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  • Specialty Hospitals and Community Hospitals

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    Specialty Hospitals and Community Hospitals The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Moderation Act of 2003 enacted an 18-month moratorium to investigate whether specialty hospitals privately owned by physicians were unjustly profiting from self-referrals to their own hospital (McLauglin & McLauglin, 2008). Many critics of these specialty hospitals contend that they draw the most profitable patients to their facilities; therefore making it more difficult for community hospitals to generate

  • Shouldice Hospital

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    their normal daily lives much before the other patients that had experienced the similar operation at other hospitals. And the recurrence rate for all operations performed at Shouldice is about 0. The Unique Selling Point of the Hospital “There is No Substitute for Experience”. Shouldice Hospital has been dedicated to the repair of hernias for over 55 years. The trained team of Shouldice Hospital surgeons have repaired more than 300,000 hernias with a greater than 99% success rate.

  • Preparedness Of A Hospital: Emergency Preparedness For Hospitals

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    MPS Emergency Preparedness for Hospitals (clin) Hospitals play a pivotal role in the disaster medical response setup. To prepare effectively for emergency situations, the entire operation requires a collaborative effort involving health care providers, local government and other agencies. Disasters can spawn a rapid increase in service demand, thereby stifling the operational capacity and safety of hospitals. According to Web.Mhanet, emergency preparedness and response resource should be placed to

  • Schema of a Hospital

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    witnessed at the hospital at which I work. All of these things pile together into the schema of what most people come to call a hospital; working there the typical schema of a hospital has become a whole lot more complex. To start, “A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information.” To be able to give my perception of the current schema of the hospital, I should share how I came to the conclusions I have today. My first experience in a hospital would be when

  • Overcrowding in Hospitals

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    Thesis statement The inhuman experience which I along with my brother experienced in the city based hospital, provoked me to voice against the health care system of the country. The growing demand of the emergency service has hardly affected the service providers. With the increase of the population the government should increase the number of hospitals or increase the number of staffs in a hospital so that the patients in distress do not have to wait. An heart patient, or an accident patient have

  • Hospital Care

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    Critical Care Hospital - Case Study _ Incident for Discussion: Critical Care Hospital Critical Care Hospital has planned to purchase a CATSCAN within the next six months. Though not mentioned in the text, the cost of the equipment will be at least several hundred thousand dollars, and could even exceed one million dollars. Additionally, major renovations are required to the radiology department where the equipment will be housed. Unfortunately, the construction project cannot be started

  • Psychiatric hospitals

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    3.     After Pharmacy Hours a.     The RN is to notify the home supervisor of non formulary medication orders b.     The supervisor is to call the pharmacist on call and a decision made collaboratively as follows i.     Pharmacist will call SW hospital for medication and arrange for pickup ii.     Pharmacist will deliver where the first dose has to be given 4.     RN’s CVM’s are expected to resolve the issue of non formulary medications on their shift. When faced with situations when there communications

  • A Hospital Case Study: The Unhealthy Hospital Case

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    The unhealthy hospital case is about a hospital named Blake Memorial that has been in a very bad shape, lacks in providing the best quality of care, is in debt, and financially imbalanced. It is important for a health care set up to maintain an equal balance in the financial system so the stakeholders the organizations who run the hospitals and customers who are the patients their interests are met. If the hospital is lacking in providing the best quality of care for its community and the community

  • Case Study: The Indus Hospital In The Indus Hospital

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    The Indus Hospital is a nonprofit, private hospital that established in July 2007 to serve area of about 2.5 million people. It is located in the heart of Korangi, one of the densely populated areas in Karachi with a population of around 18 million. Around 150-bed Indus Hospital is the tallest building for miles. Indus 20-acre campus also included a walk-in filter clinic, an open-air TB clinic, a pharmacy, and a nursing school. The hospital ground floor included a reception area, a patient welfare

  • In-hospital stroke process

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    in the Emergency Department (ED). There are many reasons for this such as sicker patients, more severe strokes, lower adherence to process-based quality measures, and lack of a response team. Improving response and treatment time to in-hospital strokes at Hospital A by including a physician on the Rapid Response Team is the focus of this paper. According to the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association’s About Stroke (2014) “stroke is the number four cause of death and the leading