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  • Case Study: Panera Bread Company

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    other markets, the pair obtained St. Louis Bread Company, seeing the benefits of acquiring an already established enterprise. The niche market that Au Bon Pain had enjoyed previously, had become a strategic weakness as it became limiting. The bakery-café culture developed in the St. Louis Bread Company was too costly to implement at the Au Bon Pain locations. Shaich, the remaining founder, sold Au Bon Pain which left no debt and cash reserves to expand the St. Louis Bread Company, known as Panera Bread

  • Panera Bread Company

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    bakery-cafe with locations across the US and Canada. Panera bread prides itself on selling breads, sandwiches, soups and salads. Panera grew out of a company called Au Bon Pain which was a demonstration bakery (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012, p. 32-2). Louis Kane purchased Au Bon Pain in 1978. From 1978 to 1981 he piled up $3 million in debt (Wheelen & Hunger, 2012, p. 32-2). Kiane who was ready to declare bankruptcy gained a new business partner, Ronald Shaich a recent Harvard graduate. Shaich was

  • The Heroin Epidemic

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    Volunteering and participating in service projects are two of the most rewarding activities in my opinion. Some people may find it was a hassle or only do it because they have to meet the minimum requirement for school or work. Helping others, for me, has always been somewhat second nature to me. Over many years of volunteering I believe I have developed qualities that will stick with me for life and benefit me in my career. As early as freshman year, in high school, I found myself looking for ways

  • School Segregation, The Continuing Tragedy Of Ferguson By Richard Ferguson

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    school district is “among the poorest and most segregated in Missouri” (p. 2). The August 2014 shooting death of a young African-American, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, spurred riots not only in St. Louis, but also in other cities nationwide. Black and white children in the St. Louis region remain educationally divided, and the state Board of Education knows what needs to change in order for black children to gain a better

  • Kate O'Flaherty Chopin's Biography

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    O'Flaherty, an Irish immigrant, was a successful St. Louis merchant who was killed in a railroad accident when Kate was only five years old. Kate's mother, Eliza was left a wealthy widow and raised Kate in a household "run by vigorous widows: her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother . . . a community of women who stressed learning, curiosity, and financial independence" (Toth, 187). Kate was formally educated at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Louis where she kept a commonplace book "in which

  • Eulogy for Father

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    possibility of a greater life in relationship with another, he married my mother, Theresa, in 1938. His vision was correct and resulted in a fruitful life-long relationship that brought forth 5 children. When he discovered that I suffered from asthma, he chose a better live for me by becoming a pediatrician. The result was not only a better life for me but also for his many patients. In 1947, he saw the possibilities for life in the West. So he came over to study in St. Louis. His father, my

  • Searching For A Cure

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    differentiate into specific cell types, offer the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat things such as spinal cord injuries (Stem Cell Basics). In a study conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, rats were induced with a spinal cord injury. Nine days after injury, the rats were treated with embryonic stem cells. Two to five weeks later, the rats showed improvement in weight bearing and coordination. Another study was conducted where fifteen

  • Anheuser-Busch and France

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    of beers.” Budweiser is a registered trademark of the St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch, One Busch Place, St. Louis, Missouri 63118-1852, which is the world’s largest brewing company. Budweis is a small brewing town in the Czech republic. The town has a 700-year-old history of beer brewing. The brewing company Budvar of Budejovice registered Budweiser as a trademark in Europe in 1895. Budvar’s Budweiser is considered by beer experts to be a greater beer than the American Budweiser. Czechs are very proud

  • The Birth of the International Union of Elevator Constructors

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    hot summer day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was July 15, 1901. Eleven men were gathered in a room at the Griswold Hotel. Brothers H. McLaughlin and E. Oliver came from New York, Brothers J.S. Holmes and John Lally from Chicago, F. W. Doyle from St. Louis, Walter McIntire and Frank F. Moxon from Boston, Brothers W. Young and J. Giberson from Philadelphia, and of course, Brothers George W. Porter and David G. Barnett from Pittsburgh. It did not take this small group long to come to an agreement. These

  • Robert E. Lee

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    harder and succeed. Robert was accepted to the United States Military Academy and graduated 2nd in his class. But perhaps greater than his academic success was his record of no demerits while being a cadet which today has still not been equaled. Following his graduation Lee, like most top classmen, was given a commission as an engineer. Lt. Lee helped build the St. Louis waterfront and worked on coastal forts in Brunswick and Savannah. It was during this time he married Mary Custis the granddaughter