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  • A Modest Proposal

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    Jonathan Swift’s satire, “A Modest Proposal”, Swift writes about the starving people of Ireland in the early 1700’s. He makes a wild and absurd proposal to help remedy the problems of overpopulation and poverty. Swift wants to make a political statement by using the “children” as satire to grasp the attention of the audience - the English people, the Irish politicians and the rich – and make them aware of the political, moral, and social problems. In “A Modest Proposal”, Swift’s arguments are presented

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    A Modest Proposal, written by Jonathan Swift, proposes both an outrageous idea and real solutions for helping Ireland manage their overpopulated country and eliminate poverty in 1729. Swift incorporates this idea to capture the attention of the people in Ireland and England, and prove to them they need to take action. He adopts a serious yet sarcastic tone in order to convince the citizens and readers their country needs change. The main issue Swift is trying to touch on is the overpopulation of

  • A Modest Proposal

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    In the essay, A Modest Proposal, the speaker is Jonathan Swift. Swift is most known for his satirist writing style which is also evident in his novel called Gulliver's Travels. Swift was an intelligent Oxford graduate student who published his famous piece, A Modest Proposal, in 1729. In this piece he addresses the issue of poverty in Ireland by proposing a humorous solution. The purpose of his text is to shock his audience by his over the top solution to end poverty. Swift adopts a persuasive tone

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    The author of “A Modest Proposal”, Jonathan Swift, writes this story to provide various solutions that the country of Ireland was facing in 1729. Swifts purpose is to convince the readers that something needs to be done in order to save the people and the beautiful country. He uses a serious tone giving the reader the allusion that he is serious about the topic. The audience he intended this paper to be read by would have been the people of Ireland and the people of other countries that were interested

  • A Modest Proposal

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    Jonathan Swift, a respected writer, wrote and publicized A Modest Proposal in 1729. His article’s purpose was proposing a solution for the poor people being a burden in Ireland, also known as poverty and starvation. Swift adopts an opinionated tone on the matter in order to successfully get his point across to readers. He wants readers to agree with his proposal, the intended audience being the Irish public. The issue being brought to our attention in this article is that there’s overpopulation and

  • “A Modest Proposal”

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    Well-known author Jonathan Swift, in his article, “A Modest Proposal”, attempts to point out the flaws of the Irish economy through a satirical proposal to initiate the recovery of the economy. Swift’s purpose is to galvanize the public into helping itself by stabilizing the economic conditions. He adopts a satirical tone in order to convey the idea that the Irish must help themselves by reinforcing each other. Firstly, the issue that prompts Swift to write this piece is the current economic conditions

  • A Modest Proposal

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    In the article “The Modest Proposal” the credible author known as, Johnathan Swift informs us readers on the starving families in Ireland. Swift’s total purpose of the article is to educate the article readers on how these families struggle for survival from the problem of starvation. Swift adopts an emotional and relatable feeling in his readers. Swift further conveys his explanation later on in the article. The issue in “The Modest Proposal” is the families in Ireland suffering and dying of starvation

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    In the article Modest Proposal by Johnathan Swift is an article that Swift proposes an idea to the country Ireland. Swift’s purpose in this article is to solve Ireland’s problems. Ireland in 1729 was going through a famine and people were starving. Therefore Swift gives his solutions to solve Ireland’s problems. He adopts a harsh tone in order to get his point across and help Ireland. In 1729 Ireland was going through a hard time. Ireland was in the middle of a famine and the amount of poor people

  • A Modest Proposal

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    Well known and famous author, Jonathan Swift, in his persuasive essay, A Modest Proposal, convincing people that there needs to be a new way to help out the population problem while helping out the hunger problem as well. Swift’s purpose of this essay is to show people another way to make the population go down but really he’s trying to grab their attention then inform them of his real idea. He adopts an aggressive tone in order to convey his audience which is the people of Ireland. The issue that

  • A Modest Proposal

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    starving to death. Jonathan Swift proposes a solution to this epidemic in A Modest Proposal. Swift states that the poor Irish should sell their children as if they were cattle, or better yet, eat the children themselves. Swift uses a mocking tone in order to effectively convey that he does not actually support cannibalism, but rather uses it as metaphor to describe the harsh times of Ireland. Swift’s occupation makes A Modest Proposal very ironic. “He was educated at Trinity College, was ordained a minister