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  • The Pressures of Having Sex

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    The Pressures of Having Sex Reminiscing about my high school days I can remember the pressure there was to have sex. Within the male high school community, having sex was a “right of passage”. As we all know this attitude was very wrong. There are many issues that affect young people these days. One of these one in three sexually active people will have contracted an STD. The numbers about other birth control methods don’t lie either. Eight to nine percent of adolescents used a condom

  • Catcher in the Rye: Holdens Relationships

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    Throughout “The Catcher in the Rye”, Holden Caufield longs for intimacy with other human beings. One of Holden’s main problems is that he sees childhood as the ideal state of being. He thinks that all adults are phonies. One of the first relationships that is mentioned in the story, is Holden’s relationship with D.B., his brother. Throughout his childhood, it is obvious that Holden has idolized his older brother. Now that D.B. is a writer for Hollywood, Holden considers him a phony, and accuses him

  • George Orwell's 1984: Some Prophecies Have Come True

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    in 1984. Many concepts expressed in the book such as banned sex, thought police, food shortages from the past were all predictions that never became true. Orwell made the prediction that sex would be illegal in the year 1984. In the story Winston and Julia were caught having sex and Winston was tortured almost to death. A lot of criminals expressed in newspeak that a reason for them being convicted was for sex related charges. Today sex is legal (thank God) and although it might not be the most safe

  • ANNIs Baby

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    enters later on in the story. She was born 2 months premature and does what a typical baby dose. Well one of the first conflicts that arises is between Annie and Danny. One night they decided to go to a party, on the way home Danny insisted on having sex, Annie refused. After a short while Danny became impacient and tried to rape Annie, he was not successful .I don't know how but she forgave him and continued to date him. One night on the way out somewhere Danny mysteriously remembered that he had

  • Article About a Teacher and Student Trial

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    said Groves touched her inappropriately on two separate occasions during the 2000-01 school year. She eventually confided in a female teacher, who also testified Wednesday. Groves, 26, of Woodstock, faces sexual assault charges for allegedly having sex with one student and touching another. He is one of three former teachers at the school investigated for inappropriate relationships with students. Groves, Bradley L. Chapman and Richard Paul Adams II all resigned in spring 2001 and lost their

  • Teen Sexual Activity Causes Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS, Pregnancy, and Emotional Trauma

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    Hill who know what's best, and religious scripture that denounces physical pleasure and there exists a very basic premise: Human beings have a preoccupation with sex. It was once stated that "our concern with sex is innate, as much a part of is as the blood and bone with which we were born." An absolutely truthful statement, the subject of sex has become prevalent in today's society. Prevalent, because every aspect, voice, form of communication, law passed, and free thought, expresses the opinion on

  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Issues - Homosexuality is Abnormal and Immoral

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    Homosexuality is Abnormal and Immoral Of all topics most popular in today's media, issues concerning homosexuals and homosexuality in general top the list. Homosexuality is generally defined as a sexual relationship between partners of the same sex. Debate concerning its causes and consequences has been going on for many centuries and almost in every period in human history. However, never before in human history has it been granted such wide scale acceptance in western society as it has now.

  • Legal Liability of Parents

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    Legal Liability 0f Parents Parents should and should not be held legally responsible for their children’s actions. Parents who are incompetent and parents who are in the system themselves should be held responsible for their children’s actions. Parents who are handicapped and parents who are competent should not be held responsible for their children’s actions. Parents that do not rear their children should be held responsible. There are parents who do not care what the child does as long as they

  • Free Essays - Autobiography of Malcolm X

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    man.  They were caught for this crime and were not only charged with this crime but were also charged with having sex with white women.  Malcolm and his friend "Shorty" were sentenced to six years in prison.  The two white women that were Malcolm and Shorty’s accomplices were sentenced to a year in jail.  During the first couple days of prison Malcolm was coming off a drug high and was having withdrawals.  These withdrawals led Malcolm into solitary confinement for two months.  When he was let out

  • Statutory Rape

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    consent to sex and therefore consider sexual contact with them to be a rape. The age at which individuals are considered to give consent is called the age of consent. The age of consent can ranging from thirteen to twenty-one, depending on the limits set by each state in accordance with local standards of morality. Even sex that violates the age-of-consent laws but is neither violent nor physically forced is described as statutory rape. In most jurisdictions, the expressions “under-age sex” or “sex with