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    United States of America Land of Opportunity? United States of America is known as the land of opportunity for many immigrants who dare to dream of a better life. Since the beginning of American history, United States has focused more about equal opportunity than any other country. There are many people who strongly believe that once they come to the United States it is almost guaranteed to find success. For example, my relatives in Korea always ask my parents how much my family has earned so far

  • The Land of Opportunity

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    enthusiastically remind me “La tierra de oportunidad” (The land of opportunity). Full of frustration and anxiety that I had just been forced out of my home land, I now had to cope with and assimilate into a new culture, environment, and language. I was obligated to quickly acquire the principles and communication skills to not only excel but to socially adjust. Despite my situation, I was still able to recognize the amplitude of opportunities this country would offer for me, educationally and professionally

  • The Land of Opportunity and Wealth

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    The Land of Opportunity and Wealth To fully explore the statement “America is the land of wealth and opportunity” We must first decide what “wealth and opportunity” is. Merriam-Webster defines wealth as: 2 : abundance of valuable material possessions or resources 3 : abundant supply: 4 a : all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value b : all material objects that have economic utility; especially : the stock of useful goods having economic value in existence at any one

  • Immigration to the Land of Opportunity

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    America being the “Land of Opportunity” have continued to persuade people to immigrate. Although immigration in the 20th century is much different from recent immigration, the underlying reasons for moving to the US are usually quite similar. Anna Romano was 24 years old when she, her husband Gino, and her expected daughter moved from Ponza, Italy to the United States in 1971. Her sister-in-law was the first of her relatives to move to the United States, in hopes of finding opportunity for her family

  • America Is The Land Of Opportunity

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    For centuries the belief that America is the land of opportunity has been spread through society by rich, white men. The vast majority of the population has been silenced through oppression. The history of America is stained with blood, and success is measured in body count. For some in society America might be considered the land of opportunity, but for them to succeed they must climb onto the backs of others. The oppression that exists in society from the 1500’s onward till today represents the

  • America: The Land of Opportunities

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    America: The Land of Opportunities In modern day society, a college degree leads to people making specific assumptions about an individual’s capabilities, which proceed to shape social generalizations that may assist or inhibit the success of an individual in the economic system or job market. Universal standards form throughout the job market as a result of those assumptions made about students who attend college that may not encourage a full understanding of an individual’s ability to perform

  • America: Land of Opportunity or Land of the Wealthy?

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    This disillusionment sentiment experienced by American society towards its wealth biased government is substantiated as many members are wealthy or has direct ties to wealth, perpetuating the trend of income inequality through policymaking. The legislative branch of the government, or the branch that is directly involved in policymaking and lawmaking is populated by various members of massive wealth that represents many sectors of the economy that had a hand in the financial collapse of 2007 and

  • Achieving the American Dream

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    From the nineteenth century to the present, the United States has been hailed as a “land of opportunity” where individuals could achieve personal, political, religious, and economic freedoms. The image of the “land of opportunity” was true to different degrees for the African-American sharecropper in the postwar South, the immigrant at Ellis Island, and the wealthy capitalist or manager in the period from eighteen-sixty five to nineteen-fourteen with the African-American being at the low end of the

  • Opportunities in America

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    Opportunities in America Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” is a story based on the account of a young Chinese girl living in the United States with her overly pushy mother. Two kinds is about opportunity, perseverance, and accomplishment. These are the things Jing-mei learns as she grows up in what many people call “The Land of Opportunity”. In America, it is believed that you have the opportunity to become anything you would like to be. For immigrants it is believed that “you can be best anything”

  • The Effects of Affirmative Action on Law Students and Lawyers

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    The Effects of Affirmative Action on Law Students and Lawyers Given the opportunity, do African Americans with lower undergraduate test scores and grades succeed in law school? Does admitting African Americans with lower test scores and grades than other racial groups into law schools have a good or bad effect on American society? On one hand it can be argued these students grab the opportunity and use it. Making more African American lawyers is healthy for American society. The presence