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  • Winning is the only thing

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    Randy Roberts and James Olson in their book, Winning is the Only Thing: Sports in America since 1945, explored the world of sports since the end of World War II. Their book covers the many aspects of sports, from the athletes and management to the fans and the media. The authors first make clear differences in the way people viewed sports before the war and how they did after the war. The book talks a lot about the astounding transformation of sports in America during the post war era. The objective

  • Characterization in Sister Carrie

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    success, but her insatiable appetite will leave her feeling dissatisfied at the end of the novel and all alone.  With respect to the two men who most covet her affections, Charles Drouet and George Hurstwood we have a study in contrasts.  About the only thing Drouet and Hurstwood have in common is that they both desire Carrie's love.  Both Drouet and Hurstwood love Carrie, but Drouet is a materialist and Hurstwood is a romanticist - a fact that will enable Drouet to survive the loss of Carrie as Hurstwood

  • Importance of the Setting in Uncle Tom's Cabin

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      However this was not the only thing that persuaded the characters because they influenced each other.  The citizens followed the crowd and did not have their own opinions.  If some person's idea differed from that of the majority, he/she would not dare speak up because they feared rejection. Legree was one of the people looked up to and respected even though what he was dong was totally wrong.  Since he had power and money though, he was admired.  The only three people that actually did

  • The School Cafeteria and Social Interaction

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    American culture is incubated and hatched in the cafeteria. Students go to the dining hall to get the food their bodies need for proper nourishment. But, food is by no means the only thing that students get at the cafeteria - they are also served with social interaction. The cafeteria is a place which some students love and which others dread. It is generally an integral part of children's social lives from elementary school all the way into college. Why is the cafeteria so important? Because, in

  • I’m Not an Imitation of Someone Else, I’m Latina

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    was. I was busy doing my homework, and she was preparing that night's supper. She would always start off by asking me what I was doing and the only thing I would ever answer was, "Oh, nothing. Just homework." Then I would turn away and sort of look in the other direction as if to tell her to leave me alone, because I had a lot to do. At the time I was only eight years old, in my second complete year of schooling in the United States. I had already fully grasped the English language, and it had been

  • Maternal Bond in Toni Morrison's Beloved

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    of life, then, adding to that, the joy of freedom.  Determined to shield them from the hell of slavery, she took drastic measures to keep them from that life.  But, in doing so, the bond that was her strength became her weakness, destroying the only thing she loved. Slaves, in the United States, were denied everything -- all forms of identifying with the human race.  They were denied their freedom of life: the very right to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature in the world, it not being

  • Free College Essays - Hardships in Ordinary People

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    Ordinary People - Hardships The theme of Ordinary People can be said best in the words of Honi Werner, " Some things cannot be foreseen or understood or blamed on anyone- they can just be endured. Love, openly shared, is the only thing one can count on to give them strength for that endurance.”  Ordinary People gives a wonderful example of real life and addresses many internal conflicts. This story about a boy's recovery after his brother's death is extremely engrossing and captivating. Throughout

  • Realism in Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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    medicine for her nephew. A long time ago, her nephew swallowed lye that burned his throat, and the medicine is the only thing that relieves his pain. The woods are filled with pine trees that cast dark shadows throughout the terrain. The darkness that surrounds Phoenix is the total opposite of her. She is a poor woman, but is very neat and tidy. She appreciates the small things in life and respects what she has. Although she is old, she has extremely dark hair, wears a red bandana, and has much

  • College Admissions Essay - Rewards of Understanding

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    times I would do or say the wrong thing. I felt rejected and lonely." I remembered those who mocked Lauren and felt angry at them. People's cruelty can be very painful even to those who appear strong and especially to those who live with emotional and social challenges. That is why it is crucial to understand someone before judgment and not act with brutality to those who are different. Lauren told me that art was her greatest passion. "Art is the only thing that has kept me sane because I can

  • I Disagree with Nietzsche, We Should Embrace Life, Not Destroy It

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    action carries the weight of a punishment or reward, so in essence, people do things either in fear or in hope of attaining one of these outcomes, therefore, humans do not have free will. So, then what is the meaning of life? To live each day as if it is heaven itself is all anyone can really do; accepting and embracing the reality of your life is the source of meaning. Whether God exists or not is irrelevant, the only thing that is within the control of humans is the power to embrace life. As 1950’s