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  • Simulation of side protective beam in door of a car and examination of the effects of its cross-section changes on displacement rate

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    Side protective beams: As noted earlier, to enhance occupant safety and reduce the injuries and also absorb more energy during side impacts, nowadays, inside the car door, hollow tubes and also profiles with open sections and various forms of cross-section are embedded which are useful and very efficient in order to meet these requirements. In this part, we are looking for the best profiles for the thin-walled side protective beams of cars’ doors so that fulfill some criteria mentioned as follow:

  • Essay On Dispersal

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    From wind-swept seeds to efficient flight mechanism, all animals and plants have evolved a variety of dispersal abilities and have an important role in understanding species survival and evolution. Dispersal is largely driven by needs for resource acquisition particularly to seek suitable breeding habitats. Individuals dispersing between populations aid in gene spread and as such dispersal is subject to natural selection. Three main evolutionary drivers are thought to result in dispersal - habitat

  • Algebra-Investigating Trays

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    sides, for example: 16x4=64cm I then calculated the volume of the tray. The calculations I used to find out the volume of the tray were: 14x14=256cm = 256x2=512cm The formula I used to calculate this was: lxbxh. Height: Base Length: Volume: Base Area: Area of 4 sides: 1cm³ 16cm³ 256cm 256cm 1x16x4=64cm 2cm³ 14cm³ 392cm 196cm 2x14x4=112cm 3cm³ 12cm³ 432cm 144cm 3x12x4=144cm 4cm³ 10cm³ 400cm 100cm 4x10x4=160cm

  • The Concept and Measurement of Density: Lab Report

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    understanding of the physical property of density. To gain skill in measurement of mass and volume, in addition to the construction of graphs and the physical interpretation of slope. Procedure: Part 1 Regular solids 1. Use the metric ruler to determine the length, width, and height of aluminum and iron cubes to the nearest 0.5cm. 2. Use the balance to measure the mass of each item listed above to the nearest 0.1g. Part 2 Water Displacement 1. Obtain a 50.0mL graduate cylinder and determine its mass to the

  • Statistical Report With Given Data

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    Statistical Report With Given Data My task is to produce a statistical report with the data I have been given. Which is on an excel spread sheet, the data consists of Name, Year group, Gender, Maths set, Registration group, Height and foot length of every person who was present on the day the statistics were taken, to ensure some kind of confidentially there is only the first letter of the forename and the first three letters of the surname in the data. All the measurements were taken to

  • Investigating the Relationship Between the Braking Distance of a Toy Car and the Height of the Ramp

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    experiment. All likely safety hazards are eliminated. I will make sure the ramp is placed on the table in a stable manner and that I will ensure that the ramp is not too high. The procedure of this experiment is to first get a ramp of suitable length, and place onto the bench. Raise height by using a retort stand, by placing it under the ramp, moving it backwards and forwards to adjust the height. Produce a range of heights to which to use, and once all set it all up. Once all this has been

  • Test

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    RECORDS IN ARCHERY Once upon a time, there was an archer … In the year 1798, a long-distance bow-shooting competition was held in Turkey and was won by the Sultan Selim. He shot an arrow to a point 972 yards (888.8 meters) away. How Sultan Selim has tricked people is often told on the quiet. The competition took place in Istanbul. One of the Sultan’s cousins stood – well hidden – along the route and is said to have shot a second arrow when the first one got out of sight. The 972 yards (888.8 meters)

  • The Morellian Method

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    It is the intent of this essay to provide reasonable proof, on the basis of the Morellian method, that images 1A and 1B are by the same artist. These images of painted ceramics originate in the cultures of the archaeological Southwest circa 950 – 1150 (Fry, 2011). Painting each ceramic, the artisan(s) used similar techniques such as checkerboard patterning, broad lines, hatching, utilization of positive and negative space, and, along with anatomical representations. While the overall images differ

  • An Experiment to Investigate Osmosis in Plant Tissue

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    tissue in varying concentrations of sucrose solution. To find the point at which there is no change in mass or length of a specific plant tissue in a certain sucrose solution, the point of equilibrium, where sucrose and water contents are both equal in the solution and the tissue. Introduction: When a plant cell is placed in a sucrose solution there may be a change in mass and length depending on the sucrose solution and tissue itself. A tissue is a group of similar cells that perform the same

  • Trays

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    [IMAGE] L (length) x W (width) x H (height) = V (Volume) 16cm x 16cm x 1cm = 256cm3 [IMAGE] L (length) x W (width) x H (height) = V (Volume) 14cm x 14cm x 2cm = 392cm3 [IMAGE] L (length) x W (width) x H (height) = V (Volume) 12cm x 12cm x 3cm = 432cm3 [IMAGE] L (length) x W (width) x H (height) = V (Volume) 10cm x 10cm x 4cm = 400cm3 [IMAGE] L (length) x W (width) x H (height) = V (Volume) 8cm x 8cm x 4cm = 320cm3 L (length) x W (width)