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  • Great Exhibition Building in Dublin

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    was 425 feet in length by 100 in width, and 105 in height. In the back there is a large organ. Displayed high on the walls are flags from different countries. The building is best described by The Illustrated Dublin Exhibition Catalogue, which says: Presenting a front to Merrion-square of 300 feet, the main or centre feature of elevation consists of a semicircular projection, which forms the Eastern termination of the Central Hall. This in a noble apartment of 425 feet in length, and 100 feet

  • Investigating What Factors Affect the Resistance of a Wire

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    and irrelevant. 4. Wire Length- if the length of the wire increases so will the distance the electrons will have to travel, so there will be more collisions. I have chosen to investigate this factor because the graphs I will be able to draw from good results should be interesting, and to gain good results should be quite simple. Prediction We know that resistance is proportional to the length of a wire using the formula: Resistance = Resistivity X Length Cross sectional Area

  • Cabenitry Work is All in the Detail

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    cabinets and countertops start from raw wood or lumber. The lumber you use is always particleboard that comes in sheets of all sizes thickness and length. The two main sizes in thickness of particleboard used is ¾ inch and ⅝ inch boards. Sizes from length are all different as well there is sizes from a 36 inch board by 4 feet to 48 inch by 16 feet in length. How the finished product is made. You first start out by getting your prints with all the measurements on it. You look it over and think to

  • Instructions to Build a Model Airplane

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    inch elastic on the prism adjacent to the longer leg so it can give spin energy. 7. Attach the bubble lever with tape to the triangle at a 50° angle of elevation. 8. Obtain a string around 10 inches long. Tape it two inches from the triangle's long length and four inches from the triangle's hypotenuse. Use a marker or sticker to mark approximately two inches from the base of the longer leg. The building of the Magnus 2.4 is complete. 9. Obtain six plastic cups and tape them in pairs. The frustum's

  • Investigating a Maximum Volume

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    [IMAGE] Lengths Volume 16x1x16 256 14x2x14 392 12x3x12 432 10x4x10 400 8x5x8 320 6x6x6 216 4x5x4 112 2x6x2 24 It is apparent that the 12x3x12 net creates the largest volume. Now lets see if the shopkeeper’s theory is correct. Area of base-12x12=144 Area of sides-12x3x4=144 This shows that in this case the shopkeeper’s claim is correct. There is not enough information yet to conclude from these results. More lengths need to be

  • Similarity Esaay

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    been shrunk to a smaller and similar image by using a scale factor of ½, as shown in Figure 2, after the dilation. My two monkeys are similar because the ratio of their lengths compared to that of the areas fits the Proportional Perimeters and Areas Theorem. Also, their corresponding angles are congruent and their corresponding lengths are proportional, proving that they are similar by definition. I can create a dilation by multiplying each coordinate with the scale factor of ½, so that the ratio of

  • Statistics Investigation

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    data for 60 pupils in the school, with their height, foot length and gender. Firstly, I decided to compare this data by putting this data onto a graph and see if there is a correlation between height and foot length. I think that taller people will have bigger feet, which will be my hypotheses. Hypotheses My hypothesis is that taller people have bigger feet. Aim To find out if there is a correlation between height and foot length using Fathom. Statement When you square root 0.69

  • Class Experiment: Ramps on Sequoyah

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    my class measured twenty-seven ramps around the campus. The instruments we used for this experiment was a plum, yard stick, leveled laser beam, tape measure, paper, and a pencil. We measured the ramps height from the top to the bottom of the ramp, length of ramp, the width of the ramp, the landing (on top and bottom of the ramp), and height of rails as a class. By ourselves, we had to look up the American Disability Act requirements and an interior angle of the ramp. I used the law of sine to find

  • Dimensional Analysis Theory

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    analysis is the practice of checking relations among physical quantities by identifying their dimensions. The dimension of any physical quantity is the combination of the basic physical dimensions that compose it. Some fundamental physical dimensions are length, mass, time, and electric charge. All other physical quantities can be expressed in terms of these fundamental physical dimensions. Detailed discussion of the dimensional analysis is depicted in the chapter on dimensional analysis. For the present

  • The Speed Of Speed: The Physics Of Running

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    running. There is the speed of the runner, the length of each stride the runner takes, the energy you use and how to save it, and then you have the pendulum law. The speed of the runner is very easy to determine. It's only stride length times stride frequency, for example if you travel five feet in one stride and you take three strides per second you're speed will be 15 feet per second. Basic math. Although, there are three different types of stride lengths, takeoff, flight, and landing distance. Takeoff