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  • Divorce by Ivan Klima

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    Divorce by Ivan Klima In the short story entitled “Divorce” by Ivan Klima a judge makes an important decision that will affect him for the rest of his life. The decision maybe by this man, a Judge named Martin Vacek was for the better. Loyalty and dedication is more important than lust and romance. Judge Martin Vacek displayed true honorability when he decided to stay with his wife rather than go off with a younger, more attractive, recently divorced woman. His decision completely ignored

  • Ivan Denisovich

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    Ivan Denisovich Imagine being captive in a concentration camp for over eight years. Ivan Denisovich Shukhov has experienced just this. In analyzing only one day of Ivan’s life in a concentration camp, he displays many traits that show that he is a hero. Hero, can be defined in many different ways. The definition from Webster’s dictionary states: Hero- a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Shukhov definitely portrays courageous characteristics

  • Ivan Denisovich and Humanity

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    Ivan Denisovich and Humanity Who could possibly be able to imagine the utter hopelessness and misery that a soviet prisoner experienced during Stalinism. Thousands of innocent men were taken from their families, homes, and lives, stripped of their dignity and banished to the harsh labor camps where they were to spend the rest of the days scraping out an existence and living day to day. This is exactly what Alexander Solzhenitsyn tries to express in his masterpiece work One Day in the Life of Ivan

  • Ivan the Terrible

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    Ivan the Terrible I’m doing my report on Ivan the Terrible. Ivan Vasiljevich the Terrible was born in 1530 and died in 1584. He was the son of the Grand Duke Vasili III. His mother Helena Glinsky was the daughter of a Luthuanian refugee who had found asylum in Russia. She was young, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful. Vasili had married her after he tried to have an heir for 20 years with his first wife Salome. Vasili was in his 50’s, and Helena was 20 when Ivan was born. Ivan had another

  • Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

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    Profile of Ivan Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849 in the village of Ryazan, Russia, the son of Peter Dmitrievich Pavlov, who was the village priest. Because he was the son of a priest he went to church school and enrolled in a theology seminar. As the son of a preacher Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was going to follow in his father’s footsteps, that was until he read a book by Charles Darwin called “The Origin of Species” After reading this book Ivan Pavlov dropped out of his theological studies and

  • A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

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    The novel, A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, is a very detailed and graphic description of one man’s life struggle in a Stalinist work camp. It is the story of Ivan Denisovich’s, most often going by the name of Shukhov, determination and strength to endure the hardships of imprisonment and dehumanization. The most memorable scene shows Shukhov’s determination to survive and adapt to his life. The meal scenes of the novel are where he demonstrates that he has learned

  • Ivan Pavlov: A Brief Biography Of Ivan Pavlov

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    Ivan Pavlov was born on September 26th , 1849 in Ryazan, a small village in Russia. He died on February 27th, 1936 at the age of 87. Inspired by the progressive ideas , Pavlov abandoned his religious career and decided to devote his life to science. In 1870 he enrolled in the physics and mathematics faculty to take a course in natural science. Pavlolv became very involved with physiology. He produced his first work on the physiology of the pancreatic nerves during his first course. He continued

  • Analysis of Death of Ivan Ilych

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    improvement, progress can simultaneously spark conformity, dependency, and the obsession of perfection within the individuals caught in its midst. It is this aspect of progress within modern society that negatively affects Ivan Ilych, Leo Tolstoy’s main character in The Death of Ivan Ilych. Ivan’s attempt to conform to modern society’s view of perfection takes away his life long before he dies. Furthermore, his fear of death and reactions towards it reflects modern society’s inability to cope with the

  • Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

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    A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich The novel: A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (written by Alexander Solzhenitzyn), tells the story of a Russian soldier’s life in a Siberian labor camp around the time of World War II. The protagonist in the story, Ivan, better known as “Shukhov”, is wrongly accused of committing treason and is sentenced to full 10 years of imprisonment in the camp. Throughout the story, the author makes vivid references to help the reader identify with the setting, climate

  • Life in The Death of Ivan Ilyich

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    Life in The Death of Ivan Ilyich In Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the story begins with the death of the title character, Ivan Ilyich Golovin.  Ivan's closest friends discover his death in the obituary column in chapter one, but it is not until chapter two that we encounter our hero.  Despite this opening, while Ilyich is physically alive during most of the story's action he only becomes spiritually alive a few moments before his death. The life of Ivan Ilyich, we are told,