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  • Place Matters

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    Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-first Century “Could suburbs prosper independently of central cities? Probably. But would they prosper even more if they were a part of a better-integrated metropolis? The answer is almost certainly yes.” (p. 66) Deepening economic inequality is fundamentally associated with the spatial polarization between central cities and sprawling suburbs, and between wealthy regions and poorer ones. Government policies have promoted economic and racial segregation

  • Sports Matter

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    difference in the lives of many people. Sports matter to the wellness of individuals because they contribute to overall health, have a positive impact on academics, and give communities along with other groups a sense of togetherness. Sports to many people are means of entertainment and a good way to maintain a healthy body and mind. It is true that sports may not be able to cater to everyone, but even still there are various ways to enjoy sports, and they matter to a diverse population. Sports can be enjoyed

  • Health Matters

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    Health Matters In 1991, fewer than one percent of Americans felt that health care was an important issue. Just two years later, President Clinton urged Congress to help him fix a health care system that "is badly broken" (Collins 78). Is the health care system badly broken? The health care reform debate has captured the attention of all Americans. What brought health care reform into the public spotlight? Although our medical care in this country is of the highest quality, our access to that

  • What Matters in Life?

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    What Matters? What matters most to you in the world today? People often ask this question. I must say being 26 I have been asked this question many times in my life. The response I always give was my career. Winning and surfing, you see they are the only things that should matter. But I did not once stop to think that maybe the things that mattered more then just a surfing career was my family. I hardly got to see my children in the first stages of their life, never got to see them take their

  • Money Matters

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    in The Count of Monte Cristo. Gaspard Caderousse is one of these men. At the very beginning of the book Edmond Dantes comes home from a trip on the Pharaon and visits his father's house. Almost as soon as Dantes sees his father he says, "What's the matter father? You don't look well." (7) His father says that his next door neighbor, Caderousse, required him to pay off an old loan between him and Edmond. The loathsome Caderousse doesn't care that if he takes the money from Old Dantes while his son is

  • It's Structure That Matters

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    The structure of a story is the main key which provides a better understanding and insight analysis to the reader. The elements of structure are time, setting, and character. Each individual element shapes the world of a story, and outlines the values or information which the writer is trying to the readers. In the articles¡¨Boys¡¨and ¡§Orientation¡¨ we can see totally different structures. By comparing these two stories, the two writers present their stories in totally different ways. The ¡§Boys¡¨

  • Why Western History Matters

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    Critical Analysis for “Why Western History Matters” by Donald Kagan “Why Western History Matters” is an essay adapted from a speech Donald Kagan delivered to the National Association of Scholars, and was reprinted in the December 28, 1994, issue of the Wall Street Journal. Throughout Kagan’s essay, he describes the essential need for the college course, Western History. He does so by examining older cultures and explaining why they were quintessential to the past and to our future development

  • Kenneth O'Reilly's Racial Matters

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    Kenneth O'Reilly's Racial Matters In his book Racial Matters, Kenneth O’Reilly presented the facts as he sees them, with little interpretation. He delivered a sharp historical account of the unconstitutional methods the Federal Bureau of Investigation used to weaken and destroy what it labeled to be subversive groups in defense of its ideal of America. O’Reilly saw the role J. Edgar Hoover played to be essential to the manner in which the FBI illegally refused to protect Black lives and persecute

  • Importance Of Dark Matter

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    missing mass’s existence are from the breadcrumbs of gravitational influence it leaves behind on the normal matter that makes up you, my dog, and every far-off galaxy. Physicists have labeled this mysterious, unknown quantity of mass “dark matter,” and it is currently one of the biggest open problems on the frontier of theoretical and experimental physics. The effort to detect dark matter draws over $100 million each year alone, and thousands of professors and graduate students from all over the

  • Dark Matter

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    Dark Matter For centuries, physicists and philosophers alike have wondered what makes up our universe. Aristotle thought that all matter came in one of four forms: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Since then we have come a long way, with the discovery of the atoms and the subatomic particles they are made of. We can even guess at what makes up protons and neutrons. We have since then discovered and predicted the existence of particles other than the atom, such as the photon, neutrino, axion, and many