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  • Resistance of a Wire

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    this course-work I will investigate different factors that effect a given piece of wire's resistance. Varying certain values to indicate trends and patterns. These will be the length of wire and the strength of voltage moving through the wire. From these two variables I intend to examine the relationship between length of wire, voltage strength and resistance. Resistance: Resistance occurs when the electrons travelling along the wire collide with the atoms of the wire. These collisions

  • The Möbius Strip

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    paper and gave it a half twist before taping the ends together? The result would be this fascinating geometric complexity, which is known as the Möbius Strip. If a Möbius Strip is cut length-wise (all the way around) it will end up with a loop ... ... middle of paper ... ...of half-twists is cut in half along its length, it will result in two linked strips, each with the same number of twists as the original. Möbius Strips have been put to use by engineers. Found throughout science and mathematics

  • Density Lab

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    height, width and length of a piece of wood was measured. The mass of the wood was measured. The mass of the metal plate was measured. The height, length and width of the metal plate was measured. The mass of an empty 10-ml. Graduated cylinder was measured. The 10-ml. Graduated cylinder was filled with an amount of ethanol. The mass of the 10-ml. Graduated cylinder with ethanol was measured. Densities were calculated. Theory: Density= Mass/Volume Volume= Length x Width x Height.

  • The Turbomander: The Physics Of The Turboblaster

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    2.1 Top - 0.25 in. hole allows the rod of the plunger to be inserted 2.2 Side - 0.125 in. hole allows for air to enter the housing The brass, octagonal barrel cap is threaded so that it can be screwed onto the top of the housing. 3. Toe Plate 3.1 Length – 4.5 in. Welded to the bottom of the barrel housing is the toe plate base, on which the operator stands during the operation of the pump’s plunger mechanism. Here would appear an image of each part of the barrel that would be labeled in correspondence

  • Making a Tissue Box Cover

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    Adding decorative elements to a home can be done in many ways. One interesting option is to create a cover for any dull looking tissue box in a living room, kitchen, or other room. The cover for a standard tissue box can be made from many types of materials. One option is to use construction paper or fabric which needs to be sewn. However, the cover will need to fold up on each side of the box which is then fastened at the top. Review a few steps to make a simple tissue box cover. Fabric Tissue

  • heesnoh

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    knew include, cutting wood, using utility knives, using the drill, using files/sandpaper, etc. P-Problem: Before we started cutting wood, we has some restrictions on how long the wood should be, our plaque name was limited to 6-9 characters, the length of the wood had to be 27cm, the height of the wood had to be 6cm, the letter width was a minimum of 1cm, and the plaque has to be 1.5cm thick. As you can see there were many size limits, and that became a problem. E.g. Rulers were being used a lot

  • Volleyball

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    Title:Blocking in Volleyball Description: Blocking in Volleyball Blocking is a very important defensive aspect of volleyball at higher levels. Blocking is one of the hardest skills to learn, and does not always show direct results. The Body: Blocking in Volleyball Blocking is a very important defensive aspect of volleyball at higher levels. Blocking is one of the hardest skills to learn, and does not always show direct results. The block serves four basic functions. The first is to stop the

  • Investigating How the Size of a Shadow Depends on the Angle at Which the Light Hits the Object

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    that as the distance from the object to the light source is doubled, the length of the shadow decreases. A distance of 4cm produces a shadow of approximately 1.6-cm. Decreasing the distance to 2cm(half the distance), the shadow size increases by one and a half times to produce a shadow of 2.3 cm. The three ray diagrams together show the increase of the distance between the object and light source, decreasing the length of the shadow. 2) The distance between the object and the screen The

  • Investigating How Resistance Depends On Shape

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    in this experiment, which include the following: *The length of resistance putty *The width of resistance putty *The voltage running through the putty *The position of the variable resistor *The shape of the putty The factors, which I am going to investigate, are: *The resistance of the putty, when at different lengths I predict that the shorter I cut the putty, the lower the resistance will be. The longer the length of putty, the higher the resistance will be. I think that

  • Fitness Is An Important Components Of A Successful Fitness

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    can assess a swimmers strength and power. A vertical jump test is best to measure the explosive power of the legs. U... ... middle of paper ... ...o extract oxygen. An example of a hypoxic training set is: 400metres front crawl with every third length fast using hypoxic breathing every 3 to 5 arm pulls. These sets are usually done once a week within an eight-week training program. Training intensity varies from 90 to 100% of an athlete’s maximum intensity with a heart rate level above 180bpm. Repetition