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  • Good Times

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    Good Times Originally aired on CBS in 1974 as a spinoff of the sitcom Maude, Good Times was a Black situation comedy based on the everyday lives of a Black Chicago family during the height of the civil rights movement (Deane, 2004). The cast starred Esther Rolles as the mother Florida Evans who first appeared as the maid in the television show Maude, John Amos as the father James Evans who starred in the hit miniseries Roots, comedian Jimmie Walker who played the oldest son James Evans Jr. (JJ)

  • Good Time Management: An Introduction To Good Time Management

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    Introduction “This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. (Oxford Dictionary). Good time management is essential to success in everything we do in our daily life. Planning time before doing work allows more work to be done over a shorter time and enables us to do more things more efficiently. For example, studying at college and universities

  • Good Time Management

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    INTRODUCTION Time management is a skill which helps you achieve your goals and is essential both in and out of the workplace. Good time management enables you to do the following: • Asses your priorities – By doing this you can identify what needs to be done and how it compares to other tasks and puts you in a position to prioritise. • Set goals – By setting realistic goals you can achieve targets and manage them accordingly. • Organise time – Allowing appropriate time to achieve tasks and use

  • Having a Good Time at Work

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    Imagine that a job allows it employees to have the hours that work best for the employees. The employee has all of their needs met every hour they were at their job. The employee truly feels they are important to the employer they work for. There are many companies doing just that for their employees today. These companies are finding that they have far less employee turnover (“Forbes Magazine”). Some of the biggest companies around the world are finding new ways to take special care of their employees

  • Part-time Jobs For Students: A Good Idea

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    Part-time Jobs for Students: A Good Idea I, being employed with a part-time job, truly do believe that there is no wrong in having a part-time job while being a student. I honestly think that it is an awesome, great idea for students to have part-time jobs before they graduate from high school -- if they have the time and resources to do so. Students who are responsible, or learn responsibility, have nothing to loose but all to gain by having a job. There are a few key points that prove students

  • Comparing Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night and After a Time

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    Comparing Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night and After a Time Dylan Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" and Catherine Davis' "After a Time" demand comparison: Davis' poem was written in deliberate response to Thomas'. Davis assumes the reader's familiarity with "Do Not Go Gentle," which she uses to articulate her contrasting ideas. "After a Time," although it is a literary work in its own right, might even be thought of as serious parody--perhaps the greatest compliment one writer

  • Catcher In The Rye

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    One theme developed in Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is that bonds to our family is one of the most important factors in life. This is evident throughout the book since Holden spends so much of his time thinking about, and striving to be with his brothers and sister. Each one of Holden’s siblings plays an important role in helping him cope with his life in school and the many questions that he faces in his everyday life. Aswell as give him a positive thought when he was down. Looking at his

  • Similarities of hip-hop and the blues

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    writes, "Jazz is very important to my vision of life in our time." (Lamb, 1). Jazz gives him a feeling of individuality and community. This means that when individuals push him, and he pushes them back, they both become better individuals as well as a better community. For Stanley, the blues tell the stories of the African-American community. Some of the stories talk about the harshness of their lives, but they also talk about the good times they had. [People] play the blues to get rid of the blues

  • Fond Childhood Memories

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    glanced at my dresser making sure I was leaving nothing behind and all the rush seemed to disappear. I stood there as if in a trance just remembering all the stories behind the objects and clutter accumulated on it. I began to think back to all the good times I have had with my family and friends each moment represented by a different and somewhat odd object. The palm leaf that stands on the back of my dresser leans tattered against the wall. I got the leaf about seven years ago in Mesquite, Nevada

  • love

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    love we use between our intermediate family and our extended family members. Family love is said to be blind, only to show that love can be shown to anyone no matter condition or problems one can have. Of course we all know about the good times, hard times, and times we have as a family, but no matter what the situations are within the family, love is usaully a important part. A close bond between two people can begin with a friendship. Whether it is a friendship between two guys, two girls, or one