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  • Photography: Tilt Shift

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    study, to make the best out of the Tilt Shift equipment and methodology. Advanced Camera gadgets and add ons are made a part of the technology to guide at the photographer with the unprecedented indications of mathematical data that includes focal length, the degree of tilt, and suggest the conditions of adjustments for the lens.

  • Lens Types: Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, and Progressive

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    Lens Types It is essential that all people have a basic understanding of lenses. Eventually, all people will need reading glasses if they do not need glasses from the very beginning of their life. The user needs to have a general knowledge of what is available and the different characteristics of some basic lens types. Also, the understanding of one’s own needs is necessary to avoid being steered into a more lucrative sale for the commission paid optician. Eyeglass lenses are one of the many different

  • The Importance Of Landscape Photography

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    xx). A small or shallow depth of field is when the range of focus narrow which may be a few inches to several feet (Ramos, XX). There are three main factors that contribute to the depth of field – aperture size, distance from the lens, and the focal length of the lens (Ramos, XX). The aperture which adjusts the opening of your came... ... middle of paper ... ...cliff with the waves crashing up, should the image portray the power of the surf? Including surrounding elements in the foreground or background

  • Going to Extreme Lengths in "The Crucible"

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    Have you ever been overwhelmingly passionate about something that you would do anything it took to accomplish it? Sometimes people go to extreme lengths to get what they want. The Crucible is a play that shows us that trait. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams does just that. Abigail William's desire for John Proctor creates her dishonest and manipulative actions that affect the whole village. Abigail loves John Proctor even though he is already married and has a strong desire for

  • Thin Lenses Experiment Essay

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    Equations: 1/do + 1/di = 1/ 1/distance from object + 1/distance from image = 1/focal length M = -di/do magnification factor = - distance form object/distance from image 1/f = (n-1) [1/R1 +

  • Telescopes

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    uphold, easy to use, and is capable of global observing as well as stargazing. One problem with refracting telescopes is that there is a frequency requirement for refraction, so the amount of refraction at each surface of the lens depends on the wave length. So, different wavelengths focus at slightly different points. It causes objects like stars to be surround... ... middle of paper ... ...ope, and use the telescope simulator. We have learn there are many different kind of telescope like Refractors

  • Camera Lenses

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    viewing angle that is very close to a normal human’s viewing angle. The telephoto lens is a specific type of long-focusing lens. These types of lens are composed of many groups of glass elements that allow the physical length of the lens to be much shorter than the actual focal length. The viewing angle for telephoto lenses is quite narrow and has the effect of compressing the background and making the subject and background seem closer together than they actually are. With the minimal viewing angle

  • Swordfish

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    major character (John Travolta) has a monologue; it is one of my favorite monologues I have ever seen in a film. The scene is carried out in a very interesting way, all the while never losing sight on the main subject. Slight variations in the focal length, lighting, sound and of course the composition of each shot, it is the most well thought out scene in the film. Although I am no supposed to discuss the context of the scene, it is what adds a certain level of charm that would otherwise be missed

  • Is Shortening the Length of College the Answer?

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    With most of the world economy trying to recover from the reeling affect of the global recession over the past two years, a new education concept seems to be emerging. In recent times, authors like Jennifer Epstein and Lamar Alexander have posted articles on websites, such as and explaining how giving newer opportunities to students to finish their four year bachelor’s degree within three years will prove extremely beneficial. While both the authors sport similar sentiments

  • Optics

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    Aim: To examine characteristics of a converging lens and the images they create. Also to examine the focal length and how the focus point may be found and developing rules for locating an image via ray drawings and the intersection of rays. Chromatic aberration will also be explored and why it happens. Theory: Both lenses and mirrors have a principle axis, yet a lens has two focal points as opposed to a mirror that has only one. When considering converging lenses, the primary focal point (PF) can