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  • New Technology

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    New Technology In my research, I am focusing on the new technology dealing with computers. This technology includes CD writers, DVD players, digital cameras, and cable modems. I will describe each technology and then how it will effect today’s society. Technology is the way of the world now, so improving technology helps to improve the society. CD writers are the wave of the future. What is a CD writer one may ask? A CD writer is simply a technology device that allow one to record information

  • New Reproductive Technology

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    New Reproductive Technology The article by Christine Overall, "New Reproductive Technology," discusses the issue of abortion and the new technology involved in abortions. The article makes the case that the fetus is not in the ownership of the parents, therefore when an abortion takes place the embryo should be preserved for future use. This embryo could be used at a later time by the parents, or others can adopt it. The primary issue in this article is whether or not abortion is still wrong

  • New Age Of Technology

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    New Age of Technology Technology and computers are increasing factors in the collision repair industry. With time being a concern for customers in many cases, the work we do has become easier to manage and faster to produce because of technology. Over the past ten years, equipment technology has increased our productivity. Today, a computerized management system helps you to quickly process repair orders, job costing, and management reporting. Some examples of this new technology are the Shark

  • Creating a New Writing Technology

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    Creating a New Writing Technology "Writing, in the strict sense of the word, as has already been seen, was a very late development in human history. The first script, or true writing, that we know was developed among the Sumerians in Mesopotamia only around the year 3500 BC, less than 6,000 years ago. The alphabet, which was invented only once, so that every alphabet in the world derives directly or indirectly from the original Semitic alphabet, came into existence only around 1500 BC" (Ong

  • Alternative Energy Sources and New Technologies

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    Alternative Energy Sources and New Technologies Oil may not be the main reason for our military action against Iraq, but the Middle East has the majority of the world’s oil. If the politics of that area were reorganized and we had not taken military action, Saddam Husein could have cut off his supply of oil to our country, shooting our prices to outrageous heights. If we could lessen our dependency on such countries for oil, our country would be much better off. When a crisis hits the U.S. or

  • Technology and Language in Education: The Effect of New Technology on Teaching Languages

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    Technology and Language in Education: The Effect of New Technology on Teaching Languages Annie Moore, a 15-year-old girl from Ireland arrived at Ellis Island in New York City on January 1, 1892. She was the first immigrant to come to that United States immigration station, but she was certainly not the last. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2000), 28.4 million of the 285.2 million US residents in 2000 were foreign-born. With such a large amount of our population being foreign-born, the

  • Effects of New Developments in Technology

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    As new developments in technology are introduced to us every day, many people look only to the positive effects that the new technology brings. But, there are also many negative effects that the technological developments have caused. With this new technology comes new developments in social media. Between extremely advanced technology and social media, social interactions, education, and safety have been negatively effected by these advancements. Social interactions are quickly becoming more reliant

  • New Reproduction Technologies

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    During the debate on March 15, 2000 which discussed new reproductive technologies (NRTS) issues were raised regarding the positive and negative effects of NRTS. Issues raised by the advocates of NRTS were surrounding infertility, homosexuality, disease, and cloning. All of these factors raised were concerning the moral rights of individuals who were unable to have children of their own without the help of NRTS. The debate continued by stating that denying individuals the right to utilize NRTS was

  • The New Technology Age: Sony And The New Technological Age

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    Sony and the New Technological Age A teacher I once had told me “Invest in what you know.” I took that to heart and during a school project involving stock market investing I put what he told me to good use. I sat long and hard thinking about what I did in my everyday life that would help me in this project. I thought about what I ate for breakfast, what I used to do my chores, or even what I used at school but kept coming up empty handed. Then it hit me and I began to scan my resources for topics

  • Do new technologies of surveillance encourage self regulation

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    2. Do new technologies of surveillance encourage self-regulation? Discuss A fundamental dimension of modernity is the emergence of coordinated administrative power. The nation state is the prime site if such power but is also a part of modern organisations in general. Administrative power is based upon the control of information. Administrative power is enforced through surveillance where information is routinely used to monitor the activities of a subject population. No less than capitalism or