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  • Effects of New Developments in Technology

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    As new developments in technology are introduced to us every day, many people look only to the positive effects that the new technology brings. But, there are also many negative effects that the technological developments have caused. With this new technology comes new developments in social media. Between extremely advanced technology and social media, social interactions, education, and safety have been negatively effected by these advancements. Social interactions are quickly becoming more reliant

  • The New Technology Age: Sony And The New Technological Age

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    Sony and the New Technological Age A teacher I once had told me “Invest in what you know.” I took that to heart and during a school project involving stock market investing I put what he told me to good use. I sat long and hard thinking about what I did in my everyday life that would help me in this project. I thought about what I ate for breakfast, what I used to do my chores, or even what I used at school but kept coming up empty handed. Then it hit me and I began to scan my resources for topics

  • New Reproduction Technologies

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    During the debate on March 15, 2000 which discussed new reproductive technologies (NRTS) issues were raised regarding the positive and negative effects of NRTS. Issues raised by the advocates of NRTS were surrounding infertility, homosexuality, disease, and cloning. All of these factors raised were concerning the moral rights of individuals who were unable to have children of their own without the help of NRTS. The debate continued by stating that denying individuals the right to utilize NRTS was

  • Graduates And Technology In New Zealand

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    How IT can best be used to improve New Zealand's economy and society in the next twenty years, and how IT graduates make their contribution to this opportunity personally The Information Technology (IT) industry continues to show high growth potential. Based on updated information from the Ministry of Economic Development, the total value of the New Zealand IT industry, excluding communications services, in the 2002 financial year was estimated at $7,055 million, up 1% from the previous year,

  • Lack Of Technology In Brave New World

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    novel Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley and the Giver directed by Phillip Noyce both warn that the over reliance on technology can take over independent thinking and lead to the loss of emotions required to make wise decisions. This is demonstrated through the lack of freedom, usage of drugs and absence of family bonds. Firstly, lack of freedom is prominent in both articles to show that reliance on technology removes independent thinking among citizens. Firstly, In Brave New World, Bernard

  • Brave New World Technology Criticism

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    “Brave New World” offers a view of the world as it might become if science is no longer ruled by man but man is ruled by science and thus puts at stake his freedom. Nowadays, probably everybody is familiar with the debates concerning the amazing breakthroughs in science, and especially in cloning. Brave New World shows the warnings of the dangers of giving the state control over new and powerful technologies. One illustration of this theme is the control of reproduction through technological and

  • The Advantages of the New Media Technologies

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    The Advantages of the New Media Technologies Portability is a big advantage of new media technologies and is being touched upon by nearly all newly released technologies. Everything that has been previously released is then re-released but in a smaller version. One good example of this is the iPod. Although there original iPod was a huge seller, selling 4.5 million in just 3 months, Apple then decided to release the ‘iPod mini’. Even though it was only possible to fit 1000 songs on the iPod

  • Technology and the Brave New World

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    Technology and the Brave New World Although the book Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, was written long ago, its subject  has become more popular since most of the  technologies described in the book have, at least, partially, become a reality.  Huxley's community of Utopia is a futuristic society designed by genetic engineering, and controlled by neural conditioning with mind-altering drugs and  a manipulative media system.  Yet, despite the similarities, the reader also finds  many contrasts

  • Brave New World - Technology

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    Brave New World - Technology Technology, what is it? It’s usually something new, and better than the old idea. Technology started with cars, stoves, TV, radios, etc. Cars takes somebody from one place to another, faster than walking, running, or biking and one could go places without getting tired. Stoves allowed one to conveniently be able to turn on and off heat to a cooking utensil with less clean up. The biggest contributor to making our lives easier would be computers, which has come a long

  • Technology in A Brave New World

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    Technology in A Brave New World Technology is defined as using the entire body of science, methods, and materials to achieve an end.  Technology, or techne, is so preoccupied with weather it can, it never considers if it should.  In "Of Techne and Episteme," a article on technology and humanities, the author Eddy warns us that a society without epistemological thinking would lead to a society of  "skilled barbarians."  This is the topic of the novel Brave New World in which Aldous Huxley