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  • The Pack Reject

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    I sneaked behind the bushes outside the school gates, wondering how on earth I was going to get past the pack. They were all standing outside the school doors, waiting for me so they could ‘teach me a lesson’. Poking my head out from behind the bush, I slowly crept out running towards the side doors when someone cleared their throat. Looking up, I recognised who it was, Mrs Barnes: the strict science teacher. She pointed towards the school, indicating that I should get to my lesson instead of hiding

  • Fun Pack

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    Fun Pack When run, Fun Pack 3-D will automatically detect what 3D hardware you have available and configure itself for optimum performance on your machine. Note that you MUST have the latest version of the drivers for your 3D card, or Fun Pack 3-D may fail to work properly. 3DFX drivers can be downloaded from Other Drivers can be downloaded from your 3-D card manufacturer. Note that versions of Windows 95 before OSR 2.1 do not properly support AGP, so you may not achieve

  • Ice packs and hot packs

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    Ice Packs and Hot Packs There are several different forms of therapy from Physical therapy, occupational therapy and even pet therapy. Another form of therapy is cold and hot therapy. Cold and hot therapy can be very effective in reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process in injures. Hot and cold packs both end in the same result, they both reduce pain and stimulate the release of endorphins. Ice packs and hot packs can be very helpful for both injuries and the reducing of swelling

  • Finding the Internal Resistance of a Power Pack

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    Finding the Internal Resistance of a Power Pack Aim Design and Carry Out an experiment to determine the EMF and Internal Resistance of a standard laboratory power pack. Theory This information was taken from the Collins advanced science Physics textbook, the Cambridge Advance Science Physics 1 textbook and from notes taken in class. E.M.F or Electro Motive Force is the opposite of potential difference, in that; it is the situation where a voltage is gaining energy. This seems

  • Cold Packs And Medical Cold Packs

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    Introduction: Cold packs or medical cold packs are made and used in a variety of different ways. Cold packs are typically used in regards of medical treatment. Many athletes used cold packs to heal from any injuries. Furthermore, cold packs are used to keep medications cool for a given period, such medications include vaccinations. Cold packs contain a liquid inside, in most cases its water. In addition the water is mixed with a salt, which allows the cold pack to stay cool. The mixture that occurs

  • Part of the Pack

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    the room and Sansa and Robb sitting at the table waving at him to join them. All this time he had been feeling like an outsider in their family never realizing that they never saw him as an outsider, but their brother and their son. A part of their pack. The End.

  • Turned Away

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    Mason's POV Once I got to the border line I shifted back and changed into a pair of shorts that my beta tossed me. I looked at the two runners. They were both skinny, and didn't have much muscle. They are the omega's, alpha didn't want to lose good pack members. I nodded in agreement then looked at my beta. "They came here looking for their Alpha's mate. Said she ran about a week ago." My gaze turned back to the runners. "There had to be a reason why she ran. How did your Alpha treat her?" They both

  • Factors that Affect the Amount of Voltage in a Wire

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    Factors that Affect the Amount of Voltage in a Wire We are going to find out what factors affect the ammount of voltage in a wire. Theory As soon as we turn on the power pack electrons are being forced through the wire. If we increase the voltage on the power pack this generates more heat in the wires but this can not be controlled. If the resistance wire is long it will take longer for the electrons to pass through. Just like if you were trying to run round a running track and sombody

  • Golden Eagles and Gray Wolves Reproduction

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    Golden Eagles and Gray Wolves Reproduction This essay is about reproduction on Golden Eagles and Gray wolves. This will tell you about the Development, How many offsprings after they are born/hatched? How long the parents look after the offspring after they are born/hatched? and much more. Golden Eagles are monogamous (have only one mate) and they pair for life, but if either of them dies, the one left will accept a new mate. Home range is an area of their territory few nesting sites and often

  • Electrolysis

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    is to find out what effect the change in voltage has upon the amount of copper deposited in 5 minutes. The voltages I will be using are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12volts; I will use these voltages because they are the only ones available on the power pack. I am doing the experiment for 5 minutes because it is enough time to get a result and it is short enough for doing 6 voltages in one lesson. I will repeat this on another lesson to gain 2 sets of results. Prediction I predict that 12v will