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  • Genghis Kahn

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    Genghis Khan was born as Temujin in central Mongolia. This was the year of 1167. When he was born, he had a small lump of blood clutched in his fist. This blood clot was considered to be a sign that this newborn was going to be a hero. A hero he was, even at a young age he was able to reveal himself as a potential ruler with much courage and intelligence. Temujin became the head of the family at the age of 9 when his father, Yesugei, was slain by a rival nomadic tribe called the Tartars. The family

  • Kubla Kahn

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    "Kubla Khan", whose complete title is "Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream is a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is a poem of expression and helps suggest mystery, supernatural, and mystical themes. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, author of the poem Kubla Khan , was born on October 21, 1772 in the town of Ottery St Mary, Devonshire. Coleridge was a English poet, critic, and philosopher. He, as well as his friend William Wordsworth, were of the founders of the Romantic Movement in England. Coleridge

  • Louis Kahn and The Salk Institute

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    Louis Kahn and The Salk Institute Standing alone against the endless blue sea, the Salk Institute by Louis I. Kahn is one of a kind. "Louis Kahn's Salk Institute for Biological Studies on the Pacific coast near La Jolla aspires within its own spirit to an order achieved through clarity, definition, and consistency of application"(Heyer 195). To many, this magnificent structure may seem out of place, but it works well with the surrounding environment because of the spatial continuity that it

  • An Analysis of Coleridge's Kubla Kahn

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    An Analysis of Coleridge's "Kubla Kahn" Although the form of "Kubla Kahn" is beautiful, it is complex. The rhyming patterns are quite complicated; the first stanza, for instance, rhymes in the pattern abaab ccdede. Coleridge's patterns of alliteration are also involved: He will sometimes use the sound at the beginning of one syllable as the sound at the beginning of the next syllable, as in "Xanadu did" in line one, "miles meandering" in line 25, and "deep delight" in line 44. He also alliterates

  • The Salk Institute

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    The Salk Institute Dr. Jonas Salk commissioned Louis Kahn to design the Salk Institute of Biological Research near La Jolla, California. Salk believes that medical research should not be confined to science alone. In response to Salk's view, Kahn saw the possibility of uniting art and architecture with the functional aspect of the design. He agrees with Salk that someone with a mind in art, like himself, could contribute in creating a mental environment of scientific research. Kahn's pursue

  • My Name Is Asher Lev

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    Is Asher Lev. Central to our understanding of “My name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok, is the dynamics of Asher’s relationship with different minor characters involved. Each minor character such as Yudel Krinsky, Uncle Yitzchok, the Rebbe, and Jacob Kahn each help Asher in a different way allowing the reader to interpret the text more thoroughly. Their guidance to the antagonist creates a vivid image inside the reader’s mind of the type of character and their importance to our understanding of the

  • A Critique of The Taming of the Shrew

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    It appeared, though, as if  Petruchio was the kind of man who needed an opposition in life.  The shrewish Kate, who was known to have a sharp tongue, very adequately filled his need for another powerful character in a relationship (Kahn 419).  When Petruchio began to woo Kate, everybody was rather surprised, but Signior Baptista agreed when Petruchio wanted marry her on Saturday of the week he met her.  Clearly, he was not opposed because he wanted to hurry and get Kate

  • Japan's Purple Machine

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    surprise attacks such as the one on Pearl Harbor. Japan's New Cipher Machine In the early 1930s, the Japanese Navy purchased a commercial version of the German Enigma and proceeded to modify it by adding features which enhanced its security (Kahn 6). The system that evolved was one of the most secure cryptographic machines in the world. The machine was codenamed "Red" by the US government and was used to encrypt the highest level ... ... middle of paper ... ...ng. March 01, 2004. http://www

  • Atropine Poisoning: Was it the Cause of Dimmesdale's Death?

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    in The Scarlet Letter to prove that Dimmesdale did not die from atropine. The main point of Dr. Kahn’s article is to prove that Chillingwrorth wanted to kill Dimmesdale through the use of atropine poisoning, but there are many parts in the novel that suggest Chillingworth wanted to keep Dimmesdale alive to suffer through his own guilt. Evidence exists very early in the novel that deems Dr. Kahn’s theory untrue. During Chillingworth and Hester’s talk about who had wronged whom. Chillingworth

  • Criticism of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    rebellion among the children exist? Supposedly, the feud is fueled solely by their parent’s strife; however, it is clear that the children are brought into the picture and are victims of Verona’s violent social climate. Shakespeare critic, Coppelia Kahn places emphasis on the parent’s lack of direction in their children: Instead of providing social channels and moral guidance by which the energies of the youth can be rendered beneficial to themselves and society, the Montagues and the Capulets

  • Data Encryption

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    Data Encryption I. What is Data Encryption? Data encryption describes the transformation of plain text into a different format that is meaningless read by human eye without being decrypted, so called cipher text, in order to prevent any unauthorized party to obtain information from the document. According to the Webster dictionary, “cryptography is the practice and study of data encryption and decryption - encoding data so that it can only be decoded by specific individuals.” Crypto is

  • Caesar and Cleopatra's Affair at the Expense of Calphurnia

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    Caesar and Cleopatra's Affair at the Expense of Calphurnia Abstract In the trailer to his 1934 film "Cleopatra", Cecil B. DeMille confidently suggests that the romance between the Queen of Egypt and Julius Caesar is one of history's grandest love affairs. Perhaps this statement is in a way true, but when buying into the tradition of this romance many disreputable elements of the affair are often overlooked. One such component of the romance that if looked upon with a critical eye can serve

  • Romeo And Juliet- Emotions

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    idealism. This paper will present images of human emotions in "Romeo and Juliet," which make this tragedy so believable. Youth and family play a big role in this tragic story. "Shakespeare delineates the hold of the patriarchal family on its children" (Kahn 18). This statement is true both then and now. Parents and elders will always have a hold on the children, but only to a certain extent. The two "noble" families of the play feel control and protection over both Juliet and Romeo; yet in the end, the

  • Clue and the Crisis of the American White Male

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    Furthermore, in keeping with the game's theme, the film appeared in theaters across the country with different endings. With an ensemble cast of talented but little known actors—Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn, Eileen Brennan and Michael McKean—Clue seemed like a film destined to slip into obscurity. After all, it was a comedy, clever but crass. A deeper analysis of the film provides some insight into a running commentary that presents not just a murder

  • Robert Kahn Myths

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    Robert Kahn knowing little to nothing about who this man is. After traveling to the local library in town and finding little to no valuable information about Mr. Kahn. Searching for hours through many books and eventually asking your parents about Robert Kahn you are able to put together a less than acceptable report on the technology genius. Twenty years later the now older Mr. Smith assigns the same research report to his science class and at the top of the list is the name, Robert Kahn. A student

  • An American Tail Movie project

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    Mousekewitz (Voice of Philip Glasser) Papa Mousekewitz (Voice of Nehemia Persoff) Mama Mouskewitz (Voice of Erica Yohn) Tanya Mousekewitz (Voice of Amy Green) Bridget (Voice of Cathianne Blore) Digit (Voice of Will Ryan) Gussie Mouseheimer (Voice of Madeline Kahn) Henri the Pigeon (Voice of Christopher Plummer) Honest John (Voice of Neil Ross) Irish mouse on boat (Voice of Warren Hayes) Italian mouse on boat (Voice of John Guarnieri) Moe (Voice of Hal Smith) Tiger (Voice of Dom DeLuise) Tony Toponi (Voice of

  • history of the internet

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    computing, the scientists used it for communicating with each other. Each user had his/her own e-mail address. In 1973, “Development began on the protocol later to be called TCP/IP, it was developed by a group headed by Vinton Cerf from Stanford and Bob Kahn from DARPA. This new protocol was to allow diverse computer networks to interconnect and communicate with each other (Kristula 1974-1983).” During its development was when the term Internet was first used. TCP/IP was adopted by the Department of Defense

  • The Dead Man By Jennifer Kahn

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    Jennifer Kahn graduated of Princeton at the University of California, Berkeley, fennifer. Kahn was a writer and contribute editor of magazines for wired and national geographic. Stripped for parts appeared in wired in 2003. Kahn was awarded award in 2004 for a journalism fellowship from the American Academy of Neurology. She wrote this short essay describing how organs can be transplanted. The Stripped essay is an- eye opener. Though not many people tend to think of how a body should be maintained

  • Asher And Jacob Kahn Essay

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    8. Discuss the relationship between Asher and Jacob Kahn. Asher Lev and his mentor, Jacob Kahn illustrated a relationship of God’s creation and temptation from the devil. Throughout the novel, Kahn pushes Asher to devote his life to art, and describes it as “a tradition; it is a religion...It has it’s fanatics, and I will force [Asher] to master it” (Potok 213). Throughout Jewish texts, it is clearly stated that God’s people, whom Asher Lev belongs to in the novel, will face temptations from The

  • Light Importance In Architecture

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    these openings affect the perception of a space? What is its significance in architecture? Light makes us see everything around us by its reflection- humans, objects, spaces, architecture. Without light, we can see nothing, not even darkness. Louis I Kahn believed that light is an architectural element on par with every other element of a structure. In a 1961 lecture, “ Law and Rule in Architecture”, he explained: “Every space must have natural light, because it is impossible to read the configuration