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  • Personal Opinion Essay: Money is the Key to Happiness

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    Many people argue that money is not the key to happiness. However, have you ever seen a sad person riding a Ferrari? Or have you ever seen a man crying because he is too rich? In fact, I have no doubt that you've seen a man crying, because he is too poor. Money brings a lot of things to our lives. Money gives us what we want, gives the possibility toward a better future, and brings love and friendship as well. Therefore money is the ultimate key to happiness. According to ‘The hunger project’, the

  • Being A Centrist

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    believe it, considering the varying political opinions that are constantly being thrown at us from the television, the news, the radio, magazines, our families, and even the president. So much influence makes it hard to maintain personal political views; your own opinion can easily be swayed. The media often presents information on current issues that may cause someone to stray from their original, authentic position. In order to reestablish a personal opinion, everything else must be set aside, and all

  • Compare The Ways In Which Ferg

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    very different from what they received. Marie Colvin and Fergal Keane were reporting on very serious topics in interesting times yet both of their pieces were so different from the stereotype newscaster articles. This is because they were a lot more personal and contained a lot of information that was not necessary but made the article a lot more pleasant to read and brought the events described in it a lot closer to the reader. Marie Colvin was in Baghdad writing about the crisis in Iraq in January

  • High School Journalism: Breaking The Barriers

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    tribulations of the adolescent years teenagers try to find many different ways to express themselves and discover who they are. There are different forms of expression including music, art, fashion, and, of course, writing. Whether it is through a personal journal used to express private feelings, or through the high school publications such as the school newspaper or yearbook. These forms of expression give teens an outlet for creativity and a sense of accomplishment. They also teach time management

  • Sociology And Its Aim

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    nonverbal messages. There are many hand signs, both good and bad, that people exchange as well as facial expressions in reaction to an event or statement. Now that I have some of the terms described lets look at an example. I hate lawyers. This is a personal...

  • Becoming A Better Nation

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    Racism A. Opinions Now, let’s think of this logically: What is racism? Now when we want to find this out, duh, we go to the dictionary – and what more famous than our trusty (and dusty, in my case) “Webster’s Dictionary”? “Rac · ism (râ ´ siz ´ em) n. … 2 Any program or practice of racial discrimination, segregation, etc. based on such beliefs – rac ´ ist n., adj.” The main word in this definition is the word “beliefs.” A belief is not based on a fact; it’s based on a personal opinion. How can

  • Can Manufactured Bands Ever Be Classified As good Art? The Effect O

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    the all-boy bands which have been specifically manufactured and targeted at the 'teenybopper' age class (and also the gay market?). Personal Opinions To argue that this form of art is 'bad' art, one must have a reference point - a set of values by which to judge. This is almost always a personal opinion, and I would first of all like to explain my personal opinion. I believe that 'good' art has something to offer to the individual perceiver, be it painting, book, film, dance or music. These are

  • The Discretion of the Police

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    application of police discretion, the provisions it uses and how it is currently practiced. At the end of these brief descriptions, I will then present the myth that exists in regards to police discretion. And finally, I will end this paper with my personal opinion as well as a brief conclusion. First, I will define Police Discretion. Police discretion is the power or authority that is given to a police officer to act officially in a manner that appears to be just and proper under the presented circumstances

  • Capote/Krakauer Comparison

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    both incidents happened years before each book was written, the use of detailed facts and personality profiles make each story seem incredibly realistic. But while Capote chooses to write an entirely objective piece, Krakauer relies heavily on personal opinion and experience, creating two very distinct frames of mind and causing the reader too see the characters in each book very differently. In 1959 the Clutter family was murdered in a tiny Kansas town called Holcomb. Six years later Truman

  • Kazuo Ishiguro's Remains of the Day

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    of the "remains of the day";the remainder of his life. Ishiguro explores some of the differences between the old English Victorian culture;that of the stiff upper lip, no show of emotion, and repression of personal opinion; and the no-holds-barred American culture of free expression of opinion and emotion. The American culture's spread into England is hastened with the two world wars, and it ends Stevens' old way of work, if not the job itself. Although Remains of the Day concentrates on a particular