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  • Born the Opposite Sex

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    creatures, I believe if I were the opposite sex, I wouldn’t have this need to feel compelled to always look a certain way to enhance my beauty. While men also have their own insecurities, they are able to overcome the things that matter to us women. Men are taught to repress their emotions. They are taught at a young age to not cry and to be strong.----write more----- From the time I was a little girl all the way through the phases of womanhood, we are given messages that sex is not for women. That sexual

  • Relationships with the Opposite Sex

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    Relationships with the Opposite Sex The importance of making decisions has always been very topical. People go shopping, eat, study, work, love, hate, spend their free time -- and they always face the problem of making choices. Choice itself is connected with the change, because when we decide what to choose (and when we have already chosen something) we immediately move from something old that we had to something new. And that is how people come to the innovations in their life that are defined

  • Communicating with the Opposite Sex

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    Communicating with the Opposite Sex Each of us came from a man and a woman, a mother, and a father. Our parents or the people who raised us had an important impact on our development. Each of us may have had one or more sisters or brothers who also had an impact on who we are. And each of our parents was also influenced by the family she or he was born into, the personalities and life situation they encountered, the struggles they had, the learning they brought to these struggles and passed

  • The Use of Humour in The Opposite Sex.

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    Discuss the use of humour in The Opposite Sex. The Opposite Sex is a small story, which although diminuitive in length, fits its' purpose well as a humourous short read. The use of language, the portrayal of certain images and the dexterous use of imagery in literary terms such as similies are all well within place in the story- all contributing to the laughable effect that it has upon its' readers. I believe that 'The Opposite Sex' is set and based on the times that the writer Laurie

  • Bonds Between Mother and Daughter

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    significant relationships seem to be with their mothers. Perhaps this is caused by the social role of women and men. Males and Bond 3 females act differently to the opposite sex because of the roles they are bound to by society. The stereotypes that are associated with maleness and femaleness in one’s culture is learned through a process called sex typing. Women talk about their feelings to one another and emotionally bond with other females. On the other hand, males are supposed to be strong and fearless

  • Milkman's Transformation in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon

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    Guitar?s room. Hagar tries to stab him but after she sees his face she cannot. Milkman tells her to stab herself and says, ?Why don?t you do that? Then all your problems will be over.?[pg 130] This portrays how Milkman is cold hearted towards the opposite sex. Milkman?s journey into manhood begins when he is in his thirties. He has been thriving for financial independence since he began working for his father. He also wants to es...

  • The Truth About Platonic Friendships

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    The researcher's qualitative research consisted of speaking with platonic friends of the opposite sex in casual random settings. The qualitative research was completely random using friends by chance that had no idea of the experiment. In doing so the researcher realizes that it is unethical, but figured it was the only way to find the real answers to his problem. During the conversation the researcher at one point or another came to ask the same four questions to all of the subjects involved in

  • Humbert Humbert of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita

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    character in Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Rather, He is a highly intelligent chess master who is constantly aware of his environment and is able to manipulate it with minute actions bringing him the results he desires. Humbert’s obsession for the opposite sex starts in chapters three and four when we are introduced to his first love - Annabel. As Humbert recalls his beloved nymphets, he talks of two kinds of visual memory pertaining to remembering a face. One that a person, with their eyes open, must

  • Aldous Huxley

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    Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931, nobody imagined that his fairytale story would someday be a reality. It is almost scary to see how accurate Huxley’s far-fetched fantasies came to be. When Huxley wrote about the conformity, drug use and sex and technology of the society, he was almost pinpoint exact to predicting today’s societies. Unfortunately, all of these things haven’t exactly changed our society today for the better. It is amazing to see how accurately Aldous Huxley was in his predictions

  • The Development of Marriage

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    creation. It has developed a great deal since then. It is a simple fact that men and women can not survive without each other. Marriage is part of the created natural order, we were meant to be together. God intended for us to be united with the opposite sex since the beginning of time. The book of Genesis tells us: "God created man in his image, He created him in the image of God, man and woman, He created them. God saw what he had done and said, "This is good, it is not good that man should be alone