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  • The Endangered Species of New York

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    Endangered Species of New York FACTS & HISTORY What exactly does the term endangered species denote? There can be numerous definitions that correctly describe the term. It is any plant or animal whose survival is in jeopardy of becoming extinct. Extinction, of course, is when the species no longer exists, and there is no way it can be brought back to this earth. In most cases, the cause of this displeasing calamity is generally human-related. As more time goes on, more species are in peril

  • The Effect of Introducing a New Species to the Indigenous Population in an Environment

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    The Effect of Introducing a New Species to the Indigenous Population in an Environment There are numerous amounts of ways and examples of when people have used Biological Control. This occurs when living organisms, such as predators, pathogens and parasitism are used to control pest insects, weeds, or diseases. This typically involves some human activity. There are many different examples worldwide of how people have used biological control. There are many advantages to using biological

  • a new species

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    morphological differences observed between western and eastern populations indicated that the diversity of this species complex might be underestimated and requires further investigation (Lee and Chen 2003, Lee and Wu 2004). With evidences of multi-locus genetic marker and morphology, we considered that the Aegista snail from eastern Taiwan, which originally identified as A. subchinensis, was a new species and named it as A. d...

  • A New Species of Whale

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    Questions Surrounding a New Species of Whale During the month of September in 1998 an amazing and unique discovery was found by a group of scientists when they went out to the Sea of Japan. There, they collected the carcass of a medium sized baleen whale. This was the ninth specimen needed to complete the research on discovering this new species. This species of the baleen whale did resemble the fin whale, another species of the baleen whale. However, this carcass was much smaller in size

  • The Comparison of the Creation of the Universe and Origin of Man and New Species

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    The Comparison of the Creation of the Universe and Origin of Man and New Species The Big Bang is a theory that the universe was created in a very large explosion involving three gases. My first point is to question where were these three gases? They didn’t just come out of no where. They had to have a point of origin otherwise it is impossible for this theory to be true. Another theory linked to the big bang is the theory of Edwin Hubble, which says that the universe is expanding, the red

  • Biological Diversity and the Ways It Can Be Destroyed, Restored and Maintained

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    number of distinct species of animals, insects, plants, etc. that are living in a particular area. We found out that diversity is greater in the tropics and less towards the poles. This is called the Latitude Diversity Gradient and could be due to one or more of three theories. They are the cradle hypothesis that says the area where species tend to be born is in the tropical latitudes, the museum hypothesis that says the tropical latitudes provide a better habitat for species that go extinct in other

  • Tropical Rainforest and Its Challenges

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    animal species to live there. The condition of rainforest made it can harboured higher diversity of organism than any other terrestrial biome. Even it only cover over two percent of earth surface but at least half of plant and animal species has be recorded from all over the world in tropical rainforest (Corlett and Primack, 2008). Besides that, rainforest also contribute to human economy by provide raw material, timber, foods and so on. A single rainforest may support several thousand species of insects

  • Exotic Species

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    that bringing in just a few exotic species of the same kind into the United States could throw of the whole food chain? We may not pay much attention to it, but we Americans are the ones most responsible for the disturbing of the ecological balance of the world by bringing in new plant and animal species. These exotic species take away what is needed for the native species and very often it is the native species that become threatened. The introducing of exotic species into a different environment usually

  • Analysis: Beak Of The Finch

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    finches. The variation in finches is one in three and the variation in sparrows is four in ten thousand. 4. The study of variation is important to evolutionary biology because every little thing counts no matter how slow the world changes and the news help biologists determine more knowledge that can help make the world more understanding. Chapter 4 19th and early 20th century biologists failed to recognize the importance of variation in beak size because they believed that the watchmaker placed

  • At What Level of Divergence Does Speciation Occur?

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    associated with the formation of new and distinctive species, from which a single evolutionary line splits into two or more genetically independent ones (Cook 1906). In essence, from one common ancestor derives two descendent species. Taking into consideration the controversial nature of what constitute a species, this is will refer to species as related individuals that resemble one another; they are able to breed with themselves, but not with members of another species (Rosenzweig 1995). Now that