Motorsport Essays

  • Bm a Comprehensive Website Review

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    Introduction Bill Gates once compared the auto industry with the computer industry by stating "If GM had kept up with the technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon." However, in today's technology driven society, the automotive industry is forced to adhere to the demands of the computer industry in order to remain a viable facet to the world economy. As a result of this technological revolution, companies such as B&M Racing are

  • Virgo: The Virgin and Perfectionistic

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    Virgo, modest and meticulous. Virgoans are also fastidious and perfectionistic. Perfectionistic is not a real word and the first persn to point that out will be a Virgo. Virgo is the lone female of the twelve signs, although there has been some talk about Scorpio. Virgos are emotionally cold but they make wonderful refrigerator sales people, sometimes even evolving into appliances. Remember Virgo NFL star, William Refrigerator Perry? These late summer babes usually conceal their emotions. Still

  • Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

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    or motorsports. Car knowledge is gained through experience so the fact that I have been around cars my entire life has provided me with a lot of hands on experience that will be beneficial for my major. I will need a deeper understanding of how car parts work together and the physics behind them if I want to pursue a career in automotive based mechanical engineering. UNC Charlotte offers a unique experience for mechanical engineers that want to enter the automotive job market. The motorsport focus

  • Oversteer: Street Racing Culture

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    was only the first pro-racing as a sport, not yet a drifting event. The sport would eventually have a big impact on the U.S., well at least to those who were interested in the car scene. The informing paper “Drifting (motorsport),” found on, states, “In 1966 the first drift event outside of Japan was held at Willow Springs Raceway, in Willow Springs, California. A Japanese magazine known as Option were the host of this show to bring their passion

  • Formula One Racing

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    Formula One Racing Formula One racing, or F1, is known to be the most prestigious type of auto racing in the world. Unfortunately, in the United States F1 racing is not nearly as popular as other motorsports such as Nascar. On a typical Sunday afternoon if one were to flip channels on the television, Nascar would most likely be airing on a major station. Furthermore, if one were to watch the race he or she would notice that the racetrack was packed with thousands upon thousands of people. A large

  • Sports in the Middle East In Comparison to Sports In the West

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    Sports in the Middle East In Comparison to Sports In the West With regard to sports, not all parts of the world are created equally. Different parts, or regions of this planet follow different sports and participate in different sports for that matter as well. While in America, you can basically narrow it down to three popular sports, for the country as a whole. Football, baseball, and basketball, with ice hockey, soccer, and tennis probably fairly close behind, in terms of popularity. In

  • Purpose Of A Code Of Ethics In Sports Entertainment

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    Establishing principles, areas of focus for the employee’s to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will guide thought processes and actions while growing the entertainment business daily. The company is a fabrication of 30 plus years being involved in motorsports from a young child to an executive in the current sport. O’Neal Entertainment Group, will manage and oversee day to day operations of the Professional Racers Group (PRG).

  • Cody Higginbotham: An Extreme Race Fan from Guntersville, Alabama

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    received a second great opportunity to work with Venturini Motorsports in 2004. “Venturini Motorsports marketing/ PR Tom Venturini noticed me when Billy Venturini was still driving. He offered me an amazing opportunity to work on a message board (forum) for them at the end of 2004 until 2007.” Cody also worked on a message board (forum) for Brad Keselowski in 2005 - 2009, David Gilliland in 2006-2007, Burney Lamar in 2009, and JD Motorsports in 2008 - 2012. Cody received more amazing opportunities

  • Polaris RZR Jagged-X Case Study

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    pre-run adventures like pre-race running of the Baja 500 or 1000 at the same time still being a fun car to play with whether we wanted to take it to Moab or Ocotillo Wells. Next we needed a build partner, after some discussion, we selected SDR Motorsports out of Riverside, CA. Being the leaders in custom Polaris RZR builds it was a no brainer that at some point and SDR would collaborate at some point in time. Once in the hands of SDR our machine was transformed into total head

  • Write An Argumentative Essay On Auto Racing

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    no one has died, however. So, the Sprint Cup races are comprised of forty-three drivers, most of which are on different teams. This gives each driver a sliver of a chance to win, making the race more exciting. The most renown teams are Hendrick Motorsports (HMS), Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR), and Penske. Each driver gets associated with their own number, which eventually defines who they are. Also, each driver gets a crew chief who acts as the head coach and seven pit crew members who work on the car and

  • Misconceptions Of Car Enthusiasts And Non-Car Enthusiastss

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    where the road leads them, these types of races always need a passenger as a navigator. Another type of motorsport is drag racing and drifting, these are different and unconventional types of racing, but are very popular. Drag racing is the most popular due to anyone with any driving skill or capability can participate as long as they can keep their car in a straight line. This type of motorsport can show dominance in whose car is

  • Monster Truck History

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    Bob George, owner at the motorsport promotion company named Truck-a-Rama, is believed to have coined the phrase *monster truck* when referring to Bigfoot. A promoter saw the car-crushing footage in ’81 and subsequently asked Chandler to repeat the undertaking in front of

  • Formula E Essay

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    technology and safety innovations. Recently, there has been a startup of a new form of motorsports that focuses on Earth’s environmental status. Formula E is one of the ways to spread social and political awareness and interest in electric vehicles. To make the car a sustainable and innovative platform. The goal of this research paper is to answer the following questions: how fast will the technology trickle down from motorsport to everyday life, are these efforts worth it, will Formula E make electric cars

  • The Ford Motor Company: The Most Affordable Car

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    the F-Series pickup trucks, the Mustang sports car, the compact Fiesta, and the dependable E-Series work vans. While being known for their attitude of having “a Car for Every Man”, the Ford company has also been quite successful in the world of motorsports. The collaborations between successful racers and the company have made for some exciting and unique vehicles over the years. One of the most notable collaborations was with a man named Carroll Shelby. Shelby, who was a prolific racing driver of

  • Mechanical Engineering Scholarship

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    that goes into them, the design, the engineering required in order to produce and effective product that will sell. My main interest lies in the world of motorsport, the thrill of competition, and the absolute top flight engineering required to succeed in a cut throat business such as the motor racing world. I aspire to work in the motorsports industry in the future, specifically as an engineer with a race

  • Kraftwerk Essay

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    KraftWerks Kraftwerks USA specializes in superchargers and offer the most advanced supercharger on the market. At the supercharger kit’s core is their patented Rotrex traction drive supercharger. They have developed a lighter weight quiet and cool operation with shaft speeds that exceed 200,000 RPMs. There is no other forced induction method that compares. You get reduced emissions, transient response and unmatched performance and efficiency. They have designed their supercharger to deliver gains

  • Nicki Minj Research Paper

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    2017 BET Awards under the Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist categories. She was scheduled to release her first full-length studio album in April 2018. Adding to her success, cardi B. also collaborated on G-Eazy’s “No Limit,” Migos’ “Motorsport,” Puerto Rican sensation Ozuna’s “La Modelo” and in December, she released her second single “Bartier Cardi”. Minaj collaborated with Lil Wayne on a series of mixtapes, the first of which, Playtime Is Over, was released in April 2007. She solidified

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Race Track

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    Looking at the 1.5 mile length of asphalt, the track was awaiting the roar of the cars racing inches from each other and the speed that shall come. I couldn’t wait tell race day was here at Texas Motor Speedway. We drove up to the bare camping grounds, all that was there were the few campers that have been waiting for the cars to hit the track. We would always be camping in the camper camping spots because of the possibility of really drunk neighbours. Plus the RV’s and Campers would block some

  • Motorcycle Dangers

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    because of the mortality rate in the Isle of Man. From the turbo-charging system to the new electric powered motorbike, the Isle of Man TT sees the peaking edge in motorcycle performance when it comes to two wheeled motorsport. So why should it not see the peaking edge in safety in motorsport? The teams that come to the small island to race this event know danger and eminent death that is barreling around the corner at two-hundred miles per hour with a high-pitched four cylinder turbo scream. “It’s a

  • Composites Essay

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    The discovery and widespread usage of composite materials has opened new doors in the manufacturing industry. Composites are materials composed of two or more different materials. The new material has distinct and superior structural properties than the individual component materials. The most ancient composite is adobe, which consists of straw reinforced clay and was commonly used as a building material [1]. Modern composites consist of a woven fiber, which reinforces a plastic polymer shell. Two