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  • The Platoon

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    soldier he ever came across in one of his platoons. But he wasn?t just his most flourishing trainee, but one of his most loyal and satisfying friends for over five years in the military. ?It is indeed Dan, this is a precious place, a place of hope and of courage. I am sure you realise that we were sent here to battle and die Dan, we are merely being used as pawns to buy our army more time to retreat,? replied Captain Boaz. Buy now Captain Boaz?s platoon had lost more lives to even try and tally

  • Platoon Plot

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    Platoon is a story of a soldier’s perspective of the Vietnam War. The movie is for the most part told out of the eyes of members of one platoon of the 25th Infantry Division. It is a movie dedicated to all of the people who fought in the Vietnam War. In the movie, Chris Taylor is a young man from a wealthy family, but while in college, chooses to help his country and do his duty in the Vietnam War. He is sent to Vietnam gets put in the 25th Infantry Division. Chris first has some rough times while

  • The Importance Of A Platoon Leader

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    ways to learn how to be the best platoon leader is by talking to lieutenants who are going through the experience. During my CTLT at Ft. Richardson, Alaska, I was able to absorb the vast amount of knowledge my platoon leader gave to me. I discovered what a day-to-day schedule looked like and how to appropriately interact with NCOs within the platoon. During my time, the platoon I was shadowing conducted a platoon live fire. Watching how to platoon leader and platoon sergeant both took control of their

  • Review Of Platoon

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    class the day prior due to a sleepless night led to sickness, so I was not able to watch the first part of the movie. I remembered that our class was supposed to watch a war movie; Ms. Klein was deciding between “Born on the Fourth of July” and “Platoon”. I vaguely remember her saying something about one of the movies being a slight bit, well, gruesomely horrifying. Due to a number of things that were due in my classes that day, when I walked into my English room, I was not thinking about the warnings

  • Historical Merit Paper On Platoon

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    ‘an Hickmon March 26th, 2014 4th period History Thru Film Historical Merit Paper Mr. Baldwin I’m writing my historical merit paper on Platoon. The reason for me choosing this was because it was right up my alley. It had action, adventure, drama, and comedy. It was a good film to me. I enjoyed watching this movie. It is a film of a trilogy of Vietnam War. Platoon is a 1986 American war film written and directed by Oliver Stone. It stars Tom Berenger , William Dafoe, and Charlie Sheen. One night

  • Leadership Failures in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick

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    The book Black Hearts by Jim Frederick is an in-depth narrative about the 1st platoon, Bravo Company 1-502nd Infantry 101st Airborne Division deployed to Iraq in 2005. The leadership failures documented in this book range all the way from the general officer level down to the lowest private. LT general Ricardo Sanchez failed to understand the climate his command group was entering as they were deployed into Iraq. From then on the entire leadership failures continued to compound upon each other with

  • Vietnam and Oliver Stone

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    Oliver Stone is best known from his portrayals of Vietnam in film. His movies “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July” have won him Academy Awards for best director. These movies not only depicted the violence of war, but also the cultural and psychological issues that the soldiers in these wars had to endure. The majority of his earliest and best known movies center around the Vietnam War. Oliver Stone’s experience in the military gave him a special insight that made his movies feel more authentic

  • platoon answers

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    Exam 1: “Platoon” Classical Approach: The classical approach can be understood easily if we compare the organization to a machine. This concept, formulated during the industrial period, was the subject of study for people who thought science could solve every issue and tried to apply it to different types of organizations. Researchers such as Weber, Taylor and Fayol wanted to determine if there is a way to make workers operate in a scientific manner in order to maximize profits. The assumption is

  • Crime in Black Hearts by Jim Frederick

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    The book Black Hearts begins by painting an awful picture of a crime scene that was reported to 1st platoon Bravo Company of the 1-502nd 101st Airborne Division. The soldiers that are sent to investigate find that an entire family has been murdered, the daughter had been raped, and someone attempted to set the house ablaze, the family had all been killed in a seemingly brutal execution, while investigating one of the NCOs found a shotgun shell which he thought was strange because most Iraqis do

  • The Battle of la Drang in Vietnam

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    discipline were needed to survive and be combat effective in adverse situations. Throughout the battle you see numerous Army Values and Warrior Ethos being used. “I will never leave a fallen comrade”, was the etho used the most, to reach the separated platoon. The battle also shows that not all tactical orders are effective, but as leader you must never second guess yourself.