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  • The Magician Behind the Magic

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    street magician David Blaine stayed in an ice tank without eating and drinking for seven days in the street of London? These famous magicians are great. However, we all know that magic is false, why the magicians are so successful? People might think that is because they are so fraudulent when they do a trick, they have a pair of extremely nimble and sensitive hand that even faster than our eyes. Some people even consider magicians low-educated. Actually, most of these assumptions on magicians are not

  • Jay Gatsby the Magician

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    Jay Gatsby gives off the aura of magic throughout the novel from the first moment we meet him until his untimely demise at the hands of George Wilson. His life is just a web of clever lies and half-truths told to persuadable brains that keep the stories, rumors and lies alive with gossip. He hides himself behind lavish parties and changes in his identity in an attempt to fit into a world where he truly does not belong. Gatsby follows a magician’s pattern by changing his name from James Gatz to Jay

  • gatjay F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby - Jay Gatsby as the Magician

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    Jay Gatsby as the Magician in The Great Gatsby Magicians are known for the tricks that they play on the eyes. What often seems like magic, turns out to be just a careful flick of the wrist. In the book The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzerald, the magician is compared to the character of Jay Gatsby. The magician motif is used among other tools to prove that appearance is not always reality. The higher class throws sophisticated and glamorous parties that include many interesting people. They have

  • The Magic Of Chaos By Peter Carroll

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    The best magic has always had a strong antinomian flavour. The most remarkable magicians have invariably fought against prevailing cultural norms and obsessions. Their victories represent not only a personal liberation but also an advance for humanity. History bequeaths us no records of the renegade shamanist magicians who must have brought about the advent of paganism, but we know a little of the anti-pagan magicians who created monotheism: Akhenaton, Moshe, Gautam, and so on. As monotheism became

  • Magic And Science

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    based on scientific theory. Human life can be broken down to fundamental theory. Not only geological or biological, but also all events can be answered scientifically. Magic and magicians have certain function in society. The impossible becomes unexplainable, whether it is fact or fiction. But truly in the minds of magicians, their purpose in life is to leave a mystery, a mystery that science is unable to explain. They leave their mark and give people something to think about, a mark which will never

  • The Great Houdini

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    began performing magic as a teenager first calling himself Eric the Great. Ehrich acquired the name Houdini from a book he read, "The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin," the autobiography of one of the greatest magicians of the day. Influenced by what he read and learned about the internationally known magician Robert Houdin, young Ehrich changed his name to Houdini, hoping to be in some way like his new found mentor. Houdini's first magic shows consisted of card tricks and other simple magic. Soon Houdini began

  • Harry Potter

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    concepts will tell you about some of these strange things that goes on. Shortly after Harry was born a villain called Voldermont killed his parents. Somehow Harry did not die from Voldermont, but not only did he live, he almost killed this great dart magician. As the only survivor, a giant called Hagrid took him to his Aunt and Uncle Dursleys house and left them on the doorstep with a note. Ever since that day, he has been living in a blended family. That is a family whose members were once part of another

  • Diversity Essay

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    had to wake up mornings and walk with her to work. Several residents noticed me sitting impatiently in the cramped workspace and tried to entertain me in any way that they could. One of the residents, a tall man with funny-looking glasses, was a magician who gave me a copy of a children’s book. I could tell from the pictures that it was a book about a penguin, but I could not yet read its contents. I appreciated the gift, and because I liked this man who would show me card tricks and make funny voices

  • Symbols and Symbolism Essay - The Symbolic Stage in The Glass Menagerie

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    always an emergency exit, a chance to escape. The fire escape in Tom's mind is going to the movies for the adventure that he does not get at home or work. The silk scarf that Tom placed over Lara's face is the same silk scarf that the magician used. The magician made things appear and disappear. Therefore, covering Lara's face with the scarf shows that Tom's wants Lara and her memory to disappear so he will not feel guilty about leaving the family behind. Lara realizes that she can not sit

  • The Summoner's Rift

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    in the purple robe I notice the entire company of my allies is hiding in the bush. However, the other bush to my right is also rusling stilling the very air I breathe.”For demacia!” My ally shouts. We all join in and we rush toward the statue the magician disintegrates before he even had time to react. The tiger disappears for a second but I throw a shark at the fiend and he too degenerates. We smash the statue even though it fires down at us we go further and further down the sweat inducing path