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  • The Nursing Career

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    The Nursing Career I was in a hospital for my co-op placement, I chose this because I was considering nursing as my chosen career path. For this reason, I have researched the nursing career. I have spent many hours in this setting and feel that I have a pretty good understanding as to what goes on day to day. Before choosing to become a nurse, one must first examine themselves and look to see if they have the right qualities for this demanding job. Some qualities are such; caring, compassion

  • Nursing: A Career In Nursing As A Career

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    Nursing has been a quality profession for millions, perhaps billions, of years. Having the knowledge of a nurse is basically having a super power. Nursing is a career that someone must chose because they truly love it. Nursing is the defense, advancement, and optimization of health and abilities. Prevention of illness, facilitation of healing, diagnosis and treatment for individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations is everything nurses stand for. Nurses in the end do the same job of

  • Nursing: A Career Of Nursing As A Career

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    Nursing is a reliable career that has been around for many years. Although many people believe that nursing is a woman’s job, many men also thrive in the nursing career. Nursing provides many options to those who choose this career and teaches people many valuable lessons about life itself. Even though nursing is an extremely difficult career, it is a career that I have strived to pursue since I was a young girl. Definition: Nurses “coordinate patient care and may provide primary and specialty healthcare”

  • Nursing: A Career As A Career In Nursing

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    Introduction The profession I have chosen to work in is nursing. This is not a career that one can go into just for the money. There needs to be compassion and concern towards others. I have worked as nurse for the last five years and I know it is the right profession for me. I feel I have the personality and skills that is required to work in this profession. I have chosen to advance my degree in nursing to better myself personally and professionally. Overview and Education Working as a registered

  • Nursing: A Career In The Nursing Career

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    Nursing Introduction Nursing is a profession within the healthcare sector which focuses on the care of individuals, family and communities so they may attain, maintain and recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses are very important in the health sector economy and they practise with differing levels of prescription authority. Nurses are not limited to hospitals only but they are equally demanded in homes of the elderly and also home cared patients. This shows it is a very important profession

  • The Career Of Nursing: A Career In Nursing

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    Nursing is not just a career it’s a very board profession. In nursing there are many job opportunities. There are different types of nursing jobs that a person can do depending on the specialty that he/she feel comfortable with. Patients come to the hospital for help and they are trusting us to help them feel better and heal them. In healthcare things changes every day so it’s our job to find out what’s different from today and tomorrow to give our patients the best treatment possible. Nursing is

  • Nursing: A Career: The Career Of Nursing

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    The Career of Nursing “Nurse” comes from the Latin word that means “to nourish”. Nurses are the largest profession in health-care of the entire United States and continues to grow. The ideal mindset for a nurse is that of the patients well-being being at the center of attention for any and every task. Nursing has been around for many years and has changed drastically. Not only has the teaching changed, but the outfits, duties, and many other things have changed as well. There are a lot of different

  • Nursing: A Career In Nursing

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    Nursing has always been a key career in the health care system. Although it is not often focused on in media and stories surrounding health care, nursing is a career of great importance. If any patient was asked about their experience at a hospital or a care center, many will mention the capability and care that they received from the nurses. The health care system could not function efficiently, if at all, if nurses were not present to perform their part. Nurses are more than just physicians

  • Nursing Career In Nursing

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    The career I am deeply interested in is Registered Nursing. This career interests me because I like to help people. I know that this career is very demanding, but it can also be very rewarding as well. I think I poses some of the most important qualities that are needed in order to work in this career field. I find myself to be very detail oriented, a bit of a perfectionist, organized, helpful, I like to work at a fast pace, and I like to help others. I think I do have a passion for this career

  • My Experiences in a Nursing Career

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    Nursing “Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, It requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter´s or sculptor´s work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or dead marble, compared with having to do with the living body, the temple of God´s spirit? It is one of the Fine Arts: I had almost said, the finest of Fine Arts.” Spoken by a true nurse, Florence Nightingale; a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. I have many goals