young people mainly think that most cops are unjust and abuse their power, sadly this is not the case

  • From Warrant Officer to Police Officer

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    made based on my responses to the survey. As a Warrant Officer in the Army National Guard I am expected to be a technical expert in my field, radar systems. I am also expected to be an expert in my career field as a police officer. I am expected to know the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and how to judiciously enforce them. I strive to learn and retain everything I can in order to be the most proficient soldier and police officer. Based on the survey, I possess many traits that reinforce