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  • Privacy on the Internet

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    Privacy on the Internet In this new era of the Internet, most people use the Internet to acquire information of one kind or other. But what these people are not aware of is that the Internet is collecting information about them. Every time we get onto the Internet there might be a compromise of privacy of our personal information. The information flows both ways. With every clock of the mouse on a hyperlink, or an addition to the mailing list, someone out there might be gathering information

  • The Importance Of Internet Privacy

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    Internet privacy is way of storing the information on the internet that is not available to the third parties which are not related to them. Because everyone has its personal information along with the work which he did not want to share to anyone. In this case, internet privacy laws are very important. These laws prohibited the people to see this information on the internet about someone personal task. As we technology is advancing day by day and we are moving in a more modernize world, internet

  • Privacy And The Internet

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    Privacy and the Internet The natural progression of the Internet and emerging technologies is towards streamlining our lives both personally and professionally. Instantaneous communications and available on-line services continue to reduce the physical distance between individuals. Almost anything is now available in cyberspace from shopping, schooling and education, on-line trading, banking, to social and political on-line communities. On-line service providers are shifting from a product centric

  • Cookies and Internet Privacy

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    Cookies and Internet Privacy What is a Cookie? “Netscape's Client Side State definition:Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections (such as CGI scripts) can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications.”Kington, Andy, Andy’s HTTP Cookie Notes, Available from [modified

  • Internet Privacy

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    This essay will discuss the way social networking sites affect the nature and limits of privacy. There are various social networking websites e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Twitter, Google Buzz, and many others with various privacy settings and in the past several years billions of people have joined these social networking sites. Social networking sites give their users an easy way to share information about themselves. However, many users are quickly finding that the information they intend

  • Internet Privacy

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    Internet Privacy The e-commerce merchant (Tanaka, 1999). Table 1 illustrates some types of information collected by websites. Table 1 Personal Information Collected Type of Information Number of Sites1 Percent1 Personal Identifying 335 92.8% Demographic 205 56.8% Personal Identifying Only 132 36.6% Demographic Only

  • Threat to Internet Privacy

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    Threat to Internet Privacy Abstract At what level is Internet surveillance by the United States government acceptable to society, considering a balance between security and privacy, what are the short and long term implications, and how does it affect the rest of the world. Introduction Privacy from governments has been under assault increasing amounts in the last 100 years. Technology has revolutionized the concept, as before we had microphones, telephones, wiretaps, video cameras

  • Internet Privacy

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    Internet Privacy The concern about privacy on the Internet is increasingly becoming an issue of international dispute. ?Citizens are becoming concerned that the most intimate details of their daily lives are being monitored, searched and recorded.? ( 81% of Net users are concerned about threats to their privacy while online. The greatest threat to privacy comes from the construction of e-commerce alone, and not from state agents. E-commerce is structured on the copy and trade

  • Essay on Internet Privacy - Cookies and Internet Privacy

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    Cookies and Internet Privacy Student José Amador likes to use his email account at "I find paper so obsolete," he says. Amador is not worried about the privacy of this account. Perhaps he and the many other people that use yahoo email should be concerned, however. All users of Yahoo mail are having their actions tracked. Yahoo monitors the actions of users, in part, by using "cookies." Cookies are small files that record visits to web pages. When you open up a cookie dispensing

  • Essay on Internet Privacy - Carnivore May Threaten Privacy

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    Carnivore May Threaten Internet Privacy Abstract: In 1999 the FBI launched a new tool, Carnivore, to help it conduct Internet surveillance on criminal suspects. The systems, which are installed directly on Internet Service Providers' networks, process and filter all data communication passing through. This is alarming privacy advocates. The FBI now has the ability to monitor email through a network snooping scheme known as "Carnivore"i. Carnivore may be used as a surveillance mechanism