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  • Health Care IT and Quality Health Care

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    1.0 Introduction The interpretation of quality health care varies with each person. Some place emphasis on the ability to access various treatments without interference. Others value the feature of being able to simply select one’s provider. Quality health care, according to the Institute of Medicine (2001), can be defined as care that is “safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable” (p. 3). Furthermore, it should account for, in detail, a patient’s medical history, and

  • health care

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    Is health care a human right? One of the most important priorities in life is to have good health. Having good health is the state of being free from physical illness, mental illness, and injuries. Health care is an important aspect of our society. Many Americans need it so it should be provided by the government. Everyone should have the right to health care. All people should have the right of standard living for themselves and families (#25 of Human Rights). Access to adequate health care is a

  • Health Care

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    Health Care Abstract "Health Care", This is becoming more important in today's world of corporate streamlining, downsizing, and increased health care costs. A compensation package for the employees of today is more valuable than it has ever been. The average employee no longer is just concerned with the wages or salary they receive, their attention has been drawn to the overall compensation package. As health care costs rise the importance of an enrollment in a health care plan grows

  • Health care

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    need health care, to keep us healthy and to give us a healthy life style. If we had no health care, we all will not have any medicine to cure our sickness or the diseases that we may suffer from. It is important to make sure that our health is at a good state so that we can have a better healthy lifestyle. Doctor’s are here for us to keep us on the right track and they provide us with medicines that will cure our sickness. Doctor’s are always needed to keep us healthy and to maintain our health in

  • Health Care

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    Pediatric Nurse The nurse is one of the most important of the health team in caring for children. My aunt is going through everything to be a nurse and is almost there to graduate. I saw her love for nursing and everything shes been going through and her love of helping people. It changed my idea of going somewhere in life and choosing what she chose. Becoming a Nurse has been a goal of mine for several years because i love helping people. The history of Pediatric Nurse Pediatric nursing did not

  • Health Care

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    Healthcare is my calling. I never truly made a decision to enter the healthcare field, it is in my genes. Therefore, I had never really considered what led me to this decision until now. As I was thinking, I recalled a few experiences that shaped my life. The most prominent of which was my baby sister's accident and sitting around my grandparents’ dining table (my favorite thing to do as a child) and having my faith restored. I realize these experiences don't seem to pertain to my choice in career

  • Palliative Care in Health Care

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    I have been a registered nurse at UCLA for 18 months. One particular issue that has captured my attention is the utilization of palliative care in health care. Because nurses are generally at the bedside all the time, they have an important role to play in voicing the importance of its utilization and implementation in the patient’s care. In 2003, the American Nurses’ Association published a position statement regarding “Pain Management and Control of Distressing Symptoms in Dying Patients.”

  • Health Disparities In Health And Health Care

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    Health disparities are the differences found in a persons’ heath or health care. Many of the differences between the health disparities among people are based on the community they live in, their age, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, and economic status. Many people may wonder why these factors have a great affect on a person’s health or health care and it is simple to answer. For example there has been research done with communities of different ethnicities that show to prove that one community

  • Health Care and Politics

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    prejudice and discrimination certainly contribute to the obvious health disparities experienced by African-Americans. “Health disparities refer to the gaps of quality of health and health care across racial and ethnic groups” (Wikipedia, 2014). Results from a 2003 Health Interview Survey indicated that “African-Americans and Hispanics were the most likely to report the feeling of being discriminated against when seeking health care” (Sorkin, Ngo-Metzger, & DeAlba, 2010). The perception of discrimination

  • Health Care Fraud

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    questions have been presented in previous chapters, they are worth presenting again.  What are the major federal laws and policies related to health care fraud?  How have these laws and policies been used to control fraud, waste, and abuse in federal health care programs? • What are the impacts of these laws and policies on the war against health care fraud? To address the questions comprehensively, the researcher conducted a historical research that blended the research elements of documentary