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  • Reasons behind Lucas´ Suicide in Good Hair

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    in identity, cultural perspective, and self worth, Alice would not have been able to move forward with the changes in her life. In the story of Good Hair, Lucas’ lack of identity was one of the main reasons that he committed suicide. In his suicide note, Lucas references not being able to fit in with any of the cultures in his school. This made it difficult in his life and created issues with Lucas dealing with who he was and where he belonged in society. This issue with his lack of identity created

  • College: One Of My College Challenges In College

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    Whether it’s an assignment, or a football game, I will scribble it down in my agenda. I also have a substantially large calendar in my room and I put sticky notes on it to mark everything that will occur. I use sticky notes and checklists because I’m obsessed with the feeling of accomplishing something. The feeling of throwing the sticky note away, or crossing off an item, gives me somewhat relief. I will also need to set aside time for studying, so I don’t become overwhelmed. Another way to help

  • What Constitutes a Negotiable Instrument: A Case Study

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    What Constitutes a Negotiable Instrument: A Case Study A “Negotiable Instrument” is a commercial paper, which facilitates issue and receipt of consideration, but is not legal tender itself. A Negotiable Instrument is easily transferable from one person to another. These instruments are called ‘negotiable’ due to this easy transferability from one individual to another. Article 3.0 and 4.0 of the United Commercial Code (UCC) governs the Negotiable Instruments Act, in the United States. What is a Negotiable

  • Notes On Osmosis

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    Abstract Osmosis is the movement of water from a higher concentration to a lower concentration across a membrane. Osmosis is considered to be a passive transport because energy is not required in order for water molecules to move in and out. It is semi-permeable and the reason being so is because not all different molecules can enter. It leaves certain solutes out and allows certain ones in. the purpose of this lab is to see how the use of diffusion can allow the osmosis to travel across the membrane

  • My Weaknesses

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    Throughout all my schooling years and all the classes I have ever taken, I always thought I took the best notes and managed my time the best I could. Little did I know that I was doing it all wrong. I never had a specific time for any of my studies and always went based off of whatever I was in the mood for. When I was able to fuller comprehend the concept and lesson of what we were taking I was oddly good at test taking. I thought I was always bad at test taking but through trying different methods

  • The Ugly Truth

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    art show. Her father, however, was usually absent when she got home. With the amount of time her father spends at his job, it seems like he lives there. Although few, there were days when not even her mother would be home and a bright, yellow sticky note would be placed on the stainless steel refrigerator telling her where her mom was and when she would be back. With everything so perfectly in order, her world seemed to be utopian. She had no reason to be unhappy if it weren’t for the ignored sense

  • Anonymous Monkey Ninja

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    Broif end Pussobly Unnicissery Aathur’s Nuti: I wes hevong sumi truabli cumong ap woth niw odies lest wiik fur my frii-wroti, su I dicodid tu wroti e scini frum my buuk thet I hedn’t yit, end oncurpureti uni uf thi thimis ontu thet. Huwivir, I wes aneweri thet I wuald ectaelly hevi tu fonosh thi stury, end It hed tu bi 500 wurds ur liss. Cunsodirong thi clomex end cunclasoun uf my buuk wiri prubebly sivirel thuasend wurds ewey frum thi frii-wroti sigmint, I dicodid I uaght tu till e doffirint stury

  • Fantasia Ethical Dilemma

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    athletes sign any formal documentation to the effect of mandatory disclosure or a promissory note indicating scholarship funding would be pulled as a result of pregnancy. However, also in 2007 a track and field star from Clemson University set the stage for many Universities to address and add provisions as it pertained to pregnancy. Clemson University did have their female athletes sign promissory notes indicating funding and eligibility would be suspended as a result of pregnancy. Upon learning

  • On the Run - Fiction

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    On the Run - Fiction The man, lying face down on the ground appeared to be dead. The mugger was on the floor after a blow I gave him to the head. It was there like a log, not moving at all. There was blood rushing out like a fast flowing river. I noticed the man had a briefcase and it was slightly open. I stared at the case; I could see something bright enclosed, curiosity drew me closer, and I snatched the case. I opened it to find a goldmine. Enclosed were around ten keys of cocaine

  • Notes on Auteurism

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    Notes on Auteurism The traditional model of an Auteur could be seen as a director that takes the script, and "transforms it into an original piece of work ". This may seem a rather ambiguous definition, but all that is needed to make clear what the practice of auteurism is, is one piece of work that fits the definition perfectly. Robert Altman’s Popeye is just that. Altman took an institution, that of Popeye, a classic American icon, and wrote it to fit it to his traditional thematic concerns