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  • Human Existence and Human Suffering

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    All throughout our history, we humans have constantly evolved and developed to an extent where we can give an account to the world we live in. From Epicurus to Thomas Aquinas, from Aristotle -who taught one of the greatest kings namely Alexander the Great- to Sartre and Camus were all for the search of why we are on this planet. What drives us to live or perhaps to die, even if it is by one’s own hand. When arguing about the meaning of life, one has to take into account that every doctrine, thesis

  • The Existence of Super Humans

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    Allies on the front lines in Europe allegedly created by scientific means (Trevizo 2). Super humans are defined as entities with intelligence or physical capabilities far exceeding human standards (Cape 3). Super humans, individuals with extraordinary physical or mental capabilities, really do exist (Trevizo 1). Unknown to the Allies, the German "super-soldier" program would successfully create super humans, although not in time to stop the Allied victory. The program stemmed from research on a large

  • A Non-Human Existence

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    being human as having feelings, following sensory pleasures, and staying true to those two types of emotions because, “only feelings matter”(146). He also asserts that before the Party when people had individual relationships and “members of a family stood by one another” they were human (26). Winston’s deadened senses as well as his social disconnection, and the lack of import in his daily life after he leaves the Ministry of Love indicate that he has not achieved his goal of staying human. Winston

  • Society: the Bane of Human Existence?

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    and sold. For this reason, folks are reluctant to become too friendly with anyone in their field. Many people become alienated from their family and friends because they become consumed by their job. In short, production is not productive for the human spirit - it drains the life out of joyous people. Works Cited Calhoun, Craig, et al. Classical Sociological Theory. Malden: Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2004. EFF Analysis of the Provisions of the USA Patriot Act. October 31, 2001. Electronic

  • The Humanity Of Human Nature: The Existence Of Human Nature

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    commonality among humans is known as human nature. Throughout this paper I will discuss what human nature is, what it means to go against human nature, and whether a common human nature actually exists. The textbook defines human nature as “the common core to the human experience”. This vague statement is merely an overview of what human nature is. It refers to the fact that human nature is a commonality between all humans that unites human life and makes a common “human experience”. Human nature refers

  • The Essentialist Theory Of Nature: The Existence Of Human Nature

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    The term human nature is often thrown about haphazardly in everyday life. From phrases such as “it is just human nature for boys to like playing with trucks more than girls” to “it is human nature to want to protect yourself”, the term is used by many to imply that there are certain universal characteristics shared by all humans. The layman frequency of its use gives it a false facade of simplicity, rather, what human nature is, and even whether it exists has been and is currently hotly debated in

  • Human Being Existence

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    Since long before Plato philosophers have attempted to accurately describe the ways human being exist in relation to the world around them. Many different systems and meta-narratives were created by numerous philosophers as they used reason to determine what it meant to exist and how knowledge was possible. Most philosophers were acutely aware their philosophical arguments that provided either metaphysical or epistemological descriptive claims would necessarily lay the foundation for normative ethical

  • Sartre and the Meaning of Human Existence

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    Where the Meaning of Human Existence is Located According to Sartre The word philosophy comes from Greek and literally means "love of wisdom." The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines philosophy as "a critical study of fundamental beliefs and the grounds for them." Both explanations of philosophy are correct and concrete. The meaning of human existence has no such concrete answer, but in this paper we will examine where Sartre believes it to be. Sartre's existentialism is a philosophy

  • Existentialism in Albert Camus' The Plague and Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

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    explain why. Neither work gives the reader an explanation of human existence except to say that humans exist. Providing an answer to the question of existence would constitute a paradox. To an existentialist, if you answer the question, then you've missed the whole point. Existentialism is a philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility

  • Sartre and the Rationalization of Human Sexuality

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    Rationalization of Human Sexuality ABSTRACT: Sartre rationalizes sexuality much like Plato. Rationalization here refers to the way Sartre tries to facilitate explanation by changing the terms of the discussion from sexual to nonsexual concepts. As a philosophy which, above all, highlights those features of human existence which seem most resistant to explanation, one would expect existentialism to highlight sexuality as a category that is crucial for considering human existence. Descartes comes