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  • November Rain

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    November Rain I pass a shop display and view my reflection in the glass-a well built man of thirty with a tanned complexion, dark eyes and hair. I seem to have a certain charm and grace that can-and does-go down very well with the ladies. I open the door, pull out the chair, buy the drinks and surprise them with gifts. I stay at their flats after a night out; I leave my belongings there. You could say that I’m just a bachelor with a lust for living-if I wasn’t married. I’ve been married ten

  • November Tree Leaves

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    pretty. Fuck her and her blond hair, and glimmering ocean eyes. I could never stand how much prettier she is than me. She always has been the one to turn heads whenever she walked in a room. Not me. I was(and am), far too shy to cause a scene. November tree-leaves bleed into each other; from orange and yellow, to every shade in between. The cold autumn's chill caresses our bodies through the café's open windows; eleven o'clock sunshine dampened by the murky grey of the clouds. And with the muffled

  • November Spawned a Monster

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    November Spawned a Monster Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is filled with voiceless, complicit and finally dead female characters. Modern criticism of the text has attempt to reconcile the passive female characters of the novel with a feminist reading which exonerates the novel from being at best a mere reproduction of patriarchy and at worst an entrenchment of patriarchy’s worst offenses. In this paper I will show the patriarchal structure of the actions that unfold in the novel. I will also complicate

  • The Defeat of Germany by November 1918

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    Defeat of Germany by November 1918 There was great initial enthusiasm in Germany, Layton suggest that Germany had the best of the four years of fighting. After all Germany still occupied large parts of enemy territory, such as the Ruhr. Yet it was found to accept an armistice on allied terms in 1918 outlined by the treaty of Versailles. This essay intends to examine why this was the case. I feel there are a number of reasons why Germany lost the First World War by November 1918. The first

  • The Revolutionary Organization 17 November

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    The History of the Revolutionary Organziation 17 November Formation Greece is a country more thought of for its rich ancient history, not major political violence. Unfortunately, the more recent history of this country has been marred with just that, violent protests and terrorist attacks. There are even those who say that Greece has the largest terrorism problem in all of Europe. Greek terrorism stems from a civil war that occurred in the country in the late 1940s. This civil war was over

  • November 11: France's Armistice Day

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    closed and houses quiet as the President comes forth to give a long speech for those lost. It’s France’s huge mourning day. Appropriate for the day, to honor those who have died fighting for France, and a great happiness for the end of World War 1. November 11th has always been known as Armistice Day. This holiday, also known as L’Armstice in France, has been honored and remembered every year since World War 1. On Armistice Day the shops, schools and offices of France are closed. Instead thousands

  • November: Part of a Narrative Story

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    The music is soft as we dance the time away. Dance the pain away. Dance all of the outside world away. He becomes me, as I become him. Our faces seem to become more beautiful, or least his face does. he tells me that my face does the same, I don't quite know whether or not I should quite believe him. I want to, I will learn to make myself believe him. He's done me no wrong so far. He has even called me the fairest in his eyes. Such a compliment is quite honestly a waste upon me. But he declares it

  • The Failure of the Munich Putsch in November of 1923

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    The Failure of the Munich Putsch in November of 1923 I believe that the military failure of the Munich Putsch was quite insignificant, since the party made a serious of political gains as a result of the putsch. At the time of the Putsch the Nazi Party was growing and had over 55,000 members. It was in he unique position of having both Socialists and Nationalists under the same political banner. The Rhur crisis had gained the Nazis a lot of support, and with effective propaganda they

  • Analysis Of The November 13th Terrorist Attacks On Paris

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    The November thirteenth terrorist attacks on Paris stunned the world. With the deaths of 129 people in the metropolis, it has veritably reached the same severity as the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Now that the world has had a chance to recover from the shock of the tragedy however, it is now faced with many hard questions. Why did this attack take place? Why did it take place where and when it did? As with most catastrophes, the most prevailing question surrounding

  • Mr. November for the NY Yankees: Derek Jeter

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    Derek Jeter is an MLB shortstop for the New York Yankees. Many struggle in that position; an already tough fielding position for a legendary sports team in a legendary city. Derek Sanderson Jeter, however, does not struggle. Jeter has more hits, games played, stolen bases, and at bats than anyone who has ever played for the New York Yankees. Jeter’s heroic image makes him liked by even rivals. Derek Jeter is the best shortstop of all-time because of his playoff experience, clutch attribute, and playmaking