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  • Nuclear Weapons

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    Nuclear Warfare: World War 3 The Past This essay aims to explore technology in warfare: in particular, nuclear weapons. I will be taking a look at the past, present and future of this in general, and in my nuclear collage, referring to the film ‘Equilibrium’ and the ‘Art nucleare movement’, an art and literary group founded in 1951 as a response to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (in particular, the works of Voltolino Fontani). Firstly, I want to take a closer look at the bombings of Hiroshima

  • Nuclear Weapons

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    Humans have been fighting over power since we have learned how to make and use weapons. Most weapons are built to only kill people, but one has the potential to destroy the word and its atmosphere. this weapon is called the nuke. The nuke is a newer weapon made during world war two. The first one was tested in the manhattan project lead by robert oppenheimer and had nearly 600 people involved. The first two nukes made by these people were called the big boy and the fat man. The big boy and fatman

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    cities such as Chicago were filled with people kissing, singing, shouting and starting bonfires on the streets. A Life magazine article described Americans as “awed by atomic peace.” It was the start of the nuclear age filled with the excitement of the power of the nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. Fast forward a few years but shift gears to the economic development of the United States. The period starting form the 1960s through the 1990s were characterized by a period of mass production and consumption

  • Nuclear Weapons

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    strategies. Nuclear warfare throughout the Cold War is a highly destructive tactic used by the military when there is a major conflict or encounter. The weapons are used to inflict harm and destruction on their target or enemy. Nuclear weapons have been around since 1945 and have been solemnly used. Nuclear warfare was put into action because compared to conventional warfare it is greatly more destructive in the range of damage. Another “great” feature about the newly invented weapon is the speed

  • nuclear weapons

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    radioactive fallout from nuclear testing was not widely publicized until 1954 when a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific contaminated the crew of the Japanese fishing boat Lucky Dragon and led to the death of one of the fishermen several months later. This incident resulted in worldwide concern and sparked the development of the anti-nuclear weapons movement. However, even in 1962, the Defense Department in the federal government was spending about 22 percent of their total budget on nuclear and thermonuclear

  • Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Warfare

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    Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Warfare Throughout half the century of the 19’s hundreds a period of new advancements in the creations of a bomb had arisen. On August 8th, 1939 President Roosevelt received a letter from Albert Einstein which ended up being the fundamental support in the creation of the Atomic Bomb. There are two types of atomic bombs fusion and fission, the first atomic bomb was created in 1939 by the Manhattan Project, three weeks later after its first test, it was used in an

  • War and Nuclear Weapons

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    the dawn of time, man has killed for the sake of their territory and their beliefs. Weapons evolved along side the intelligence of man giving people more ways to kill one another with quicker methods. When a neutron is split from a proton in the nucleus of an atom it causes an atomic blast. Over time these blasts have grown larger and stronger to the point where they could lead to the end of the world. Nuclear Weapons date back to World War II when the world was on the verge of one of the greatest wars

  • Nuclear Weapon Test

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    Upside Down The people of the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands would never be the same after 1946. 67 nuclear weapon tests were conducted on this atoll until the blessed year of 1958. Perhaps the only reason the United States displaced a beautiful culture and atoll was to settle some post-WWII uneasiness. Bikini was the definition of perfection when it came to testing the most powerful weapon there is in the world. It was inhabited by only 167 islanders which meant an easy relocation. The atoll

  • The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

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    The Effects of Nuclear Weapons The United States is the most powerful country in the World. They have the biggest army, navy, and airforce, but that is not why other countries fear them. The reason the United States is feared, is because of its nuclear capabilities. The United States has the power to blow up the entire World without even using half of their nuclear bombs. Having all of this nuclear power is good, because it prevents other countries from trying to go to war with the United

  • The Horror of Nuclear Weapons

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    heavy steps of Godzilla. Along with him came his highly radioactive body leaving trails of radioactive residue. His main abilities were his plasma breath ray, immunity to normal weapons, and great strength. He was created for a horror movie that showed the effect of what worried the Japanese at the time- Nuclear weapons. In the movie, he represents pure evil, destroying everything in his path. He is, however, only a product of mankind, and cannot help that fact. What drew the great beast from the