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  • 7 C's of Workforce Development

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    The 7 C's of Workforce Development 1) Consensus is the extent to which the major stakeholders, government, employers and trade unions are signed up to a commitment to upgrade the skills of the workforce. 2) Competitive Capacity.-Refers to the competitive capacity for productive innovation and change. A high skills economy depends on a high level of entrepreneurial and risk-taking activities, whether in terms of new business ventures or through innovation within existing enterprises, linked to new

  • Relationship Between State and Local Government

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    Forms of Local Government The basis for county, city and special district governing and authority are laid out in the State Constitution and Government Code. Counties in California are responsible for providing limited services to unincorporated areas. The state Legislature created the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) in 1963 to control local government fragmentation. The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) gives counties the power to tax, create special districts and annex unincorporated

  • Government

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    Court System in Effingham County The court system in Effingham County consists of a juvenile court, magistrate court, a probate court, a recorders court, state court, superior court, and a municipal court. The juvenile court handles all delinquent complaints concerning children that are under the age of 17. The Magistrate court is important for the people of the community as it assists individuals in civil and criminal actions. One does not need a lawyer in this court, which makes it affordable

  • Behind the Scenes of the County Jail

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    Behind the Scenes of the County Jail Someone, suspected of a crime, is arrested by police. Later on, the suspect goes to court to face their charges. A classic episode of Law & Order. But, where do these suspects go in between the two events. They are held in their local jail of course. While people are familiar with the arrest and courtroom scenes from TV, many are unfamiliar with the jail scene, which becomes home to the suspects who cannot make bail until a court rules a verdict for

  • A Case Study of Campbell County, Kentucky

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    Government and Politics: A Case Study of Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky offers a very interesting case study of politics at work. The many different variables that can possibly affect how counties as a whole vote are present in Campbell County, and the interplay between all these variables is the topic of this paper. In order to accurately predict the outcome of the election, it is important to be familiar with all the different socio-economic factors that influence the

  • A Story Of Guilford County

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    The battle of the Guilford county courthouse: March 13 1781 I don't know how the war started. My cousin Tom said it was in Massachusetts 1775. That was six years ago.=, and the British was fighting the north. I don't know why it started. I heard it was tax some says it was control of the British. The Yankees were doing good and with the added support of the French and Indians, the British decided to direct there attention to the south. So it is said that a general called George Washington commanded

  • The Evolving Provincial-Local Financial Relationship in Canada, and the Prospects for Municipal Fiscal Autonomy

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    The Evolving Provincial-Local Financial Relationship in Canada, and the Prospects for Municipal Fiscal Autonomy After tracing the evolution of the provincial-local financial relationship in Canada it has become apparent that the trend, throughout history, has been towards greater Provincial control and in turn less fiscal autonomy for the municipality. There has been an increase (due to demand as well as downloading from the provinces) in the functions and responsibilities of the municipality

  • government

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    pertaining to their daily problems in a timely manner, due to the complexity of governing a state. For this reason further bracketing of power results in Home Rule cities and municipalities that alleviate the reliance that General Law cities have on their county, therefore the state as well. According to Dillon’s law, a unit of local government may only exercise the powers granted to it by the state. A General Law city therefore abides solely by the state legislature as mandated by the state constitution

  • Personal Essay: on Wanting to Work in the Public Sector

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    experience. I will soon be graduating with a degree in Spanish and French literature from one of Canada’s top ranked institutions McGill University in Montreal with a UK equivalent of a 2:1. My past work experience in Entrust (former Staffordshire County Council) and the NHS comprised with my work within a local charity has undoubtedly fired a passion and drive to work in the public sector. Making a difference on a local level can prove extremely rewarding. My degree and the skills I acquired My degree

  • Examination of Broadband Deployment: Public vs. Private Sector

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    Introduction The purpose of The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners reviewing broadband accessibility to North Carolina General Assembly is to provide information concerning the deployment of high speed broadband services and establish a legitimate recommendation using practical and current significance. The NCACC was founded in 1908, and considered one of the most active statewide local government associations in the nation. “The Association employs a professional staff to run the