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  • What Role Should the Government Play in Protecting the Environment?

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    Since the environmental movement began four decades ago, there have been many differing opinions as to what role the government should play in protecting and preserving the environment. What standards should government set and at what expense? Most environmental or “green” issues are often presented as choices of either economic growth or environmental protection. This idea of having to choose between the environment and the economy has often delayed the green movement from making necessary strides

  • The Government Should Respect Property Rights

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    The Government Should Respect Property Rights Imagine you’ve been enjoying your backyard picnic table and chairs for the past 10 years when suddenly, for no apparent reason, you are served notice from a government agency that you will be fined $6,000 a day unless you remove them. Or, imagine you would like to add a stone walkway to your garden. You begin to research the procedure and costs, only to learn that a lengthy application will be required, with multiple hearings before a state commission

  • The Government should NOT Fund Stem Cell Research

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    The Government should NOT Fund Stem Cell Research Stem cells look to be nothing more than a hollow sphere composed of a clump of tiny, roundish balls. In reality, they are much more than that. Those 40 cells contain all the potential to become a living, breathing human being. Many scientists believe that these cells also have the potential to cure a myriad of diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and many others. The cells of the four day old human embryo

  • Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography

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    Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography Privacy rights have been an important issue through out time, and it has been increasing in importance as we have moved into the electronic/information age. Keeping that privacy had become a growing concern for many businesses and consumers. With all the information being sent across the web, people are very concerned about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. One way to help protect your privacy

  • Government Should Establish Program To Reduce Juvenile Crime

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    Government Should Establish Program To Reduce Juvenile Crime Juvenile crime is increasing rapidly and is a problem that plagues America. The murder rate by 18 year olds has increased 467% since 1965! The current policy maintained for the last number of decades is clearly not effective. An increase of 207% in the number of murder cases committed by 15 year olds from 1985 to 1993 is not a sign that current policy is effective. Changes must be made. The best way to address the problem is through government

  • The Government Should Mandate Helmet Use for All Cyclists

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    The Government Should Mandate Helmet Use for All Cyclists Cuts, bruises and even broken bones will heal, but damage to your brain can last a lifetime. You can prevent possible injuries from unforeseen disasters such as smacking the street, sidewalk, curb, a car, tree or anything else around you by using safety precautions. In some cases, we are required to use safety measures, while in others we are merely advised. For instance, while driving an automobile, the law requires for all occupants

  • The Government Should Support Public Television (PBS)

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    The Government Should Support Public Television (PBS) The slogan goes, “If PBS doesn’t do it, who will?” This catch-phrase, which PBS uses in spots to advertise its programming between shows, states the most basic reason that the Public Broadcasting Service is necessary: Many of the shows on PBS would not be successful via commercial broadcast television, and therefore, a viewer-supported, partially-subsidized network of stations is necessary to provide programming that otherwise would not make

  • The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race

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    The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race Lets be honest, does it really matter what race you are? I mean does it really matter where you come from? The color of your skin, the culture and value you carry. Unless you are oppressing one race to feel good about yourself, Why should race matter. The fact is, It shouldn’t matter as long as you are honest and is respectful to others. I’m sure that some of us have experienced this to some extent: When you make a friend who is from a different race

  • Should the Australian Government Privatize Medibank?

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    Medibank is Australia’s largest private healthcare insurer and one of the leading service providers created by the Australian Government in 1976. It has been operating as a government, business since then, though 30% of it was sold to the private sector. The complete sale of Medibank will promote more competition within the healthcare sector and drive better outcomes for all Australians. The government’s role in relation to private ownership is to regulate the businesses and allow them to operate


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    suggest and request that government should provide free education to citizens. From my opinion, government should not provide free education to citizens for several reasons. The first reason education should not provide free to all citizens is too many people to be sponsored. The average of people in this country tends to increase day by day. As the amount of people increase, this is meant that there are too many people to be sponsored in the education by the government. The education fee for each