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  • High School Students on the Job

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    High school students on the job We spend four years of our lives attending high school. Going through high school is supposed to prepare us for college and “the real world.” Throughout these four years we begin to better understand our choices for college majors, but we don’t get presented with the financial and time struggle that we will face. College costs money, along with everyday living. When attending college we become more independent and are faced with the problem of coming up with money

  • Stress in High School Students

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    Most people do not understand how much stress a typical high school student carries with them on a daily basis. There are innumerable stereotypes that are aimed at teenagers all the time such as, being lazy, bad drivers, always on the internet, or "we have got it easy". Newsflash people! Stereotypes are not proven facts, they are just beliefs created by other people. There have been multiple studies conducted to show that high school students are stressed. For example, In May of 2013 there was an

  • Health of High School students

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    employed in an institution called high school. A prominent example of exploitation of high school students is the early start time used in high schools throughout America. These early start times have significant consequences for students that can plague them for their entire lives. However, since many school districts save money on bus service by scheduling early morning start times for high schools, any suggestion of change has quickly been silenced. Schools cannot continue sacrifici... .

  • The Effect of Cliques on High School Students

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    The Effect of Cliques on High School Students Most college freshman can still vividly remember their high school days. These days included ruling the school as seniors, or running from the seniors as lowly ninth graders. These days included having lunch with friends, and gossiping in the hallways between classes. Whatever was done, it was usually done with a friend or a group of friends. Most of these groups can be considered cliques. Cliques are groups where there is some kind of common

  • High School Students and Volunteering

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    and reflect on your life and last days at Alpena High School, did you really make it worthwhile? For anyone traveling through the twists and turns of high school, it can be a very challenging frenzy to attempt to fit in and interact with other students. People can get caught up in the pressures of trying to succeed expectations set by parents and also everyday drama from fellow peers. Our message to anyone on the great venture that is high school is that they should enjoy it while it lasts, and fulfill

  • Parental Pressure Within High School Students

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    within High School Students I.     I became interested in this topic because my entire academic life has been filled with pressure from my parents. This pressure was mainly in school and grades, and in high school, the amount of pressure increased dramatically. This is because my parents now realized that everything in high school counts towards college. When I first came to high school, my grades were not as good as they were in middle school. I needed a little time to adapt to high school before

  • High School Students Drop Outs

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    In spite of high school student dropout prevention programs already in place in the public school system, even more are needed to help students realize the dire consequences of dropping out of school. A study done by NYC Department of Education states, “Over 20,000 students drop out of high school each year”. It also states, “Most of them are Black and Hispanic. Another study was conducted in 2006 and concluded that about 19 percent of Hispanic students and 15 percent of Black students dropped out

  • The Effects Of Stress On High School Students

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    In high school, students will experience a wide range of emotions, feelings, and emotional, physical and mental strains. The major strain that almost every student will face is stress. As Pope (2010) says, “More than 70 percent of the high school students reported that they felt often or always stressed by their schoolwork, and many admitted to taking illegal stimulants to stay awake to study and complete the lengthy homework assignments each night (p.5).” Whether the students are stressing over

  • Functional Literacy in High School Students

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    Functional Literacy in High School Students What is Functional Literacy? Prior to 1985, functional literacy was defined as the ability to read or write in English or another language. Standards for measuring one’s functional literacy have changed numerous times over the decades. In the 1930’s functional literacy meant having three or more years of school. During the WWII era, it meant completing a fourth grade education. The standards increased during the 1960’s. Literacy in this

  • Conformity: High School Students and Cliques

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    picture yourself back when you were in high school, but this time, apply the image you have created for yourself. Do you wish for acceptance? Or friendship? Do you feel confident in taking the challenges that high school will bring? High school has a significant impact on an individual’s development. Whether it is their personality or behavior, an individual who goes through high school can see changes in their characteristics. A common stereotype in high school that is largely portrayed in the media