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  • Great Star: Manila

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    in the Philippines, Manila has become a bustling mega-city and is the long-standing capital of the island. Beginning as no more than an archipelago with ancient native tribes inhabiting the island, the city of Manila grew fiercely and rapidly advancing along with the other powers of the world. From cross-cultural connections in Manila, the Philippines would grow to be fusion of its own native culture and those of outside entities. From pre-colonial times to the present Manila has played a central

  • Manila: The Dazzling City

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    Manila Overview A perfect blend of past and future at same platform, the chaotic and sprawling conurbation of Philippines, Manila has gained its fame for hidden cultural values and traditions beneath the modern and populated society. The sparkling Philippine epicentre has been under the good books of Europeans from years for successful struggle from many historical events including World War II. The transformation process is still visible at the fabulous ruins and historical sites of Manila even

  • Visiting Manila, Philippines: The City Of The Philippines

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    The 8 Essential Tips When Visiting Manila, Philippines Manila is globally known as the capital of the Philippines. But behind all that formality Manila is a cultural and historical hub for locals and tourists alike. Since this city was heavily involved during the Spanish occupation and the liberation of the country, a lot of its history still lingers in the air. Nevertheless, one cannot simply arrive in Manila and say that it will be a breeze visiting all its must-see sites. There are a lot of things

  • Historical Events: Fort Santiago, Santiago In The Philippines

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    Intramuros Historical Events Fort Santiago remains to be one of the most historical places in Manila. The place itself experienced a lot from the time the Spaniards invaded the Philippines to the American occupations up to the Japanese colonialization. Hispanic Era The Spaniards started building Fort Santiago after the establishment of the city of Manila under Spanish rule on June 24, 1571 and made Manila the capital of the newly colonized islands. The fort was named after Saint James the Great (Santiago

  • Importance Of Tourism In The Philippines

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    Manila Manila – Places of Interest 1. Intramuros: Possibly the oldest area of Manila, Intramuros is a walled city that was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. Replete with old, colonial-style buildings and some of the city’s heritage structures, Intramuros is one of the foremost tourist spots in Manila. Important landmarks including Fort Santiago, St Agustin Church and Casa Manila are located within the walls of Intramuros. Over the centuries, wars have affected Intramuros but most of the

  • The Philippine War

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    accepted. “It is this diversity, both in the Filipino resistance and the American response, that makes the Philippine War so fascinating” (p. xiii) Body The purpose for the U.S. Army to even be in the Philippines was to take Manila, which was under Spanish control. The capture of Manila would force Spain to accept peace with Cuba and also set up American occupation in the Philippines, giving order and security to the Islands. McKinley advised his military commander “to maintain a military occupation and

  • Comparison Cory

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    Corazon Aquino Maria Corazon Aquino known as ‘’Cory’’ was born on January 25 1933 in Paniqui,Tarlac Philippines. She came from a family that did political things for their province in Tarlac. So she is known for handing out Cigars to Political leaders that visited her father during the elections - her father was a representative of the 1st district in Tarlac. Cory is the 3rd and eldest girl in the family. Her family has alot of history where she has her Fujian roots (Chinese) and Filipino. Sadly

  • Take a Trip Project

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    camera, backpack (Probably be wearing it), phone, pajamas, and my itinerary. What I am gonna do... Transportation City Day 1 Rest at hotel Bike Manila, Philippines Day 2 Money Museum, Fort Santiago, Avilon Zoo Bike Manila, Philippines Day 3 San Agustin Museum, Manila Ocean park Bike Manila, Philippines Day 4 … Day 4 Ayala Center, Ayala Museum, Yuchengco Museum Taxi Makati, Philippines Makati, Philippines Day 5 Fly to Shanghai

  • Nick Joaquin's The Woman Who Had Two Navels

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    during they are in Grade School. After talking with Señiora de Vidal, Pepe went to Texeria's after. They talked and Pepe discovered that Paco was in Manila, he writes Mary alot of letters about Connie's Mother. Paco was in manila with his band to play and sing in two different clubs, they had already signed contracts. Paco became interested with Manila, while Señiora de Vidal became interested with Hong Kong. The even talked an said, they would meet often and know each others countries. One time, Connie's

  • War of Philippine Independence

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    country became a source of sugar, pepper, hides, and hemp. There was very little in a way of immediate economic interest to make our country of special concern to Americans by the time the Spanish-American War brought Commodore George Dewey's fleet to Manila Harbor to do battle with the Spanish flotilla on the night of April 30 and the morning of May 1, 1898.2 The Spanish-American War of 1898 provided the opportunity for Filipinos to get rid themselves of Spanish rule. But now Americans asked if they