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  • A seperate Peace: Leper

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    Leper In the book “A Separate Peace” there are many characters which are talked about and play a role in the story. The main characters Gene and Finny, short for Phineas, are what drive the whole story and are the center of the many themes and meanings derived from this book. Elwin Lepellier also known as Leper-Lepellier is not as visible as Gene and Finny, but plays a role that is essential to the story. Leper was one of those people who keep to themselves all the time and aren’t looking to be

  • The Diary

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    “I wanted to leave a message on the wall by the altar, tacked alongside all the other hopeful requests so that even if I never returned to Tarumi, something of me would remain (209).” Autumn, Monday 10th Dear diary, As the end of my stay in Tarumi grows closer, “…I was overcome by a feeling of nostalgia… (185).” I have begun to reflect on the changes I went through in my stay in Tarumi. It was as if I had been given new eyes and well…a complete new thought process. However I believe that Tarumi

  • Leper Lepelliers Functions As A Minor Character

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    School came into existence the day I entered it, was vibrantly real while I was a student there, and then blinked out like a candle the day I left.” Helping embellish this reality were his friends, including Leper Lepellier, who appeared in only five scenes in A Separate Peace. Elwin “Leper” Lepellier’s role as a minor character was vital to the story, although not nearly as visible as Gene’s or Finny’s. His appearances stole the attention of the reader, altered each character’s own perceptions of

  • Embracing the Leper Service & Reflection Paper

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    first chose my service project I was unsure of where to go. There are so many great organizations that help people in need in our area. However there was one that I believed truly stood out as one that Francis as an opportunity to truly “Embrace the leper” and that was by volunteering at St. Joseph hospital. I had started volunteering at St. Joseph hospital when I was a freshman in high school but had since fallen away from this service. But as the opportunity arose once again, I decided that this would

  • Analysis of Leper In A Separate Peace by John Knowles

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    by John Knowles. Knowles creates a theme of veracity in animus within the novel and supports it through the unique character traits of Leper. First and foremost, Knowles characterizes Leper as a vulnerable outsider through his actions, words, and character as a whole. As opposed to other characters within the novel such as Chet Douglass and Bobby Zane, Leper often "[does not] argue or refuse. He [does not] back away. He [becomes] inanimate" when a situation demands his input (Knowles 17). The

  • Relationships in "A Separate Peace"

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    original relationships between the many characters in the book. There are many exciting and emotional relationships that occur in "A Separate Peace" which help the boys grow into responsible men, such as the relationships between Gene and Finny and Leper and Gene. Gene had a friendly relationship with almost everyone at school. Everyone tried to be friends with everyone else, but usually that relationship was not real or one-sided. They would all act nicely toward people to their face, but when

  • Analysis Of John Knowles Square Pegs In Round Holes

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    go through. None of these friends compare to one such as Elwin Lepellier, also known as Leper. At first glance Leper appears to be one of those characters that is assumed to stay the same throughout the entirety of the story. He seems insignificant and is not expected to play an important role. Leper, extraneous to the reader at the start, proves to be essential to major events in the storyline. Leper is not the same throughout the course of the novel. In the beginning, he is seen as a bit

  • A Separate Peace

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    friends compare to one such as Elwin Lepellier, also known as Leper. At first glance Leper appears to be an insignificant character and is not expected to play an important role. Look at the meaning of the word “leper”; a leper is a person who is shunned or rejected by others for reasons that can be either social or even moral. This indicates a deeper meaning to his character that the reader only gets a taste of at the opening of the book. Leper, extraneous to the reader at the start, proves to be essential

  • St. Damien of Molokai

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    epidemic was in progress, and to prevent the spread of this dreadful disease, the board of health put into effect laws that would deeply change the lives of lepers. All people caught with leprosy were exiled to the island of Molokai. To capture lepers, the police used brutal force, which included tactics such as using dogs to track down the lepers. Many of the Americans in Hawaii were also Protestant. These Protestant Americans put into effect laws that persecuted other religious practices. These laws

  • Rivalry In A Separate Peace

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    Every person feels rivalry or competition towards others at some point in their lives. This rivalry greatly affects our ability to understand others, and this eventually results in paranoia and hostility. It is a part of human nature, that people coldly drive ahead for their gain alone. Man's inhumanity towards man is a way for people to protect themselves from having pain inflicted on them by others, and achieving their goals and desires without the interference of others. This concept of man's