Kensho Essays

  • Satomi Myodo's Journey In Search Of The Way

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    Way is an autobiographical text written by Satomi Myodo which cataloged her spiritual journey through many different religious traditions. Ultimately, she settled on Zen Buddhism, and in this tradition, she was able to reach a form of enlightenment, kensho; however, Zen gives Satomi-san more than just spiritual freedom. Zen Buddhism allows Satomi-san a lens in which to view her past experiences in which to make sense of her past, a social structure in which she can thrive and practice her new found

  • The Fox Koan Essay

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    concepts of dharma, kensho, and bodhi are written by Eihei Dogen. One of Dogen’s most debated koan, which can be found in The Essential Dogen is “The Fox” koan. The koan can be easily interpreted as a story about rebirth and becoming enlightened. What is often left out is who is the fox? Scholars often debate that while reading the koan it can be inferred that the fox is truly Master Baizhang’s former self. In “The Fox” koan, one major concept that is demonstrated is kensho or seeing into one’s