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  • Rashomon The Horror

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    RASHOMON The Horror A horror more terrible then fires - wars - epidemics - or bandits, this overwhelming horror is the weak character of man, the distrust and selfishness feeding each characters continual suspicion of his fellow man, always expecting the worst of them. The priest describes this horrific human trait and the world it creates with but a few lines; “It’s horrible. If men do not tell the truth, do not trust one another, then the earth becomes hell indeed.” This lack of honesty

  • The Horror of Alcoholism

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    The Horror of Alcoholism Alcoholism is a baffling and powerful disease. It affects all people from all walks of life. It has been medically proven and recognized by most of society as a disease. However, for some people who either have not been affected or just do not have any knowledge of the disease, it is considered more as a weakness of character. Alcoholism has many effects, on the alcoholic them self, towards their family and friends, and on their health, on their spouse and children,

  • Horror Of Horror Essay

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    Sub-Genres of Horror In this course, I’ve learned about the three sub-genres of horror. These three sub-genres are moral allegory, psychological horror, and the fantastic. The first sub-genre of horror, moral allegory, revolves around a rule being broken and the punishments for breaking the rule. There’s commonly a focus on the battle between good and evil, and there is often a supernatural evil involved. Commentary on our society is also common. The next sub-genre, psychological horror, capitalizes

  • The Horror of Genocide

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    Wouldn’t it be scary if someone suddenly decided that you should disappear because he thinks you do not have the right to live because of your race or religion? Scary yes, but definitely possible. The word genocide, which is also known as ethnic cleansing, is certainly not uncommon to anyone living in this not so perfect world, full of violence, hatred and discrimination. Throughout the decades, genocide has taken place in more than one occasion, causing wars, slaughters and mass destruction of cities

  • Horror

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    Horror movies have captivated audiences for over a century. People everywhere flock to theaters to view chilling horror movies like Saw, Insidious, or the Conjuring. There is just something about horror that humans can’t get enough of. So why do we pay to scare ourselves sick? Why do we pay good money to watch others murdered and tortured to death? What do we possibly get from it all? In a culture were peace and non-violence is constantly promoted, there is still a part of the human that desires

  • Horror And The Horror Movie Analysis

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    In his book, Horror and the Horror Film, author Bruce F. Kawin remarked “horror itself resists formulation and can be difficult and unpleasant to contemplate.” This year was a phenomenal year for both horror and contemplative movies. Two prime examples: Get Out and mother!. Despite being both horror films with subliminal messaging and allegories, they had drastically different reactions and box office performances. To understand why this happened, it is imperative to analyze marketing, storyline

  • Horror Movies

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    Sleepy Hollow” are all horror films. In these films there is always some crazy person or monster-like character that goes around and slaughters innocent people. And usually, but not all the time the killer is killed at the end of the movie. The media publishes or broadcasts stories that say that horror films influence people to imitate these wrongful acts of violence. I believe that these movies do not influence people to imitate these murderous crimes onto innocent people. Horror films are a way for

  • The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia

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    The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia Due to the domestication of cats and dogs their populations have skyrocketed. This is due in part to the lack of pet owners acting in a responsible manner. These responsibilities include the spaying and neutering of  pets. These numbers of homeless animals in communities have caused humane societies to euthanize too many animals. This, I feel is a violation to animal rights and is a cruel way for these animals to have to leave this world. I disagree with the

  • Pure Horror in Heart of Darkness

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    Pure Horror in Heart of Darkness In Heart of Darkness it is the white invaders for instance, who are, almost without exception, embodiments of blindness, selfishness, and cruelty; and even in the cognitive domain, where such positive phrases as "to enlighten," for instance, are conventionally opposed to negative ones such as "to be in the dark," the traditional expectations are reversed.  In Kurtz's painting, as we have seen, "the effect of the torch light on the face

  • Horror Film Review: The Genre Of Horror

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    The Genre of Horror Why are individuals drawn to things that scare them? Perhaps the adrenaline rush or even the sense of fearing the “unknown.” A good horror movie is usually full of suspense, where one is on the edge of their seat worried about what is going to happen next. Not all horror movies have to contain blood and gore, but they all have the same goal which is to be scary. Sometimes, the result of fear from the movie can cause the audience to dread leaving or may relieve them when it is