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  • Organ Transplantation

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    Organ transplantation is, without a hesitation, one of the most major achievements in modern medicine. In many cases, it is the only effective therapy for end-stage organ failure and is broadly practiced around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 21,000 liver transplants, 66,000 kidney transplants, and 6000 heart transplantation were performed globally in 2005.1 In addition, data showed that living kidney, liver, and lung donations declined, going from 7,004 in 2004

  • Organ Transplantation

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    Introduction Organ transplantation is a medical act which involves the surgical operating by transferring or removing of an organ from one person to the other, or placing the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient for the replacement of the recipients damaged or failed organ which resulted from impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism or an act that causes someone to receive physical damage. Lately, there is an emerging innovation whereby organs are created

  • Organ Transplantation and Ethical Considerations

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    Organ Transplantation and Ethical Considerations In February 2003, 17-year-old Jesica Santillan received a heart-lung transplant at Duke University Hospital that went badly awry because, by mistake, doctors used donor organs from a patient with a different blood type. The botched operation and subsequent unsuccessful retransplant opened a discussion in the media, in internet chat rooms, and in ethicists' circles regarding how we, in the United States, allocate the scarce commodity of organs

  • The Transplantation of Organs and Tissues

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    advancement is the transplantation of organs and tissues. Those who receive transplants are often times patients with fatal diseases, and these transplants give them a second chance at life. Unfortunately, the number of people needing a transplant is growing more rapidly than available organs; statistics say that in the United States, seventeen people die daily while hoping for an organ transplant (Friedman & Friedman, 2006). Laws restrict transplantable organs to those organs that are donated; the

  • The Ethics of Organ Transplantation

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    Organ transplantation is apperceived as one of the most prehending achievements for preserving life in medical history. This procedure provides a means of giving life to patience’s who suffer from terminal organ failure, which requires the participation of individuals; living or deceased, to donate their organs for the more preponderant good of society. The question arises whether a person’s claim to determine what transpires to their bodies afore and postmortem should be respected. Traditional

  • Globalization of Organ Transplantation

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    The need for organs for transplantation is growing rapidly. Currently, the system works in an inefficient manner that forces people into illegal activities that are dangerous and could lead to death. This system makes it illegal for a person to sell their organ to another that may need it for transplant. This makes a waiting list that people must wait for donors that are willing to give up their organs for free with very little benefits if at all. There are however other options that should be considered

  • Organ Donation and Transplantation

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    Organ and tissue donation is life-saving and life transforming medical process wherein organs and tissues were removed from a donor and transplant them to a recipient who is very ill from organ failure. It is said that one organ can save up to 10 people and may improve the lives of thousands more (Australian Red Cross Blood Service, 2011). Most of the donated organs and tissues came from people who already died but in some cases, a living person can donate organs such as kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas

  • Organ Donation And Transplantation

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    topics. Organ donation and transplant in particular an extremely  important issue that have not been discussed much in recent researches. Organ donation and transplant is one solution to chronic diseases with no hope of treatment, such as the chronic kidney disease. Organs are very important in such cases, for they can be of decent help in hopeless cases and worst case scenarios. Organs can be hard to get, as orders can stack up to a 2-year waiting lists, and especially for rare blood-types. Organ donation

  • Ethical And Legal Aspects On Organ Transplantation

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    Ethical And Legal Aspects On Organ Transplantation Recent reports of public figures receiving life-saving transplants have brought renewed attention to the scarcity of organs and the importance of organ transplants. Although more transplants are being performed in the United States each year the transplant waiting list continues to grow. It has been considered that the decrease in organ donors is due to the unsuccessful measures taken by health care professionals. This is a limited view of the

  • Persuasive Essay On Organ Transplantation

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    I am very interested in the topic of Organ transplantation. I am interested in biology and the process of surgeries. What intrigues me is the process of saving someone’s life in such a dramatic and complicated process. My dad happens to be a doctor and in his training he cut open a human body to see for himself the autonomy of the body. So being interested in the field of medicine is in my blood. Modern technology helps many people and saves people around the globe. However even with modern technologies