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    colleges or universities. Is higher education worth the price? In my opinion, higher education is worth the price. In many cases, higher education is the key to everyone’s future. In our current time, being able to support ourselves under a roof is not something that comes easy. We as people need money to survive, which comes from having a job. In order to find a job that pays well, an individual needs a degree, along with outstanding qualifications. Even though higher education can be excessively expensive

  • Higher Education

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    Choosing a path regarding higher education is a major decision that now involves a larger risk for students than in previous years. As the price of college continues to rise in today's poor economy, it may be in a students best interest to consider a two year community college over a four year school. While the two are often portrayed to be similar, there are quite a few differences that separate the education each school offers. Community colleges are often over looked and underestimated in comparison

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    Education is an important factor in developing an individual to fit in the various systems of the progressing world. Higher education in the 21st century is important for the success of any society, especially in modern America. It is an asset in the context of the global economy because it develops the workforce and talent that will eventually lead the social, economic, political, and cultural change in a nation and globally. As much as it is important, it faces political, economic, cultural, and

  • Education In Higher Education

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    The historical development with in higher education has been a direct acclimation of the academic profession (Altbach et al., 2011). There is a long history among universities that has created many traditions. Of these traditions, the profession of academia has played a vital part of it all (Altbach et al., 2011). Shaping practically every movement in higher education, from instruction to research to institutional governance, Staffing has become a critical issue (American Federation of Teachers,

  • The Importance Of Higher Education

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    in mind: a Higher Education Degree. But where does its value come from? Is it valued for its physical credentials or its enhancing experiences on the individual? What defines its purpose as Higher Education? While many individuals might define Higher Education as a financial investment, Higher Education true definition roots to a societal investment that returns the collective goal of nurturing active and professional citizens to advance the future of society; it is the level of education that requires

  • Cyberbullying in Higher Education

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    Within the realm of higher education, the utilization of technology has introduced a variety of legal and ethical issues. The reality of cyberbullying has expanded the risk of harassment and aggression, within defined bullying, to include the ever-evolving world of cyberspace (Minor et al., 2012). Previously a focus of educators within the K-12 system, the existence of such harmful acts have breached into the college environment. This exposure establishes a strong need for policy to be created and

  • Police and Higher Education

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    The article Police and Higher Education: Where are We Now by Roy Roberg and Scott Bonn discuss and review past articles and ideas about whether or not police officers should be required to have earned a college degree in order to qualify a position in law enforcement within the United States. The first person who believed in the idea that police officers should be required to hold a college degree in order to be qualified for a position was August Vollmer. August Vollmer was “the father of American

  • Higher Education Opinions

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    Addison provides a more convincing argument that higher education is necessary in some form. This is seen through Addison’s arguments that college is essential to growing up, that education is proportional to the life one lives, and that community college reinvents the traditional college experience. Not only does Addison have her own opinions about college, but Murray does as well. Murray believes that students should receive a liberal education, yet they should not have to wait until college to

  • The Value of Higher Education

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    States attending a four year university has become a standard for many young adults. It has presumably become this way because in the current economy more and more jobs require a college degree. This is due to the increase of fields that need higher education as well as attending a university becoming more accessible to the masses thanks to financial aid. Financial aid opened the floodgates for college graduation, giving many people opportunities never previously offered to them, but that’s all it

  • Paying for Higher Education

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    necessary part of higher education for many reasons. Though college may be expensive and time consuming, there is no way to get a degree without it. People may be able to learn without having to go to college but college is fundamental to getting a piece of paper that says you went and achieved a degree after years of hard work. However college is not meant for everyone, in some cases people are not able to function in a college setting so they turn to alternative forms of education. In most cases