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  • Jackson vs. McClellan

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    Jackson vs. McClellan General Lee said, to be a good soldier you must love the army, to be a good general you must be prepared to order the death of the thing you love, and therein lies the great trap of soldiering. When you attack you must hold nothing back." Thomas J. Jackson was both a good soldier and a good general. In the Mexican War he fought with all his heart for his country. When the Civil War came, he was a general. He never hesitated to send his men forward. He held nothing back. George

  • History of FT. McClellan

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    of FT. McClellan, AL began in July of 1917-1999. It was located near Anniston, AL, which was the first and only military post in that vicinity. On July 1, 1929 Camp McClellan was formally changed to Fort McClellan, which became a permanent duty assignment for active Army. Fort McClellan was named after Major General George B. McClellan, who was the General in Chief of the Army from 1861-1862. It was the first southern military installation named in honor of a northerner general. McClellan was used

  • George McClellan

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    George Brinton McClellan was a Union general during the Civil War. He was born December 3, 1826 in Philadelphia, PA. He was also commander of the Army of the Potomac twice, which was the Union’s largest army. He fought as the General-in-Chief of the Union army until 1862, when he was removed by Abraham Lincoln, who thought he was a coward. This was because although he had many more men in his army, he often thought that he was outnumbered. This is a reason why Lincoln fired him. McClellan was a meticulous

  • George B. McClellan: The Disposable Patriot

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    amazes me that there were so many unnamed heroes. As you know, the book talks about his life, the wars he was in and a little behind the scenes. Mr. McClellan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December third, eighteen twenty-six. His ancestors were from Scotland and came to the American colonies in the seventeen hundreds. When Mr. McClellan graduated from college, he graduated with a degree in medicine and was a respected surgeon. He married Elizabeth Brinton in eighteen twenty at the local

  • Failure of Mission Command by General McClellan

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    if Gen. McClellan acted decisively, took calculated risks, and veered away from his cautious approach to war. There are many instances leading up to the battle and during the battle in which he lacks the necessary offensive initiative to effectively cripple and ultimately win the war. This paper is intended to articulate the failure of Mission Command by GEN McClellan by pointing out how he failed to understand, visualize, describe and direct the battlefield to his benefit. GEN McClellan may not

  • George Mcclellan Essay

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    Little Macpoleon George McClellan was born to an affluent Philadelphia family in the year of 1826, as shared by the New World Encyclopedia (2014 par. 3). At age 20, military academy graduation placed McClellan in the U.S. Army of Engineers as second lieutenant. His early combat encounters lived in the Mexican-American War and furthered McClellan to and past first lieutenant to Captain (Pagles 28-29). With wartime aside, McClellan’s work included surveillance of bodies of water, railroads and foreign

  • The McDonaldization of Education

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    of knowledge to passive recipients” (McClellan. Online). However, the question remains whether this definition can actually suffice. The futility of a packaged education is put into context when it is realized that “meaningful learning, deep knowledge, collective wisdom and innovative action do not come from slick, pre-packaged course materials and efficient one-way transmission of information” but rather through the more complex idea called learning (McClellan. Online). Unfortunately, the purpose

  • Fahrenheit 451 - The Temperature at Which Books Burn

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    bring oppressed by the future government. Guy Montag is a fireman who appears to be heartily supportive and contributive to the burning of books, which is normal because firemen, in the conformist future, burn books for a living. He meets Clarisse McClellan, a sixteen year old idealist with strong convictions against the social structure that oppresses individual thinking and demands conformity. Clarisse opens his mind to new concepts and he begins to perceive the world differently. Guy and the other

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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    Fahrenheit 451                               Ray Bradbury Guy Montag is a fireman in the future in charge of burning books. On his way home from work one evening, he meets his new neighbor, an inquisitive 17-year-old girl named Clarisse McClellan. She asks him about his job and tells him she comes from a strange family that does such peculiar things as talk to each other and walk places (being a pedestrian is, like reading, against the law). She asks him if he is happy and then disappears into her

  • The True American Hero

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    was one. His faith in the goodness of humanity was unbounded, and he was taken advantage of. His simplicity of nature was remarkable, yet this simplicity was the mainspring of his success; certainly it was the first asset of his generalship. While McClellan could see nothing beyond his own operations and Halleck nothing outside of his textbooks, Grant saw things as they were, uncontaminated by his ideas or anyone elses. He saw that the entire problem of winning the civil war was nothing more than an

  • When Books were Burned Fahrenheit 451

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    The Time Books were Burned Fahrenheit 451 The novel, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, is a science fiction novel that introduces a world controlled by the government. Humans are not accepted in this new world. Television has replaced family. The people live the present through television. The firemen are seen as flamethrowers, the destroyers of books. The people living in this society have no reminders or memories of history or the past. In Fahrenheit 451, the society has a strict set of values

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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    wife, Mildred’s, mixed relationship. They don’t agree on anything and never communicate. They are entirely different from one another because of the influence of society. Montag was having what he thought to be great life, until he met Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse was their seventeen-year-old next door neighbor who was raised to ask why and how. When she met Montag, she changed him by making him think about things he never gave thought to before. Clarisse asked Montag if he was truly happy about

  • Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    forced out of it while the firemen force their way in. Then, the firemen turn the house into an inferno. With pride, Montag carries out just that...Until one day he meets a young girl of seventeen who changes his mind about everything. Clarisse McClellan knows many things that Montag has never considered. For instance, she recites poetry, the ideas of great philosophers, and most importantly, facts about the world’s history. When she first speaks to Montag of these illicit things, he is taken aback

  • Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    of language and books. Both stories deal with censorship and by that society is destructed in a certain way by the loss of knowledge from books. Fahrenheit 451 involves such characters as Guy Montag, Mildred Montag, Captain Beatty, and Clarisse McClellan. Fahrenheit presents the firemen as the tools of censorship and illegal books. Since books rarely exist in their society they look not to things of intellectual worth, but to things with physical and non-thinking pleasure. As the people become zombies

  • Montag´s Change in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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    the fact that his purpose in life is to destroy other peoples' property. The novel opens on a typical day for Montag, the protagonist of the novel; he finishes work and heads toward home. On the way, he runs into his teenage neighbor, Clarisse McClellan, who lives in the house next door to him. In the futuristic world in which she lives, Clarisse is judged to be peculiar, for she is strangely old- fashioned. She is interested in the way flowers smell and how the grass feels under her feet. She is

  • A Burning Intellect in Fahrenheit 451

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    fireman, is a part of the majority who have conformed. BUT throughout the novel Montag goes through a transformation,  where he changes from a Conformist to a Revolutionary. Guy Montag has never questioned his job before the day he met Clarisse  McClellan. FOR ONCE Montag is confronted with the idea that, he does NOT understand the whole truth about books.<WHAT DO YOU MEAN?> Montag meets Clarisse one day, as he is walking home from work, and they BEGIN A conversation. During their conversation Montag

  • Symbolism and Characters in Fahrenheit 451

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    rest, and the character which all other characters revolve around. The effect Bradbury creates of him is that he is an ignorant, naïve person. His faith in all humanity is crippled from the first page, it seems, and is further strained by Clarisse McClellan. Montag's actions are most often rash, with little or no thought attached to them ,which is implemented by Bradbury as a metaphor to Montag's socialization: acting for the moment on impulse, rather then thinking deeply before acting. This is illustrated

  • Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: Change

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    he begins a series of changes, eventually becoming a revolutionary in a society where books are valued. Many factors contribute to the changes found in Montag. One of the first influences during the story is the exquisitely observant Clarisse McClellan. She is different from all of the others in society who like to head for a Fun Park to bully people around," or "break windowpanes in the Car Wrecker." She likes to observe people, and she observes Montag, diagnosing him as a "strange...fireman

  • Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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    next person. This fireman&#8217;s name is Guy Montag. He lives in a condominium with his wife Mildred. The story sets off as Guy is walking home from work. The Hearth and the Salamander As he walks home, he meets a 17-year old girl named Clarisse McClellan. She talks to him about his job and they talk for a while. He finds out that this girl lives upstairs from him. He returns to his home after talking to Clarisse, and finds his wife lying on the bed with an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to her

  • Clarisse McClellan: A Character Analysis

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    Clarisse McClellan is a 17 year old girl in Fahrenheit 451 who lives on the same street as Guy Montag, the protagonist of the story. Her skin is as white as milk and her dark eyes are filled with innocence and curiosity. Clarisse is the spark that ignites Montag’s discontent with the warped society that he lives in. Without Clarisse, much of Guy Montag’s character development would not have happened and many of his pivotal choices would not have been made. During the novel, Clarisse does not preform