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  • John Woo

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    John Woo The bread-and-butter of the film industry is the action movie. Each summer, audiences can expect to see car chases, gunfights and explosions, and studios can expect to see millions and millions of dollars in return. Though most viewers and critics see these movies as "fluff" entertainment (and rightfully so), there is one director that puts as much heart and soul into his "fluff" as any number of talented directors put into their "serious" movies. His name is John Woo. Even though you

  • Did John Woo's Style of Directing

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    Did John Woo's Style of Directing "The Killer" and "Mi2" are not very alike in style. "Hard Boiled" is similar to The Killer and "Hard Boiled's" and "Face off's" shootouts are very similar. In Mi2 a lot of the ideas for the action scenes were developed before the making of the film. This would explain the lack of substance in some of the action scenes. When I say substance I mean action with a purpose. (Show the mountain climbing scene of Mi2) But then again, Woo did not write Mi2

  • American and Hong Kong Action Films

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    Kong films were influenced by, especially the films of John Woo, it is surprising to see that many of these differences from American cinema are, in fact, inspired by American cinema. In John Woo's most critically acclaimed and popular films in both Asia and the US, he has drawn aspects from other works of fiction across the globe. He then takes these aspects and adds his own touches to them to make them something distinctly Hong Kong. John Woo first made his mark as a director on Hong Kong audiences

  • The Meaning Of Chow Yun-fat (its In His Mouth)

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    understands this; like most of the great Hong Kong directors, he loves using slow motion and freeze frames to pinpoint important moments in his movies, and he saves a few of the most elegant slow-motion sequences for Chow blowing smoke and looking cool. In John Woo's over-the-top classic, Hard Boiled (the rough literal translation of the Chinese title is Spicy-Handed Gun God), Chow plays with a toothpick. There are few movie moments more violently cool than the shot of Chow, a gun in each hand, sliding down

  • Humans and Animals Create Catharsis

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    Do you like going to Sea World? After reading this essay, you might have second thoughts about going to see the amazing orcas. In the tragedy Blackfish, the audience experiences catharsis for the Killer whales and trainers alike because they both experience hardships, which makes the audience desire to help change the lives of these tragic heroes and changes the audience's opinion on Seaworld and other similar industries. Catharsis is the feeling of pity the audience experiences while watching or

  • Being Misunderstood

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    Being misunderstood could come from many things. Just to tell a little about where this is coming from. My family consists of my mom, dad, brother and sister. My sister is 9 years older and my brother is 3 years older. Being the baby nobody listens to you. It’s hard to make anybody take you seriously or believe that you know what you’re talking about. There is an advantage however, you see everything and hear everything. Picking up things that you don’t even know you are learning. I started reading

  • Masculinity In Action Film Analysis

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    contemporary idea of masculinity. Indeed, John Woo produced masculinity in a contradictory way, which performance as gloomy and even anti-heroic male (Yu, 2012, p.18). And there are two characteristics of John Woo's idea of masculinity, Stringer concludes as 'doing' and 'suffering'. 'Doing' means ego-ideal hero, which includes positive traits that people eager to have. 'Suffering' genre original refers to female melodrama in woman's film, but John Woo gives a new explanation and use of it, which

  • The Workbox by Thomas Hardy

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    In stanza's one and two, the husband gives his wife a gift. At first she was happy to receive the gift that her husband made for her. In stanza's three, four, and five she finds out that the gift was made out of wood from the coffin of a man named John Wayward. When she learned of this information, her initial reaction towards the gift changed. Why is that? Her husband wondered the same thing. The wife became pale and turned her face aside. What part of the husband's information made her react this

  • Relationships in Four Updike Short Stories

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    John Updike was born in 1932 in Shillington, Pennsylvania, a small town where his father was a high school science teacher. An only child, Updike and his parents shared a house with his grandparents for much of his childhood. His mother encouraged him to write and draw. He received a tuition scholarship to Harvard University where he majored in English. As an undergraduate, he wrote stories and drew cartoons for the Harvard Lampoon humor magazine, serving as the magazine's president in his senior

  • Trickery and Deception in Much Ado about Nothing

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    trickery and deception, which seem to surround the whole of the play. These instances are as follows: Don Pedro wooing hero for Claudio, Don Pedro wooing hero for himself, Claudio pretending to be Benedick to find out information from Don John and Borachio, Don John and Borachio both know that Claudio is not Benedick but trick Claudio into thinking that they believe that Claudio is in fact Benedick, Benedick pretending to be somebody else whilst talking to Beatrice, Beatrice pretending to believe that

  • Techniques Used in the Writing of Metaphysical Poetry

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    The ideas and techniques of the metaphysical poets were much different from those of some of the earlier poets we have read. This type of poetry was established in the early 17th century England. In metaphysical poetry, an obvious use of sex and sexual innuendos is prevalent, as opposed to earlier times when it was rarely even mentioned. It also was a more realistic variety of poetry and was much less fairytale or fantasy. Another technique of metaphysical poetry was the constant use of intellect

  • Defying Male Power in John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi

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    John Webster's play The Duchess of Malfi is an illustration of the unequal power relations between the sexes during the sixteenth century. In the play the brothers Ferdinand and the Cardinal are shown as men who want to control their sister the Duchess by not letting her remarry. Out of this situation emerges the Duchess who, in spite of her promise not to marry again (p. 1298), will do the complete opposite, thus defying male power. Her conversation with Antonio (lines 317-61, pp. 1292-3)

  • The Amazing John Steinbeck

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    John Ernest Steinbeck Jr. was born February 27, 1902 in Salinas, California. (The Biography Channel) His family was never wealthy, but they were middle-class, and his father John Ernest Steinbeck had several jobs to keep food on the table, and his mother Olive Hamilton was a school teacher. He was the third child of four children, and all of his siblings were girls. His father owned a feed-and-grain store, managed a flour shop, and was Monterrey County treasurer. (The Biography Channel) His father

  • The Flea By John Donne

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    John Donne was a well-known English poet and clergyman. His works was famous for its sonnets and sensual style. Furthermore, John Donne was one of the greatest metaphysical poets. He also was a well-known figure in the English literature field because of his legacy in literature. However, his poetry was known of the desire for the things that society refused to accept, therefore he always complained about society in his poems. “The flea” is one of his famous poems, this essay will analysis it

  • Not Mature Yet

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    Sammy, a 19-year-old cashier at an A&P, has an encounter with women and authority. A&P, by John Updike, is a story of an adolescent lad that not only reminds us of our youth, but also reminds us of the mistakes that we had to make as we became adults. Sammy’s actions were not those that made him mature instantly, but his actions were lessons to be learned in order to mature. As three girls enter an A&P, Sammy, a cashier, is amazed by the beauty and boldness of them. When he first notices them, the

  • Metaphysical Poetry in The Seventeenth Century

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    Metaphysical wit and conceit are two of the most famous literary devices used in the seventeenth century by poets such as John Donne. Emerging out of the Petrarchan era, metaphysical poetry brought a whole new way of expression and imagery dealing with emotional, physical and spiritual issues of that time. In this essay I will critically analyse the poem, The Flea written by John Donne in which he makes light of his sexual intentions with his lover. In the first stanza of the poem, Donne tries

  • John Donne The Flea

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    Q1) The Flea by John Donne utilises wit and conceit to convey his intentions to seduce a woman. Although a love poem, the author does not utilise typical flattery of the opposite sex to convey his intentions. Instead, the author uses wit through a hyperbolic argument in a display of intelligence to convince the silent woman. Donne states, “Marke this flea” to the woman he is trying to seduce. This is Donne’s first conceit for “how little that which thou deny’st me”, a metaphor for virginity. Donne

  • Much Ado About Nothing

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    Prince of Arragon, Don John, his brother, Borachio his servant, Bene*censored*, a young lord, and Claudio his best friend are all returning from war, and have been invited to stay with Leonato for a month. Shakespeare's antagonist Don John, bears much resemblance to Don John of Austria, the illegitimate son of Charles V, half-brother to the King of Aragon who defeated the Turks at Lepanto and returned to Messina after his victory in October of 1571 (Richmond 51). Don John of Austria had many of the

  • Analysis of John Donne's Poem, The Flea

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    The Flea John Donne’s poems are similar in their content. They usually point out at same topics like love, lust, sex and religion; only they are dissimilar in the feelings they express. These subjects reflect the different stages of his life: the lust of his youth, the love of his married middle age, and the piety of the latter part of his life. His poem,’ The Flea’ represents the restless feeling of lust during his youthful days but it comes together with a true respect for women through the metaphysical

  • Much Ado About Nothing - Summary

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    evening. Act I, scene II A complication arises immediately when Antonio reports to Leonato that he overheard the Prince telling Claudio that he is in love with Hero. Leonato says that he'll wait to see what will happen. Act I, scene III Meanwhile Don John, Don Pedro's bastard brother, hides his hateful nature, waiting for the right moment to cause problems for his brother and Claudio, who he thinks has taken his place in his brother's affections. He hopes Claudio's desire to wed Hero will give him an