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  • Grandpa - The Life of a Golfer and Great Man

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    Grandpa - The Life of a Golfer and Great Man As I got to know my husband's family, I knew golf was the one thing I eventually was going to have to learn. To them golf is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. Every summer they gather on the golf course for at least one round of golf a week and it always made me wonder, what is it about the game that has got them this hooked? Is there something about it I am just not getting? Every holiday, birthday or major occasion, there is always someone

  • Julius Caesar - A True Great Man

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    Caesar - A True Great Man Julius Caesar was undoubtedly a man who changed history. His life and its story have inspired generations of awe and scrupulous study. Many would argue he is the most influential man in recorded history. However, can the great Caesar truly be declared a ‘event-making man’, according to the criteria of the Great Man Theory? Did he truly influence the course of history through his own extraordinary acts of will and leadership? Or was he simply a fortunate man who appeared

  • Bejamin Franklin -- A Life Of A Great Man

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    Benjamin Franklin During the period after America's "birth" there were many incredible people but none more so than Benjamin Franklin. Ben is considered one of America's greatest citizens. He accomplished many things in his lifetime; he was a scientist, an inventor, a politician, a printer, a philosopher, a musician, and an economist. In the 1700s, a scientist was someone who thought about the way things work and tried to figure out ways to make things work better. Every time Ben Franklin saw a question

  • Was Stalin a "Great Man"?

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    According to Thoman Carlyle, a “great man” is one who shapes history and affects the course of the future. In the case of Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet Union from 1929-1953, one can perceive that through torment and brutal force, he was able to modernize a nation and oppress his own people. One can argue that Stalin was a great leader of the 20th century. After all, he took an undeveloped country and molded it into one of the world’s greatest industrial and military forces. But, this transformation

  • Death in Venice Essay: Every Great Man has a Flaw

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    Aschenbach was certainly an artist. A very decent one. He had his life planned out, was very accurate and organized. Perhaps even a bit boring, monotonous. He was a hard-working man, he had that certain motus animi continuus. He was seen as a genius. From the beginning, he wanted to become known, to become famous, but his life was empty. He yearned for a change of pace, for some action, adventure and unpredictability of what might come. He was afraid of 'breaking out', yet he was also afraid of being

  • The Great Depression and the Cinderella Man

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    Cinderella Man came out in the year 2005, it is a non fiction movie directed by Ron Howard. It is based on the story of a boxer during the Depression, James J. Braddock. Braddock had to over come many adversities such as the economical and societal conditions. Another adversity he had to overcome was living in the Depression and all the things that go along with that. Braddock’s character traits shown in the movie are all important and appropriate due to the harshness of those times. The economical

  • The Great Depression in "Cinderella Man"

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    The Great Depression is seen as one of the most sorrowful and desolate times in the history of the United States. This time was the longest period of recession ever seen by this nation so far. It lasted from 1929 to 1939, over ten years of complete confusion and despondency within the people. Many Americans were affected greatly by this tragic time and sacrificed much of their lives so that they and their families may have the chance to live. This act of desperation can be seen throughout the movie

  • Man Overcoming Great Obstacles

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    Hemingway’s “The Old Man And The Sea” this philosophy is dealt with and viewed in many situations. In this poignant short novel Ernest Hemingway beautifully illustrates the trials and tribulations of everyday man, through Santiago’s struggle at sea. The old man’s adventure with the marlin is one of loss, pride, and achievement all combined into one emotional fight for life itself. Hemingway’s use of allegory in “The Old Man And The Sea” establishes many deeper aspects that man struggles with in everyday

  • America, the Great Depression, and The Cinderella Man

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    In October 1929, the United States stock market crashed due to panic selling. This crash started a rippling effect that contributed to a world wide economic crisis called the Great Depression. This crash was such a shock because of the economic expansion of the 1920’s when the Dow Jones average reached an all time high of three hundred eighty one. The year 1928 was a time of optimism and the stock market had become a place where everyday people truly believed that they could become rich. People

  • Diary Of Man During Great Depression

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    Diary Of Man During Great Depression Dear Diary, I am 29 years old and I come from a lower - middle class family. My ancestors came from England but I was born in Australia. I haven't got married cause I am having a hard time supporting myself let alone have a family. I lost my job when the Great Depression began and I got one about three years later. This is my story and this is how it all began. I was going to work on a Tuesday and I had heard on the radio that there was a Wall