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  • Biography of Leopold II of Belgium

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    Leopold II of Belgium was one of the most evil people in history. I decided to do this paper on him because I did not know much about him. He is behind one of the most deadly genocides in history. During his reign over Belgium he became interested in territory of central Africa. From there, he founded/sole owner of the Congo Free State. During his reign millions of Congolese were tortured and killed while supplying Leopold II with valuable resources. Leopold II was a king that demanded to grow his

  • The Accomplishments of King Leopold II

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    King Leopold II formed the Congo Free State in 1884 at the Berlin Conference. King Leopold’s goal was to extract as much and as many resources from the CFS as he could. Leopold formed the Force Publique to stop the arab slave trade in upper congo but in actuality the Force Publique was used to maximize production from the workers. The Force Publique was made up of belgian soldiers and mercenaries. Locals were recruited to help the Force Publique. Local chiefs supplied workers to rubber farms. Workers

  • Leopold II Research Paper

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    1835, a king was born. Leopold Louis Philippe Marie Victor was the son of Leopold I of Belgium and Louise of Orleans. As a young prince, his parents saw Leopold II as a weakling who was not fit for this world and they often preferred his younger brother and sister. His parents rarely spoke to him and instead sent correspondences through their royal secretaries. If Leopold II wanted to speak with his father he would have to request and audience with him. Leopold II learned that in order to overcome

  • European Imperialism In King Leopold II

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    Century King Leopold II was the king of Belgium and he was looking for a way to expand his power and influence of the Belgium state. During this time imperialism was becoming very prominent, especially in European countries. Imperialism was a way for a country to easily gain wealth by implementing military force on another country or group of people. They would extract resources and goods from these places and, in its wake, imperialism destroyed these societies and their cultures. King Leopold II is a perfect

  • The True Legacy of King Leopold II

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    the Congo Free State under King Leopold II of Belgium was no exception. During Leopold’s tenure as sovereign leader of the colony he accumulated a large fortune while the native population was sliced in half due to disease, forced labor, famine, and other oppressive methods used by colonial soldiers and officials. Although it is not clear that King Leopold directly ordered such inhumane treatment, his colonial policies did nothing to prevent it either. King Leopold was responsible for mass murder

  • King Leopold II and Belgian Imperialism

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    King Leopold II and Belgian Imperialism In 1865, King Leopold II succeeded his father to the thrown of Belgium and thus began one of the most brutal and insensitive periods of imperialism ever to exist. From manipulative treaties to straight forward intimidation, Leopold dominated his empire like no other. He was cruel, deceptive, and downright evil, yet it took the world over twenty years to recognize this. The record of King Leopold’s atrocity is an interesting account of how a jealous

  • King Leopold II: The Deadliest Dictator in the History of the World

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    King Leopold II used slave labor and torture on Africans in order to get raw materials to shape his fortune. He also killed over 10 million people during the time that he ruled, and is mainly spoken amongst people for his killings and his involvement in the East African slave trade. He is the second King of Belgium, his father being the foremost. Leopold always believed that overseas colonies were the key to success for the Belgian empire. This resulted in the Berlin Conference.This is when it all

  • King Leopold II and the Congo Free State

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    King Leopold II of Belgium (1835-1909) was the reigning king of Belgium from 1865 until his death in 1909. He managed the throne after the death of his father, Leopold I. He was born under the original name of Louis Philippe Marie Victor in Brussels. He joined the Belgium armed forces at a relatively early age and, in 1853, he took as his wife the Archduke of Austria’s daughter, Maria Henrietta. He became widely noted as a philanthropist, his work earning him worldwide fame. Upon his death,

  • Colonialism In King Leopold II

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    King Leopold II is a key figure to explore when looking at colonialism. He is described as a man who tried to obtain territories to exploit in almost every part of the world through any method he could think of. Throughout his life he was looking for opportunities

  • The Importance of Human Rights and Moral Care throught King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild

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    an interest to. King Leopold II of Belgium had an interest in the greed that colonialism brought the prospect for power and fame, and lastly the desire for slavery through the means of racism. In doing so, the book also explains the necessity for human rights and a type of moral care for not only Africa but the world as a whole. Now what must be said is that King Leopold was not the first European ruler to carve out his own area in Africa, Congo in particular for King Leopold II, for either monetary